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Brasilien blev uafhængigt af Portugal den 7. september i 1822. Det fejres med vores musik af brasilianske komponister sat ned med hele 30% i september måned.

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Image Images of Brazil
This recording showcases the breadth and variety of Brazilian music by focusing on composers who explore traditional styles and use native forms, such as the bossa nova, chôro, frevo and samba, combined with neo-Romanticism, Modernism and jazz.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Piano Concerto No. 1; Aurora; Concerto Fribourgeoi
At the time of his death in 2010, Almeida Prado was one of Brazil’s most internationally admired composers, one who created music of unique sonority and color, rooted in his native country. In Aurora (‘Dawn’) he employs his newly developed ‘transtonality’ to radiant effect, while the Concerto Fribourgeois features a collage technique. In his Piano Concerto No. 1 Almeida Prado explores a cogent structure in which the soloist opens up, rips apart or transforms the theme and variations, in a work that is both grandiose and luminous.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Choral Transcriptions
"The Bottom Line: Don’t miss this disc!"

★ ★ ★ ★
"A must for Villa-Lobos fans and an enjoyable choral novelty for any listener. Kudos all around."

Choral music holds a central position in Villa-Lobos’s catalogue of works, but among these famous pieces is a series of little-known transcriptions for a cappella choir taken from the standard classical repertoire. They were intended for a teachers’ chorus and for use in schools, and through astonishing alchemy they achieve a true ‘orchestration’ of largely piano originals, adding a fresh new repertoire for vocal ensembles. This album also includes the first ever recording of Villa-Lobos’s complete set of a cappella transcriptions from Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Three Concertos; Chamber Symphony No. 2
Brazilian-American composer, Miguel Kertsman, writes in numerous genres embracing classical music, jazz, progressive rock, electronica and film. The four works on this disc – including three concertos performed by the soloists for whom they were written – bridge diverse elements that, in Kertsman’s hands, result in music for the concert stage with a unique sound and wide, cross-over appeal.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Tangos, Waltzes and Polkas
Den brasilianske kompositören Ernesto Nazareths musik är en spännande mix av klassisk musik och brasiliansk folkmusik med sina charmiga melodier och traditionella dansrytmer. Nazareth lovordades mycket av sin landsman Heitor Villa-Lobos.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Bachianas brasileiras (Complete)

Heitor Villa-Lobos är Brasilens mest kände tonsättare inom klassisk musik. I hans verk finner man nästan alltid influenser från brasiliansk folkmusik. Han skrev ca 1.500 kompositioner och hans "Bachianas Brasileiras", som är en hyllning till Bach, är hans mest populära verk. Här ingår samtliga "Bachianas Brasileiras", bl a den välkända nr 5 för sopran och celloensemble.

kr. 167,97 (kr. 239,95)
Image Guitar Concerto; Harmonica Concerto; Sexteto Misti
Features concertos and chamber works including the Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra, Villa-Lobos’ last work for the instrument, written for Segovia. This is the third release in ‘The Music of Brazil’ series. Violin sonatas by Miguez and Velasquez can be heard on 8.574118, and Nepomuceno's Symphony is available on 8.574067.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Guitar Manuscripts, Vol. 1
Andrea Bissoli, Guitar

With: Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra • Fabio Mechetti • Federica Artuso, guitar
Lia Serafini, soprano • Stefano Brait, flute • Schola San Rocco chorus • Francesco Erle

This is the first of three volumes including rare and recently discovered works by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Guitarist Andrea Bissoli's researches have revealed new sources for lost manuscripts, and these recordings of the Valsa, the Motivos Gregos and Canção do poeta do século XVIII represent the revival of music thought to have vanished forever. These works are joined by transcriptions which include one of Villa-Lobos' best loved melodies, the Ária from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, as well as the Concerto he wrote for the legendary Segovia.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Piano Music Vol 1: A Prole do Bebê No 1 / Cirandas
kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Piano Music,Vol. 8
This eighth and final volume of Villa-Lobos' complete solo piano music features Albums 10 and 11 from his Guia Prático (Albums 1-9 are available on Naxos 8.570008), the composer's own piano arrangements of works from the related Guia Prático Volume 1: 137 Traditional Children's Songs as Sung by Brazilian Children, originally written for various instrumental and vocal combinations, and his two Children's Suites. In all these works the world of childhood is lovingly evoked with extraordinary originality and brilliant virtuosity.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2
This is the sixth and final volume of he acclaimed Villa-Lobos symphony cycle from the OSESP and Isaac Karabtchevsky.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Symphonies Nos. 6 & 7
Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra
Isaac Karabtchevsky, conductor

Heitor Villa-Lobos is generally acknowledged as Latin America's foremost nationalist composer and his best known works, such as the Bachianas Brasileiras (Naxos 8.557460-62), have tended to overshadow the rest of his work. Symphony No 6, which launched his mature symphonic style, derives some of its themes from the contours of Brazilian hills and mountains, in a process devised by the composer to obtain a melody from an image by means of a graphic chart. The Symphony No 7 is scored for a huge orchestra and is one of the composer's most ambitious and significant statements. Both works represent the composer's powerful desire to invent a specifically Brazilian idiom. This is the first volume of a complete cycle of the Villa-Lobos Symphonies.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Brazilian Portrait - Guitar Music from Brazil
kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Piano Music Vol 2: A Prole do Bebê No. 2 / Cirandi
kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
Image Symphony in G minor; Série Brasileira
Alberto Nepomuceno was a herald of Brazilian musical nationalism and was active in the promotion of Villa-Lobos’ music. This is the first in a new series devoted to 19th- and 20th-century Brazilian composers with the Minas and Goiás orchestras.

kr. 83,97 (kr. 119,95)
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