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Image Americascapes
★ ★ ★ ★
"Det største kompliment er, at ingen af de fire amerikanske komponister blot er dygtige imitatorer af deres mere berømte europæiske samtidige. De har alle evnet at gå egne, personlige veje"
– Magasinet Klassisk

“In every way, this is a triumph.”
– Limelight 2021

"The galvanising force is Robert Trevino, the orchestra’s gifted Mexican-American conductor, who has shaped a programme of American musical landscapes both pleasurable and baffling… Ondine’s vivid recording and the Basque Orchestra’s flair keep you listening and pondering." – BBC Music Magazine

"This is a stunning release on all counts, and it performs a genuine historical service. There are many “A” pieces out there still to be discovered and revived, written by composers who somehow faded out of the repertoire. Trevino’s program is a fine contribution to what being “American” in music actually means."
– Fanfare 2022

"The Basque musicians’ performances are fine, especially in the Cowell. Maestro Trevino’s direction lights up a broad range of offbeat, worthy Americana."
– American Record Guide 2022

kr. 97,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Four Visions of France
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Daniel Müller-Schott is such an accomplished cellist that he can devote himself to the moods of a composition and elaborate on them. In the first concerto by Saint-Saëns, for example, he also serves the virtuoso side with the highest dexterity, but he does not forget the polished arrangement."
– Pizzicato

"Müller-Schott gives a suitably intense reading and Bloch turns the screw in the angry orchestral outbursts. The Honegger is at the dark heart of this album and it beats most powerfully in Müller-Schott’s hands."
– Gramophone

kr. 104,97 (kr. 149,95)
Image The Bayreuth Edition: Wagner (30CD)
"An epic aural adventure… The recording coneys the impact that the big choral moments must have had in the theatre…"
– Opera Now

This epic collection brings together all of Opus Arte's recordings from the Bayreuth Festival. Included are many of Wagner's much-admired operas which show how the mastery of composer, conductor, and performer can combine to create a true musical excellence. Wagner's epic four-opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen, is a work of extraordinary scale and is given an interpretation that is both thrilling and sensitive by the conductor Christian Thielemann and a cast of renowned Wagner interpreters. Thielemann also presents an incredible account of Der fliegende Holländer a recording which secured his place as the world's greatest Wagner conductor. Klaus Florian Vogt is staggering in the title role of Lohengrin, with Andris Nelsons brings out the best in the festival chorus and orchestra. This recording of Tannhäuser, Wagner’s tale of the struggle between spiritual and profane love, and of redemption through love, was described by Opera Journal as 'outstanding’, whilst Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, which tells a humorous tale about artistically inclined craftsmen, was described as ‘on an entirely new Wagnerian scale...” (The Washington Post). The set is completed by the critically acclaimed recording of Tristan und Isolde starring the leading Wagner exponents Robert Dean Smith and Iréne Theorin in the title roles.

kr. 489,30 (kr. 699,00)
Image Violin Concertos (2CD)
"Shaham and McGegan are perhaps at their absolute best in the first movement of the Violin Concerto No. 5 in A major..."

"Shaham, who always has a radiant clarity to his playing, accurately described here as “flawless technique combined with his inimitable warmth and generosity of spirit,” is in superb form. McGegan is an expert in 18th-century style, and together they make wonderful music on a simply outstanding and beautifully recorded set."
– The WholeNote

Although Mozart's five violin concertos represent only a very small part of his creative work (when compared to the 27 piano concertos and the 41 symphonies), they nevertheless belong to the core repertoire of all violinists. Just like his piano concertos Mozart’s violin concertos, all of them written in his young years, rest on the constant dialogue of the solo instrument with the orchestra. Right from the first concerto the violin is integrated into the performance of the orchestra, which in itself is much more than just accompaniment. Gil Shaham, one of the foremost violinist of our times, carves these works to jewels of the genre. He is accompanied by the SWR Symphony Orchestra under Nicholas McGegan, who stands for historically informed music performance.

kr. 143,50 (kr. 205,00)
Image All-Night Vigil, Op. 59
"Though Alexander Grechaninov lived a long life of ninety-two years that produced a vast range of music, it is his All-Night Vigil that will find him a place in history."
– David's Review Corner

"Conductor Sigvards Klava manages the dynamic range exceptionally well, so the choir moves smoothly from proclaiming impressive outbursts to negotiating quiet passages with great delicacy, such when the sopranos come in to sustain a pianissimo D flat, a major third above the A chord on the end of the word “prepodobnïmi” in Svete tihiy (Gladsome light)."
– MusicWeb International

With this new album the award-winning Latvian Radio Choir conducted by Sigvards Klava is turning its attention to the music of Alexander Grechaninov (1864–1956), one of the masters of Russian liturgic music.

kr. 97,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Works for Trumpet and Piano
"... she plays technically not easy, virtuoso pieces, which, however, also demand a lot of sensitivity. She can fully convince with this program."
– Pizzicato

"This is the second album by this 23-year-old to arrive here this year (March/April 2021: 156). Selina Ott, winner of the ARD Competition in 2018, is an outstanding trumpeter who sounds older than her age. Here she offers a program of mid-20th Century works, opening with the bold Intrada (1947) by Arthur Honegger. She handles the virtuosic demands of Alfred Desenclos’s Incantation, Threne et Danse (1953) with power and seeming ease. The next two works are Heinrich Sutermeister’s angular Gavotte de Concert (1950) and Sergei Vasilenko’s 3-movement, 17-minute Concert Poeme (1945). Both are excellent, and it is refreshing to hear the ease with which Ms Ott handles their technically difficult passages."
– American Record Guide

kr. 104,97 (kr. 149,95)
Image Imperial Hall Concerts: 100th Anniversary Mozartfe
Germany’s oldest Mozart festival celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021. The present jubilee boxed set presents previously unpublished treasures from the archive of the Bavarian Broadcasting. All live recordings from the Baroque Imperial Hall at Würzburg Residence are digital remasters. The Mozart Festival Würzburg, like the Salzburg Festival, ranks among the most well-known festivals of classic music in the German-speaking world. Each year between May and June internationally renowned symphony orchestras perform Mozart's masterpieces in more than 60 concerts. It is a mixture of indoor and open-air concerts in the unique atmosphere of Würzburg Residence and its court gardens. Today between 25,000 and 30,000 people from all over the world visit Würzburg to join this musical event.

kr. 419,65 (kr. 599,50)
Image Orchestral Works
★ ★ ★ ★
The discipline and quality of the playing is immediately evident in La Valse… Trevino build[s] the orchestral texture with implacable steadiness to its fatalistic climax" BBC Music Magazine

"[The] Basque band have home ground advantage for some ripping Ravel" Limelight

"Lively rhythm, versatile singing, virtuosity in details and consummate interpretation" Record Geijutsu

Conductor Robert Trevino’s new album release on Ondine – after a successful debut with a complete Beethoven symphony cycle – features six orchestral pieces by Maurice Ravel (1875–1937), one of the most famous Basque composers, played by the Basque National Orchestra. Born in a small town in France very close to the Spanish border, Ravel spent most of his life in Paris. However, he was extremely proud of his Basque background having absorbed himself to the culture already as a child, and many elements of Basque music can be found in his compositions. In this historic release, we can finally hear Ravel’s orchestral music being interpreted by Basque musicians in the form of the Basque National Orchestra. These performances on some of the most fantastic orchestral scores of the 20th Century also shed light to the Basque influences in Ravel’s music.

kr. 97,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Sinfonie Nr. 6 A-Dur
★ ★ ★ ★
"Poschner has the overall composition in mind, but also focuses on individual passages and works out, so to speak, islands of interpretation. This succeeds in an astonishingly relaxed way between the big line and the detailed work. In this way, he emphasizes the life-affirming, confident character of this work" Pizzicato

Start of the most comprehensive Bruckner Symphonies Edition incl. all available 19 versions. Bruckner burst out of the confines of the cathedral using that most secular of musical forms: the symphony. It is with reflexive reoccurrence in music history that supposed performance traditions burn themselves into a score as if they were a given… and the more so, the further we get from the work’s creation. So many clichés and truths about his person and his work are at last being questioned or, if they aren’t yet, are overdue some scrutiny. It is an essential aspect of this album edition to read and understand the text fresh and anew. Whence does Bruckner’s music come and whereunto does it point? With the Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra Capriccio could engage two of the best Austrian orchestras for this in total 19 versions counting cycle. With about 1065 minutes of music this complete symphonic edition will be finished in 2024, when we will celebrate Bruckner’s 200th Birthday.

kr. 97,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Sonatas, Op. 30
The award-winning duo ensemble formed by Christian Tetzlaff and Lars Vogt are returning to the masterworks of European chamber music with this new album that includes Ludwig van Beethoven’s (1770–1827) three violin sonatas from Op. 30. The expressive and intimate chamber music recordings by the star duo have gathered numerous awards and their previous album also received an ECHO Klassik award in 2017. Beethoven wrote his three Violin Sonatas Op. 30 in 1801 and 1802. They are relatively early works but already pointing towards the direction of Beethoven’s revolutionary 3rd Symphony, Eroica, which was completed in 1803. Although the influence of Haydn is still visible, in these sonatas Beethoven created movements in all the sonatas that are completely untypical and that had never existed before in this way. No wonder that these delightful works belong to the artists’ favorite works by the great composer.

kr. 97,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Symphony No. 0 'Die Nullte'
The most comprehensive Bruckner Symphonies cycle, including all 19 available versions. This third release of Capriccios Bruckner Edition, of Symphony in D minor ("Nullified") is performed by Bruckner Orchestra Linz conducted by Markus Poschner. Although the work did not belong to the corpus of nine numbered symphonies which the composer had identified in his will as worthy of preservation in the imperial library, and for which he is best remembered, he did not destroy it. Hoping perhaps, to ensure that future generations would assess the symphony in what he considered its proper perspective, he wrote annotations at various places in the manuscript: “invalid” [ungiltig] “completely void” [ganz nichtig] and “annulled” [annulirt]. This new complete Bruckner Symphonies edition from Capriccio reassesses these enduringly enigmatic and complex works. Presented by the Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, and featuring all 19 available versions, the cycle is scheduled for completion in 2024, Bruckner’s 200th birthday.

kr. 97,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Michael Gielen Edition, Vol. 10: Music After 1945
In 2016, SWR Music launched the Michael Gielen Edition, charting the long and distinguished career of the German-Austrian conductor and composer who died in 2019. This tenth instalment contains over seven hours of music written after 1945 and includes several premiere recordings. The volume begins with Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s Requiem for a Young Poet, a harrowing portrayal of the 20th century, and continues with Ligeti’s Requiem, George Crumb’s Star-Child, and works by Nono, Feldman, Kurtág, Kagel, Boulez and Cage. Gielen championed composers he believed in; with this final instalment listeners can experience some of the most extraordinary music of the 20th century.

kr. 237,83 (kr. 339,75)
Image Complete Symphonies & Ein deutsches Requiem, Op. 4
Sir Roger Norrington has been chief conductor of the former Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra (today the SWR Symphonieorchester) for thirteen years. During this time he has caused a stir internationally with what has come to be termed ‘The Stuttgart Sound’: a synthesis of historically-informed performance practice with the technical capabilities of a modern orchestra. Whether in Mozart, Haydn, Bruckner or Brahms, Norrington has sought to capture the performance experience of the time, adjusting the orchestra’s size and seating plan to create an authentic sound without vibrato. The present reissue of Brahms' four symphonies, recorded back in 2005, is no exception to Norrington's artistic credo of keeping as close as possible to the composer's expectations. And one of the main features – beside the "pure sound" without vibrato – are the quick tempi. Brahms left no metronome indications in his symphonies. However, the overall timings left by the Brahms conductor von Bülow are so short, compared to today, that there can have been no very slow tempi in his interpretations. Additionally, Norrington considered also one of the many hints left by another admired conductor and friend of Brahsm, Steinbach: “By all means conduct the opening of Brahms First Symphony in 6. But it must sound in 2.” 'A German Requiem' is one of the most popular compositions by Johannes Brahms. Although the texts are taken from the Bible, the piece is not part of any ecclesiastical-liturgical tradition, it is aimed – as Brahms himself expressly emphasized – at people “who are in mourning” and unlike the “Requiem”, the Catholic Mass of the Dead, it is not a liturgical prayer for the souls of the deceased, but rather intended to console the bereaved.

kr. 195,97 (kr. 279,95)
Image Macbeth (1865 French Version) (2CD)
Verdi considered Shakespeare’s Macbeth to be ‘one of the greatest creations of man’. The opera’s unbroken dramatic line, incisive libretto and range of expression from the comic to the sublime, made it a work that was way ahead of its time. Verdi explores unusual theatrical characters with Macbeth, the darkness of which resonated with his desire to convey Shakespeare’s brutal realism in a visionary masterpiece that would only be fully appreciated by the mid-1900s. Macbeth is performed here in its rarely heard 1865 French language version.

kr. 104,97 (kr. 149,95)
Image 8CD-BOX: Complete Solo Piano Works
"There are qualities in her playing which will have you re-discovering old favourites, and there are so many other little extras which cast the more famous pieces in broader or different lights, that you need at the very least to put it on your wish list."

kr. 297,50 (kr. 425,00)
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