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Udvid dit kendskab til musik og få et godt tilbud til din pladesamling med disse prisværdige bokse fra Brilliant (7-12CD)

Vi har specialtilbud på komplette samlinger med musik af Mozart, Bruckner, Shostakovich og Dvoraks symfonier, samtlige strygekvartetter af Dvorak, samtlige værker af Händels værker for cembalo, og komplet klavermusik af Erik Satie. Dertil kan du finde guldgruber af bokse med koncerter af både træ- og messingblæser.

Fra 110 kr.
Viser 22 varer
Image 11CD-BOX: Sacred Choral Works
Mozart may have written masses of masses as a professional obligation,m but that doesn't mean they are are merely workaday music. They tend towards a bright and joyful C major, amenable as the key is to the instrumentation of trumpet and drums that will make a joyful noise in a vast acoustic like that of the Stephansdom in Vienna, but they also include many tender arias, none perhaps more memorable than the soprano's solo in the Benedictus of the 'Coronation' Mass, though everyone will have their favourites, and indeed be able to discover many more in this comprehensive set. Not just the Requiem and 'Great' C minor Mass, then, whose original purposes still remain shrouded in confusion, but short, simple devotionals such as the Benedictus sit Deus; all offer a pleasing call upon our attention, especially in these stylish modern performances.

kr. 164,97 (kr. 299,95)
Image 11CD-BOX: Complete Symphonies
Mozart Akademie Amsterdam / Jaap ter Linden

From the Symphony No.1, composed when Mozart was just eight years old, to the mature and well-loved 'Haffner', 'Prague' and 'Jupiter' symphonies, this comprehensive 11-CD set collects together Mozart's complete body of work in this genre, performed on period instruments by the Mozart Akademie Amsterdam and conducted by Jaap ter Linden. Mozart is recognised as one of the great composers of the Classical symphony, building upon the achievements made by his mentor Joseph Haydn to develop its form.

At the time that he composed his Symphony No.1 in 1764, the symphony's form was still closely linked to that of the French opera overture, with three short movements in a fast-slow-fast pattern. Gradually, composers like Haydn began to expand this structure to the four-movement form that we are familiar with as the Classical symphony. These fascinating developments in style and structure can be heard in Mozart's changing approach to symphonic composition throughout his career, and the booklet notes that accompany this release trace such developments in depth.

Also included in this collection are Mozart's landmark symphonies, beginning with Symphonies Nos. 25 and 29, which were composed in 1773 and 1774. Here, the mature voice of Mozart the symphonist is truly established, and these works were followed by a string of masterpieces - Symphonies Nos. 31 'Paris, 35 'Haffner', 36 'Linz', 38 'Prague', 39, 40 and 41 'Jupiter', all written over a 10-year period.

These later works exerted a huge influence over the composers that followed, particularly Schubert and Mahler, who also replaced the courtly minuet of early symphonies with an Austrian Ländler, as Mozart did in the 'Jupiter' symphony.

kr. 175,97 (kr. 319,95)
Image 12CD-BOX: Complete Chamber Music
Isabelle Faust, violin
György Pauk, violin
Karl Leister, clarinet
Brandis Quartett
Tokyo Quartet
The Nash Ensemble
and others

This extensive collection comprises the complete chamber works of Johannes Brahms. These works are often considered to be the finest offering of chamber music since that of Ludwig van Beethoven; a selection which perfectly captures the musical and creative personality of its composer.

kr. 186,97 (kr. 339,95)
Image The Complete Symphonies (9CD-box)
Heinz Rögner was one among many fine conductors working extensively in the former East Germany whose recorded work flew beneath the radar of Anglophone listeners, whether through lack of exposure to their work in the concert hall, lack of international PR, or plain snobbery and political prejudice. But if the name suggests stolid pig farmer more than commanding maestro, the interpretations, of Bruckner in particular, revealed a subtle and dynamic musician schooled in the old ways of rigour but not bound to their traditions. Born in Leipzig in 1929, he took over the city's 'second' orchestra at the age of 29, and then in 1973 began a 20-year stint at the head of a similarly overshadowed body, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra (formerly the RIAS Symphonieorchester Berlin, now DSO Berlin).

kr. 156,75 (kr. 285,00)
Image Corelli Edition
It may seem surprising: can 10 discs really contain all of Arcangelo Corelli's output? They can, and do, but the surprise is merited, for the influence and reputation of these works far outstrips their quantity (and how often can one say that of a Barock composer!). On display here is the apogee of Barock form as displayed in the genres of Solo Sonatas, Trio Sonatas and Concerti Grossi, full of sparkling virtuosity and an intimate knowledge and love of the violin and its potential as a solo instrument.

kr. 148,47 (kr. 269,95)
Image The Complete Symphonies
kr. 175,97 (kr. 319,95)
Image 9CD-BOX: Complete Symphonies / Symphonic Poems / O
Staatskapelle Berlin / Otmar Suitner
Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra / Theodore Kuchar
Bamberg Symphony Orchestra / Antal Doráti

Spread over nine CDs, this release represents a treasure trove of works by Dvorák, dedicated to and featuring the best of his orchestral music.

kr. 156,75 (kr. 285,00)
Image Complete String Quartets (10 CD)
Given their infrequent appearances on concert programmes, Dvorák’s string quartets have done rather well in the recorded catalogues. There are several recordings of the complete cycle of 16 works, which span the composer’s career. A couple have been made by native ensembles from the composer’s Czech homeland but also a couple more by central-European ensembles such as the Stamitz Quartet, who since their foundation in 1985 have been known as leading interpreters of Czech repertoire.

kr. 148,47 (kr. 269,95)
Image 8CD-BOX: Complete Harpsichord Music
Michael Borgstede, harpsichord
Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord

This 8CD set contains the complete harpsichord works by Handel!

kr. 131,97 (kr. 239,95)
Image Complete Piano Music (9 CD)
Jeroen van Veen, piano

This set contains the complete music for piano by Erik Satie, including the works for 4 hands.

kr. 156,75 (kr. 285,00)
Image 8CD-BOX: Sacred Choral Works
Mendelssohn's reputation has suffered over the past century from the madness of the Nazis who banned his music, destroyed statues of him, to the rantings of Richard Wagner in his horrible little tract 'Judaism in Music'. The fact that he was probably one of the most gifted child prodigies of all time has also tended to obscure the fact that his later works are just as remarkable as those of his youth.

kr. 131,97 (kr. 239,95)
Image Trumpet Concertos (10 CD)
This is a sparkling set of concertos for the trumpet along with other pieces that highlight the instrument, providing vivid readings of some of the most renowned masterworks in the trumpet repertoire plus recordings of lesser-known yet equally idiomatic compositions.

kr. 148,47 (kr. 269,95)
Image Horn Concertos (10 CD)
An instrument in evolution, today's French horn bears little resemblance to the horns of the past. Even before it was first used in classical music, the horn was frequently found in religious ceremonies as a useful way of calling people to prayer, and of course played a vital role on the hunting field. Since then, the instrument has undergone vast transformation, the most important being the addition of valves, allowing players access to all notes rather than just the natural ones. Its first recorded usage comes around the end of the 16th century, when Cavalli's opera Le nozze di Teti e di Peleo calls for a 'chiamata alla caccia'. However, it did not appear as a solo concerto instrument until years later; one of the first examples is an anonymous Sonata da caccia, included on this release, with the horn playing hunt-like motives in a concertante relationship alongside strings and continuo.

kr. 148,23 (kr. 269,50)
Image Flute Concertos (12 CD)
A wonderful selection of concertos and other works featuring the flute from the 18th and 19th centuries, this box showcases 14 composers who championed the flute, each in their own way, with refined and idiomatic music for the instrument. Vivaldi and Alessandro Scarlatti (father in the musical Scarlatti family) were active during the 1720s, an era of transition from the end-blown recorder to the more powerful and easily tuned side-blown transverse flute common today. The works in this set by Scarlatti include concertos for both, while the modern flute is the star of the remaining music, from Vivaldi’s complete Op.10 concertos through to the fine F minor concerto by Büchner, a 19th-century German composer active in Russia.

kr. 148,23 (kr. 269,50)
Image Oboe Concertos (12 CD)
Like the violin, the oboe is one of the few instruments to have retained its popularity as a concerto instrument from the days of early Baroque for centuries to come. Thanks to its piercing timbre, able to soar above ensembles large and small, the instrument inspired works of excellent quality from a vast array of composers. This box brings together some of the finest music for oboe and orchestra from the Baroque period to the late Classical.

kr. 164,86 (kr. 299,75)
Image 11CD-BOX: Minimal Piano Collection, Vol. X-XX
Fanfare Music: "Dutch pianist and composer, Jeroen van Veen, the leading exponent of minimalism in Holland today", Alan Swanson, Jan 2010.

The Minimal Piano Collection for one piano (BC8551) ended with "In C" by Terry Riley. Many of the composers on this new 11 Cd box have stated that this particular piece was a starting point for them to compose in a new way, exploring the ways that were created, the spaces between the notes, the emptiness, the freedom.

kr. 175,97 (kr. 319,95)
Image 10CD-BOX: Complete Choral Works
The career of Thomas Tallis, an organist, composer and Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, spanned the reign of four English monarchs, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I, as well as the significant religious and musical changes brought about by the Reformation and creation of the Anglican Church. Despite working during an era of religious turbulence, Tallis remained a celebrated composer throughout his lifetime, adapting his compositions to meet the changing expectations placed on church musicians by each monarch.

This 10-CD collection of Tallis' complete works illustrates the composer's versatility and response to the musical climate of his era. In addition to well-known landmark works such as his Gaude gloriosa Dei Mater, Lamentations and the 40-voice Spem in alium, included in this set are the more obscure secular songs and instrumental works.

kr. 148,47 (kr. 269,95)
Image Telemann Collection
Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the death of Georg Philipp Telemann, this release encapsulates a snapshot of the composer's varied and wide-ranging works. Deservedly celebrated as one of the greatest Baroque composers, Telemann mastered a variety of genres, from solo concertos to large-scale oratorios.

kr. 148,47 (kr. 269,95)
Image 8CD-BOX: Overtures
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681--1767) was one of the most prolific composers of the 18th century; although the largest part of his compositional activities were devoted to vocal music, he wrote a substantial number of overtures, which this splendid 8-disc collection is dedicated to.

kr. 131,97 (kr. 239,95)
Image 8CD-BOX: The Complete Orchestral Music
The only edition of the orchestral works by Respighi, now available in a 8CD set!Respighi is one of the foremost Italian composers of the first half of the 20th century. His fame rests on his Roman Trilogy, the scenic depiction of the Italian capital, its festivals, its pines and its fountains. His other works however are equally remarkable, and show an symphonist pur sang, with a rich and innovative orchestration and feeling for colour and atmosphere, inspired by the long musical heritage of his country (influences of Gregorian Chant, renaissance songs and dances, Rossini's musical pranks).Excellent performances by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma, conducted by Francesco la Vecchia, who did inestimable work recording neglected Italian symphonists like Dallapiccola, Malipiero and Ghedini. "conducted with obvious affection, the playing has engaging spirit and grace" (Gramophone). A real bargain at budget price!

kr. 131,97 (kr. 239,95)
Image 7CD-BOX: Waves
Jeroen Van Veen, piano

Ludovico Einaudi may well become the "Satie of the 21-st century". His minimalist, deceptively simple piano works reach a massive audience well beyond the strict boundaries of traditional classical music. CDs with his music break sales records, the hypnotic calmness of his works being the perfect recipe against modern world's stress and fatigue.

kr. 109,97 (kr. 199,95)
Image The Complete London Manuscript
Almost an exact contemporary of Bach, Silvius Leopold Weiss (16871750) was renowned in his day as one of the most proficient lutenists in Europe. Born in Grottkau, now part of Poland, he soon established himself in the service of Prince Elector of Saxony August the Strong, based in Dresden, where he eventually became the highest paid musician of the court. Over his lifetime he composed over 200 sonatas, and, remarkably, many of them remain conserved and unplayed to this day. The manuscripts can be found in various libraries scattered across Europe, and the London Manuscript, held in the British Library since 1877, contains a staggering 26 solo sonatas as well as other individual and ensemble works with flute.

kr. 186,86 (kr. 339,75)
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