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Signum Records is fuelled by the passion to produce great music recorded with integrity and creativity at the highest level.

Signum is a privately-owned and steadily-growing record label that benefits from the commitment and services of its sister company, Floating Earth, the leading production and engineering specialist service provider in Europe.

Having started the label in 1997 Signum now boasts a catalogue of over 400 titles and many of which are award winners, nominees or five star review recipients from around the world.

The small Signum team strives to provide a first class service at all times with clients, artists, suppliers and colleagues. Signum works with new and emerging artists and composers through to established artists, making available much-loved areas of repertoire as well as previously unheard, innovative recordings.

"The classical recording industry is dead; only Il Divo and Bond can shift CDs; crossover is the future. Or so we're told. And yet the real classical recording industry refuses to lie down and die, thanks to a few idealists who actually believe in music. There can be few companies more idealistic than Signum which has spent the past ten years recording the complete music of Thomas Tallis …. Don't do the sensible thing and buy just one or two of these CDs. Buy the box and give yourself a treasure-trove that can only get richer with time."
The Times
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Chopin, Frédéric - Waltzes (LP) - Blumental, Felicja BRLP017 16-06-2017 kr. 179,95
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Hwang, Julia - Subito! - Various SIGCD486 02-06-2017 kr. 139,95
Chopin, Frédéric - Preludes; Berceuse; Barcarolle - Despax, Emmanuel (piano) SIGCD482 02-06-2017 kr. 139,95
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Perfido! Opera Arias - Bevan, Sophie SIGCD485 05-05-2017 kr. 139,95
Park, Owain - Path of Miracles; Footsteps SIGCD471 21-04-2017 kr. 139,95
Mahler, Gustav - The Complete Symphonies Nos. 1-9 (15 CD) - Maazel, Lorin SIGCD363 07-04-2017 kr. 425,00
Shostakovich, Dmitry - 24 Preludes and Fugues - Donohoe, Peter (piano) SIGCD396 07-04-2017 kr. 179,95
Haydn, Joseph - The Seasons, 1801 - McCreesh, Paul SIGCD480 24-03-2017 kr. 239,95
A New Heaven - Choir of Queens College, Cambridge SIGCD475 03-03-2017 kr. 139,95
Nielsen, Carl - Flute Concerto, Clarinet Concerto & Aladdin Suite - Järvi, Paavo SIGCD477 03-03-2017 kr. 139,95
Handel, G F - Handel in Ireland, Vol. 1 SIGCD478 03-03-2017 kr. 139,95
Great British Hymns & Choral Works - Huddersfield Choral Society SIGCD465 03-02-2017 kr. 139,95
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Britten, Benjamin - Choral Works SIGCD481 03-02-2017 kr. 139,95
Hope for an Heir in Catholic England SIGCD464 03-02-2017 kr. 139,95
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Music from the Baldwin Partbooks II - Contrapunctus SIGCD474 03-02-2017 kr. 139,95
Widor, C M - Solo Organ Works - Nolan, Joseph SIGCD438 20-01-2017 kr. 139,95
Reger, Max - Fantasias & Fugues - Goode, David SIGCD476 06-01-2017 kr. 179,95
Varen er midlertidigt udsolgt.
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Piano Concerto No. 1 & Nutcracker Suite - Dariescu, Alexandra SIGCD441 14-10-2016 kr. 139,95
Davis, Oliver - Dance - Bateman, Paul SIGCD469 14-10-2016 kr. 139,95
Adams, John - Violin Concertos - Waley-Cohen, Tamsin (violin) SIGCD468 14-10-2016 kr. 139,95
Music of the Spheres - Tenebrae SIGCD904 14-10-2016 kr. 139,95
Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge - Christmas with St John's SIGCD458 13-09-2016 kr. 139,95
Choir of the Chapel Royal - Adeste Fideles SIGCD460 13-09-2016 kr. 139,95
King's Singers (The) - Christmas Songbook SIGCD459 13-09-2016 kr. 139,95
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