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Astor Piazzolla

100 års jubilæum · 30%

Vi fejrer 100-året for Astor Piazzollas fødsel med 30% på et udvalg af album fra de mange plademærker under Naxos.

Komponist, dirigent og bandoneonspilleren Astor Piazzolla blev født i Argentina, men tilbragte meget af sin barndom og ungdomsår i New York, hvor han flyttede til med sin familie i 1925. Han slog sig efterfølgende ned i Buenos Aires som bandoneonspiller og skabte sig et internationalt ry med de forskellige ensembler, som han etablerede og ledede.

I dag forbinder man især Piazzolla med udviklingen af den såkaldte 'nuevo tango' ('ny tango') til koncertbrug, snarere end dans. Hans kompositioner inkluderer en 'Bandoneon Concerto' og en suite til bandoneon og kammerorkester, kaldet 'Punta del Este'.

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Image Time of Life: Arrangements for accordion and piano
…Excellent musicians have a way of convincing us that their way is the right way, and there’s no doubting that Draugsvoll is an excellent accordionist. Raymond Tuttle
Fanfare, September 2019

Piazzolla presents a sequence of four beautiful miniatures, and Draugsvoll seems particularly attuned to the shifting rhythms of “Summer.”
Colin Clarke Fanfare, September 2019

Piazzollas navn er synonym med Nuevo Tango, og dette album indeholder originale arrangementer for klassisk akkordeon og klaver, hvoraf de fleste er af de to musikere her.
Geir Draugsvoll er en af verdens førende klassiske akkordeonister og har tidligere indspillet den roste Naxos udgivelse: 8.572772 - musik af Gubaidulina.

kr. 80,00
Image Astor Piazzolla's Best Tangos
Aquiles Delle-Vigne, piano

Astor Piazzolla's tangos, beloved around the world for their pathos, passion, longing and sensibility, are here given fresh interpretations in arrangements for piano by the Argentinean-born, Brussels-based pianist Aquiles Delle-Vigne. A disciple of Claudio Arrau and winner of the Grand Prix 'Alberto Williams', the most prestigious competition in South America, he has been hailed by Le Figaro as a 'fantastic, incomparable pianist and artist', while The New York Times characterized his playing as 'aristocratic, sophisticated and charming'. Piazzolla's earthy yet highly developed music gains a new dimension of intimacy but also of power in the hands of this master of the keyboard.

kr. 59,95
Image Entrada
Den argentinske tango blev født i i Buenos Aires havnekvarter i slutningen af 1800 tallet. I begyndelsen af 1900tallet nåede tangoen Paris og spredte sig derefter som en løbeild over Europa.

Her kan vi høre den unge danske trio: Tre til Tango - fortolke alt fra Argentinas tangokonge Astor Piazzollas "Libertango" till den danske komponist Jakob Gades populæra "Tango Jalousie".
Tre til tango - Entrada
Astor Piazzolla. 1.Verano Porteño
Carlos gardel 2. Por Una Cabeza
A. Piazolla 3. Otoño Porteño
Pedro Laurenz 4. Milonga de mis amores
A. Piazzolla 5. Invierno Porteño
6. Libertango
7. Primavera Porteño
Horacio Salgan 8. Ensueños
Jakob Gade 9. Tango Jalousie
A. Piazolla 10. Oblivion
Gerardo Matos Rodriguez
11. La Cumparsita
Mariano Mores 12. Tanguera
A. Piazzolla 13. Adios Nonino
14. Bonusvideo: Adios Nonino

kr. 59,95
Image Legacy
In the year of the 25th anniversary of Piazzolla’s death, Argentinean-born violinist Tomas Cotik and Chinese-American pianist Tao Lin follow their critically acclaimed album Tango Nuevo [8.573166] with more of Piazzolla’s most exciting compositions in newly minted adaptations for mostly two or three musicians.

kr. 80,00
Image Libertango / Maria de Buenos Aires Suite / Verano
The Argentinian bandoneon-player and composer Astor Piazzolla, by his creation of the ‘new tango’, brought the popular dance form into the concert hall. His own experience as a performer was further developed by study as a composer with Nadia Boulanger and Ginastera, allowing him to create a new synthesis, exemplified in compositions that include the operatic María de Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Horacio Ferrer.

Maria Rey-Joly, soprano
Enrique Moratalla, vocals
Versus Ensemble

Astor Piazzolla
1. Milonga del Angel
2. Verano porteno
3. Chiquilin de Bachin
4. Libertango
5. Oblivion
6. Balada para un Loco

Maria de Buenos Aires Suite
7. I. Milonga Carrieguera
8. II. Fuga y Misterio
9. III. Yo soy Maria
10. IV. Allegro Tangabile
11. V. Milonga de la Anunciacion

kr. 59,95
Image Bandoneon
Cesare Chiacchiaretta, bandoneon
Croatian Philharmonic Orchestra
Miran Vaupotic

The bandoneon is a type of concertina which has been an essential part of traditional tango ensembles for the past century. Award-winning Italian composer Roberto Di Marino explores the breathtakingly virtuoso and sensual qualities of this distinctive instrument in his Concerto, with its driving syncopated rhythms and melodies which tug at the heartstrings. Ástor Piazzolla singlehandedly created the 'nuevo tango' genre, and his haunting Oblivion is one of his most haunting creations in this style. He described the Five Tango Sensations as "a musical farewell to life".

Tango music and the bandoneon are hugely popular, and Roberto Di Marino rewards our expectations with his brand new Concerto for Bandoneon and String Orchestra. This impressive work builds on the romantic idiom of Ástor Piazzolla, spectacularly extending the virtuoso boundaries of the solo instrument over exciting rhythms and heartwarming harmonies.

kr. 59,95
Image Piazzolla on Marimba
Yuka Sato, Violin / Hiroya Honda,
Fumito Nunoya, Marimba / Momoko Shano, Piano

kr. 139,95
Image Complete Music for Flute and Guitar
Music for Flute and Guitar (Complete)
Cinco Piezas for Guitar • Histoire du Tango,
for Flute and Guitar • Tango Études for Flute
Irmgard Toepper, Flute / Hugo Germán Gaido, Guitar

kr. 59,95
Image Astor Piazzolla in Portrait
På denna DVD får man ett intressant och givande porträtt av tangokungen Astor Piazzolla. Dels ingår musikaliska inslag med Piazzolla och hans olika gruppkonstellationer och dels framför andra artister såsom Daniel Barenboim, Yo-Yo Ma, Gary Burton och Kronoskvartetten Piazzollas musik.

Ljudformat: Dolby Stereo

Bildformat: 4:3/16:9

kr. 189,95
Image Sinfonia Buenos Aires / Bandoneon Concerto
Daniel Binelli, bandoneon
Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor

Astor Piazzolla's name has become synonymous with tango, the signature dance of his native country, Argentina. In the Sinfonía Buenos Aires, Piazzolla's development of symphonic tango is notable for brilliant, original and often complex orchestration. His Bandoneón Concerto, nicknamed 'Aconcagua' after the highest Andean mountain, provides the soloist with ample opportunities for drama, pathos and virtuosity. Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas (The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires), a series of single tango movements with several references to Vivaldi's famous work, is a vivid sequence in which the changing moods of the seasons are expressed by means of an almost limitless emotional range and depth.

kr. 80,00
Image Tango Argentino
Argentinaren Víctor Villadangos spelar här tangos i arrangemang för klassisk gitarr. Bl a ingår flera stycken av tangomästaren Astor Piazzolla, såsom den populära "Libertango".Victor Villadangos, gitarr.Tango Argentino
1. Kite-flying Dream (Blazquez)
2. Milonga of Confusion (Moscardini)
3. The Last Woman (Piazzolla)
4. Libertango (Piazzolla)
5. The Day You Love Me (Gardel)
6. Coming Back (Gardel)
7. Military Tap (Mores)
8. Melancholic (Plaza)
9. Nostalgic (Plaza)
10. South (Troila)
11. For the tilingos (Moscardini) Astor Piazzolla
12. Farewell Nonino
13. Midnight in Buenos Aires
14. Jacinto Chiclana
15. Triumphal
16. La Recoleta (Cosentino)
17. Milonga of My Loves (Laurez)
18. 71 Milonga (Vitale)

kr. 80,00
Image Tango Distinto
Achilles Liarmakopoulos, trombone
Hector Del Curto, bandoneon
Octavio Brunetti, piano
Pedro Giraudo, double bass

Legendary tango performer and composer Astor Piazzolla gained experience of jazz in New York and classical form and technique through studies with Alberto Ginastera. His work lends itself perfectly to arrangement for all kinds of ensemble, and this is the first recording with solo trombone. These popular pieces showcase the stunning playing of multi-award winning soloist Achilles Liarmakopoulos in a variety of moods, including the famous Oblivion, and Le Grand Tango, a virtuoso show-stopper originally written for cellist Mstislav Rostropovich.

kr. 59,95
Image Tango Nuevo
Tomas Cotik, violin • Tao Lin, piano • Glenn Basham, violin

The tangos of legendary performer and composer Astor Piazzolla are informed by a multicultural upbringing which saw him introducing the influences of Classical, Jazz, Rock and Klezmer music into a unique Nuevo Tango style which still sounds fresh and modern today. Histoire du Tango sums up the genre's entire evolution, Le Grand Tango is a virtuoso show-stopper, while Melodía en la menor expresses deep personal turmoil. Renowned Argentinian violinist Tomas Cotik's special arrangements also include Oblivion and Libertango, two of Piazzolla's most popular and enduring pieces.

kr. 59,95
Image Piazzolla for Violin, Brass and Percussion
Quintetto di Ottoni e Percussioni della Toscana

Astor Piazzolla's much-loved tangos have been arranged for all manner of instrumental line-ups, this album presenting an exuberant selection specially arranged for the acclaimed Tuscan Brass and Percussion Quintet whose members are professors of their instruments in leading Italian conservatories. The Quintet is joined by guest violinist Andrea Tacchi. The result is a thrilling new take on nuevo tango, passionate yet poised, sharp and shiny as a knife-blade. The centrepiece of this album, Piazzolla's witty Four Seasons Suite takes Vivaldi's famous violin concertos for a stroll through the docklands of Buenos Aires, the original home of tango itself.

kr. 59,95
Image Tango - ZUM Plays Astor Piazzolla
ZUM plays the music of the Argentine master of modern tango, Astor Piazzolla – fiery, passionate and intriguingly beautiful. Contemporary grooves, advanced harmonies and atmospheric spaces combine to provide a new viewpoint on the master’s voice. “With Piazzolla's tango, ZUM have found their sweet spot… they have done a masterful job with his work.”- Allmusic USA “Advanced harmonies and arrangements… a diverse perspective on the genre…” – Rhythms Australia ZUM is a band whose musical exploration is exceptionally wide-ranging, treating audiences at gigs to their groundbreaking world fusion as they weave melodies from around the globe into a whirlwind redefinition of world music. ZUM evolved from London Concertante’s Gypsy Tango Project, put together by the acclaimed chamber ensemble’s Artistic Director, Chris Grist, who had grown to love both gypsy and tango music, and thought it would be a great idea to put them together. His first meaningful exposure to anything other than ballroom tango was by way of the recordings of American guitarist Al Di Meola. He initially took out an LP called “World Sinfonia” from his local record library in 1991. It featured a couple of tracks by the master of modern Argentine tango. Chris was blown away by the music, and his love of tango, and Piazzolla in particular, was born.

kr. 139,95
Image Misa a Buenos Aires
Many works by the Argentinian composer Martín Palmeri are completely inspired by the style of ‘Tango Nuevo’ in terms of form and harmony, as is also the case with the tango mass Misa a Buenos Aires, composed in 1996. In his Misatango the composer combines the text of the Latin mass with the traditional music of his homeland, making the classical Roman Catholic mass, such as it has been set to music for centuries, appear in new apparel.

kr. 139,95
Image Latin American Guitar, The
"This is an anthology compiled from many Naxos guitar recordings of Latin-American guitar music ranging from the most serious classical works, such as the Villa Lobos Concerto to popular tunes, such as, again, the Villa Lobos Suite Populaire, and the Ponce. As a rule the editor has sensibly found music which ranges towards as well as away from the typical hot latin rhythms you expect from the genre and preferred unusual pieces, more thoughtful, more structured, some more placid in mood, some more angular and experimental."
(MusicWeb International)

kr. 110,00
Image Maria de Buenos Aires
Gentile Marina, Garay Nestor, Speca Paolo, Pitocco Massimiliano

I Solisti Aquilani

kr. 199,95
Image Le Grand Tango & other Dances for Cello (Cassado /
kr. 59,95
Image Tangos for Yvar
American pianist Yvar Mikhashoff commissioned 127 of the world’s leading composers to write tangos for him between 1983 and 1991. This selection is recorded here by critically acclaimed pianist Hanna Shybayeva.

kr. 129,95
Image Le Grand Tango
Key works by Astor Piazzolla, the king of composed tango, performed by three outstanding musicians. Shifting between fiery and melancholic, the tango nuevo is just irresistible.

kr. 79,95
Image Clarinet Hive
Taking its name from Evan Ziporyn's Hive, which grew out of the composer's experience as a beekeeper, this album brings together an engaging selection of pieces for solo clarinet and clarinet ensembles of various sizes. From Piazzolla's popular tangos to Harbison's Bach/Stravinsky-inspired Trio Sonata, Schuller's Duo Sonata and Barker's Single Six, both jazz-inflected yet classical in spirit, to Persichetti's lyrical Serenade, Clarinet Hive is an endlessly fascinating showcase of the clarinet's expressive and virtuosic potential, as well as its wide range of subtle sonorities.

kr. 59,95
Image Music for Flute and Percussion (Piazzolla / Pärt /
De flesta av verken på denna CD är tillägnade flöjtisten Marc Grauwels och slagverkaren Marie-Josée Simard, bl a "Histoire du Tango" som Astor Piazzola skrev för denna duo 1985. Arvo Pärts vackra "Spiegel im Spiegel" kan vi här höra i en version för tvärflöjt och marimba.

kr. 59,95
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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