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Image Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms (4CD)
★ ★ ★
"(...) orkestret spiller forrygende." Peter Dürrfeld, Kristeligt Dagblad

"This set is a testament to a remarkable collaboration between the conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt (1929-2016) and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE) and its release this year marks the Orchestra’s 40th anniversary.
These recordings also trace the relationship between Harnoncourt and the Styriarte Festival which started in 1987 and lasted for over 30 years."

kr. 339,75
Image Shostakovich & Arensky: Piano Trios
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Det er i lange passager skarp sovs, men
hvilken begavet komponist og hvilken fremragende fortolkning!"
Peter Dürrfeld, Kristeligt Dagblad

Trio con Brio Copenhagen returns to Orchid Classics with a triptych of Russian piano trios: two works by Shostakovich framing music by Arensky. These Russian composers lived through turning points in their country’s history. Arensky died in 1906, the year in which Shostakovich was born, and their output charts the trajectory of Russian and Soviet political and artistic history during those years. Arensky’s ardent Piano Trio No.1 was written in 1894, when Russian Romanticism was at its peak. Inspired by young love, the 17-year-old Shostakovich wrote his Piano Trio No.1 Poème in 1923 in Petrograd (St. Petersburg), finding expression for strong personal emotions via a musical language influenced by film scores. Just over 20 years later, in 1944, Shostakovich wrote his Piano Trio No. 2. By making use of Jewish music for the first time, he gave the greatest tragedies of the age a voice, while at the same time creating a music that displays an irrepressible spark of life. “… both explosive and exquisitely intimate” (The Strad) “… an excellent performance all round, showcasing an airtight ensemble, but also these Danish-based musicians’ flair for coloristic detail.” (Gramophone)

kr. 139,95
Image Spirit of Bohemia
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Both works are pure joy to listen to" Kristeligt Dagblad

"(...) den amerikanske Fine Arts Quartet – Ralph Evans og Eim Boico, violiner, Gil Sharon, bratsch, og Niklas Schmidt, cello – præsterer kammermusik af ypperste karat med en helt igennem smuk klang og fin fornemmelse for Dvoraks musikalske særpræg" Peter Dürrfeld, Kristeligt Dagblad

"Intimate, chamber-style performances capture the music’s gentle charm" The Strad

Antonín Dvorák’s music, imbued with the spirit of Bohemia, reflects a love of his native land. His String Sextet, written in the distinctive style which brought him international fame, was an immediate success at its premiere. Composed just eight years earlier, his String Quartet No.4, unpublished until 1968, features pioneering, wild outer movements, highly unusual for the time, which foreshadowed the modernist innovations of composers decades later. A moving Andante religioso, which Dvorák made use of in future works, lies at its heart. The Polonaise exploits both the soulful and virtuoso character of the cello. Volumes 1–8 are also available.

kr. 80,00
Image History of the Russian Piano Trio, Vol. 5
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
"Vil man have en introduktion til russisk musik fra den romantiske og senromantiske epoke, (...) er ’History of the Russian Piano Trio’ tæt på genial" Thomas Michelsen, Politiken

"The three composers on this disc could hardly find better advocates than The Brahms Trio. On a dull day, you might pass these scores by, but this top-class ensemble restore their magic. Together with the excellent fourth volume and the preceding three, this ‘History of the Russian Piano Trio’ is a set to treasure" Gramophone

"Three masterpieces that have remained unheard over the course of a whole century!"

This album concludes The Brahms Trio’s five-volume survey of the piano trio in Russia with remarkable works by composers whose names have all but disappeared from the musical world’s collective memory. Vladimir Dyck, a student of Widor at the Paris Conservatoire, took French nationality in 1910 but his life came to a tragic end when he and his family were arrested in 1943 and sent to Auschwitz. His Piano Trio, Op. 25 contrasts Russian soulfulness with the lightness and deft scoring he brought to his film compositions. Constantin von Sternberg’s genial Op.104reflects his career as a virtuoso pianist, while Sergey Youferov’s expansive and nostalgic Op.52is a farewell to the Russian ‘Silver Age’, a world about to be destroyed by revolution.

kr. 80,00
Image Symphony No. 6, Op. 74 'Pathétique' & Romeo and Ju
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
"Desperationen gror, og efter
tredjesatsens vilde ridt indtræder
katastrofen i finalen"
Thomas Michelsen, Politiken

After two volumes praised by the international press (Diapason d'Or, Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik etc.) the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich presents the third release in its Tchaikovsky cycle, featuring the Sixth Symphony and Romeo and Juliet. A boxed set of the orchestra’s complete Tchaikovsky recordings under Paavo Järvi is issued simultaneously. Tchaikovsky said he ‘put his entire soul’ into the Sixth Symphony. He admitted that his program was ‘more subjective than ever’ and that he ‘often [...] wept copiously’ while working on it. The overall atmosphere is created by the somber key of B minor and an obsessive sighing motif that recurs throughout the symphony. In Romeo and Juliet, Tchaikovsky focused on thematic areas, setting them to music in different ways: the peaceful, chorale-like gesture associated with Friar Lawrence in the introduction, the bitter struggle between the Capulet and Montague families, and the intoxicated love of Romeo and Juliet. The work ends with the return of a chorale of reconciliation and the transfiguration of the lovers.

kr. 149,95
Image Piano Works
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
"Temperamentet hos den unge mesterpianist er indlysende indadvendt. Kontemplativt." Thomas Michelsen, Politiken

In 2019, when Alexandre Kantorow, at the age of 22, became the first French pianist to win the Gold Medal at the Tchaikovsky competition, his program included no less than three works by Johannes Brahms. Two of these, Piano Sonata No. 2 and the Rhapsody in B minor, he went on to record for release on his previous, highly praised recital disc, which was awarded distinctions such as Gramophone’s Editor’s Choice, Diapason d’Or, and Choc de Classica. The Brahms interpretations won Kantorow particular praise – the Guardian (UK) described them as ‘magisterial’ while the website ResMusica placed his sonata ‘among the great reference recordings of the piece – if not the modern one.’ There is much to look forward to, then, when Kantorow releases an all-Brahms album with a playing time of no less than 85 minutes. He opens with music by a composer of a similar age as himself: Brahms wrote the Four Ballades in 1854 while only 21 years old, taking up a fashionable genre introduced by Chopin as late as 1840. The set is followed by the even earlier Sonata No. 3 in E minor which forms the center of the program. The sonata is of almost symphonic dimensions and it was indeed, along with its predecessors, famously described as a disguised symphony by no one less than Robert Schumann. To bring this stormy, impassioned album to a close, Kantorow has chosen a later, and contrasting work: With a lifelong admiration for Bach, Brahms in 1879 made a piano arrangement, for the left hand alone, of the iconic Chaconne from Partita No. 2 for solo violin – a composition that Brahms himself described as ‘a whole world of the deepest thoughts and most powerful impressions’.

kr. 149,95
Image Inertia
★ ★ ★ ★
dén er altså god. Ivan Rod

Niklas Sivelöv belongs to a rare breed of classical pianist-composers who also truly master the art of improvisation.

The pause is important in music. It comes first and thus is the premise in itself. Sound is born out of silence. And the musician’s pause at his instrument, that sacred moment before, has an infinite meaning.
This decisive moment is in itself extremely dramatic - just before the fingers touch the keyboard, before soft fingertips meet the white or black surface of the keys, rip up the silence, either gently, violently or carefully, hesitatingly like a chaste spider in a web. Or like a butterfly, flapping its wings at the mercy of external circum-stances, but nevertheless sure of achieving something, anything. A result.

So when two piano professors, Carsten Dahl and Niklas Sivelöv, sit down in front of two pianos in the Danish Radio´s Concert Hall it’s not for fun, but a deliberate attempt to enter into a musical practice, which is just as rich in tradition as it’s intimidating and controversial.
Two men, two pianos. Two temperaments and two different persons must find each other in the music. Must create something. Not only must they be in step or rather in rhythm, they must get good vibes, be in the same mood. When one says ‘speed’, the other answers ‘slow’. If one wants ‘staccato’, the other perhaps ‘legato’. And if one reaches for Satie, the answer is a boogie-woogie.

It’s not a fight, neither for the individual pianist against his piano, nor between the two musicians. It’s rather a kind of tonal essay writing where piano forte is challenged, possibilities are searched for – and sweet music comes out of the loudspeakers.

kr. 79,95
Image Towards the Flame: Eccentric Piano Works

"Midt i alle de voldsomme eksistentielle og religiøse strømhvirvler formår han at bevare en kerne af indre ro. Det er meget vellykket gjort."
– Politiken

Vi er i mystikeres vold. Endda med noget så enkelt som de mindre klaverstykker, der er emner for cd’en – indspillet af den glimrende unge pianist Gustav Piekut, allerede belønnet med en stribe priser, kun 26 år gammel, født i Aalborg, vokset op i Kolding, uddannet i Berlin og på vej ud i verden med brillante engagementer.
– GregersDH

I can find no argument with Piekut’s enviable pianistic gifts: in this music he is a heavenly guide.
– Evan Dickerson's music blog

Den unge misundelsesværdige gode pianist Gustav Piekut overrasker med udvalg af komponister
– Die Volkskrant

He is technically highly gifted and plays with great spontaneity, but his playing also reflects thoughtfulness and emotion.
– Pizzicato

kr. 80,00
Image Times of Transition
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"One cannot but recommend this gem of a release" Kristeligt Dagblad

"Koncerten i A-dur, det første værk på skiven, er ikke mindst i førstesatsen præget af en veritabel virtuositet med voldsomme tekniske udfordringer for solisten – men den slags virker åbenbart bare inspirerende på Andreas Brantelid, der også er i hopla i de to efterfølgende koncerter."
Kristeligt Dagblad

"(...) de åbenbarer
overraskende anderledes klangverdener, end vi er vant til at høre i disse værker. Klaverets efterfølgende soloentré med en række meditationer har samme sprøde karakter, og selv når bølgerne går højt i mellemdelen, bevares de klassiske proportioner: orden, tydelighed og transparens"
Valdemar Lønsted

"Brantelid’s cadenzas are inventive and stylish, never outstaying their welcome. I strongly recommend this CD" the Strad

"the finely nuanced account by the brilliant young Swedish-Danish cellist Andreas Brantelid, who plays throughout this recording with an outstanding sweetness of tone that does not preclude gutsiness or fantastic dexterity where Haydn’s often demanding writing requires"

"Resultatet her er overvældende godt. Brantelid meddeler sig i et væld af betydningsnuancer, nøje afvejet mellem den rene klang og et ekspressivt, nænsomt vibrato på udvalgte steder (...) Brantelid viser sig som en poet overlegen i farvelægningen af det melodiske spil (...)" Information

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Den [D-dur koncerten] brændte lige igennem med det samme. Men hør alle cd’ens tre koncerter. Det er som at gå i teatret og se en fuldendt forestilling" Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld

"Cellist Andreas Brantelid brilliantly takes up the challenges of each of these three works, seamlessly phrasing the Adagios in the grand manner, boldly articulating even the fastest Allegro passages, and taking up with utmost energy the cadenzas" Rafael de Acha, Rafael MusicNotes

"Endnu en fuldtræffer fra Concerto Copenhagen, der mestrer begge hjernehalvdele – og forener dem" Jeppe Rönnow, Magasinet Klassisk

"This is a valuable album from an historical perspective, but it also brings myriad musical delights" Classical Explorer

"En allround galant modtagelse, roser Nele Freudenberger."

"Der bliver en balance mellem cellistens fremtrædende position og det lille orkester i baggrunden, som har alle livemusikkens mest appellerende egenskaber."
POV International

kr. 80,00
Image Symphony 'Mathis der Maler'
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
"Med et hold af kompetente sangere anført af sopranen Ausrine Stundyte som Susanna er dette album en stærk indføring i yderpunkterne i Hindemiths musikalske univers og hans tidlige ekspressionistiske værker fra begyndelsen af årtiet i al deres dryppende perverterede seksualitet"
– Politiken

kr. 80,00
Image Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 15 & 16 Waltzes, Op. 39
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
"...det (er) umuligt ikke at svømme hen, mens han lader Brahms’ smeltende, efterårsagtige vemod fylde ens dagligstue."
Thomas Michelsen, Politiken.

Following the acclaimed Bach recording ‘Spira, Spera’ in early 2021, Emmanuel Despax releases a recording of his most treasured piano concerto alongside the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Andrew Litton.

kr. 139,95
Image On an Overgrown Path; In the Mists; Sonata 1.x.190
"Lars Vogt’s performance is among the most recommendable references." Crescendo (France)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Absorbing listening… music with a vivid and volatile narrative which Vogt relishes and projects with the gift of a storyteller…" Pianist

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Lars Vogt succeeds in expressing the intimacy of the music very well with a particularly subtle interpretation." Pizzicato

★ ★ ★ ★
"This album may come to be viewed as a classic Janácek recital."

★ ★ ★ ★
"Arresting and rewarding." BBC Music Magazine

kr. 139,95
Image Anna Tsybuleva: Brahms
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
"Fortolkningen er stilsikker ...Tsybuleva har fyldt op med fem af
Brahms’ capriccioer og intermezzi for soloklaver. Her kommer hendes ret slanke tone og poetiske fraseringer til deres ret.
Thomas Michelsen, Politiken 2021

kr. 139,95
Image Symphony No. 7 in E Minor

"Kirill Petrenko forstår blandt
ganske få at realisere denne vekslen mellem fuldtonet begejstring,
ironisk distance og lystigt kammermusikalsk sammenspil. Det
er overvældende og respektindgydende"
Valdemar Lønsted, Information

"A remarkable recording of Mahler’s Seventh Symphony, Kirill Petrenko revealing detail as if new, presenting it with thrilling vividness and weaving it into a performance of stunning impact" Gramophone

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Petrenkos arbejde med rytme, artikulation og farve afslører alle de vidunderlige stemninger i Mahlers martitur uden på noget tidspunkt at overbetone dem" Andrew Mellor, Magasinet Klassisk

Men man kan ikke andet end beundre Petrenkos sjældne musikalitet og forrygende dirigenthåndværk.
Politiken 2021 - T. Michelsen

I Petrenkos fortolkning viser det sig gradvist, at det er et værk, man kan være i og se sig omkring i som i en labyrint, man muligvis kommer ud af, men aldrig rigtig vil kunne overskue. POV international - Jakob Brønnum
Læs hele anmeldelsen her

kr. 159,95
Image The Miraculous Mandarin – Complete Ballet
★ ★ ★ ★
“Fasten your seatbelts (…) Dausgaard carries us along on the crest of the dramatic wave (…)” BBC Music Magazine, marts 2021.

"Dausgaard and the SSO musicians document a tremendous account of this music in all its cacophonous, sleazy, eerie, violent and (with spectral voices) otherworldly glory, played brilliantly, incident-packed as much for imagined stagecraft as for the compelling music itself, powerful and dramatically dissonant certainly but also beguiling, however sinister, as various characters are introduced.” Colin’s Colum

“Dausgaard and the BBCSSO offer atmospheric performances, and play with charm Bartok's orchestrations of some of his Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs” The Sunday Times

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Det er dog musikken til ”den forunderlige Mandarin”, der gør denne anden cd i Thomas dausgaards og BBC Scottish Symphony Orhcestras samlede indspilning af alle Bartóks værker til et scoop.”

kr. 139,95
Image Fidelio (DVD)
"Don't miss it" Peter Quantrill, Gramophone februar 2021.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Det berømte fangekor “O welche Lust” synges smukt og slankt af fangerkoret…..”
"Den meget enkle, skulpturelle scenografi af en trappe, der svinger rundt i hele rummet som en musetrappe af papir, giver med de forskellige former for lyssætning plads til dramaet, der udspiller sig blandt personerne Magasinet Klassisk

kr. 239,95
Image Symphony No. 5; Francesca da Rimini
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
”Særligt medrivende er de dramatiske afsnit, som der er mange af, og hvor synergieffekten af de mange individuelle stemmer virker meget intenst.”

"Dirigent Paavo Järvi satser ikke på en strømlinet orkestermaskine, hvor de enkelte musikere er tandhjul, men et tillidsfuldt samarbejde, som får intensiteten til at stige og klangen til at blomstre"

Magasinet Klassisk

Paavo Järvi, Principal Conductor and Music Director of the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich since October 2019, here launches a complete recording of Tchaikovsky’s symphonies, the first in both his rich discography and that of the Swiss orchestra: ‘When I think of the Fifth Symphony, I think of vulnerability and hope. It looks directly into our soul. It is perhaps the finest of his symphonies. The famous horn solo moves me and enriches me every time I hear it… Unlike the Sixth, the Fifth still holds out hope for life.’ The symphonic poem Francesca da Rimini op. 32 completes the programme. This dark and violent ‘symphonic fantasy after Dante,’ a drama of jealousy, was premiered in 1877, at the same time as Swan Lake.

kr. 149,95
Image Clair-Obscur
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Sandrine Piau synger sangene skønt med sin lyriske, fleksible stemme. Hver en tone sidder som den skal.”
Magasinet Klassisk

"(...) another beguiling album from this superb artist. Highly recommended" Hugo Shirley, Gramophone

‘The dreamer! That double of our existence, that chiaroscuro of the thinking being’, wrote Gaston Bachelard in 1961. ‘The old is dying, the new cannot be born, and in that chiaroscuro, monsters appear’, adds Antonio Gramsci. Sandrine Piau has chosen to use these two quotations as an epigraph to her new recording: ‘My family and friends know about this obsession that never leaves me completely. The antagonism between light and darkness. The chiaroscuro, the space in between . . .’ This program, recorded with the Orchestre Victor Hugo under its conductor Jean-François Verdier, who is also principal clarinettist of the Paris Opéra, travels between the chilly Rhenish forest of Waldgespräch, a ballad by Zemlinsky composed for soprano and small ensemble in 1895, the night of the first of Berg’s Seven Early Songs (1905-08), and the sunlight of Richard Strauss’s Morgen, which are followed by the Four Last Songs, composed in 1948, the first two of which, Frühling and September (evoking spring and autumn respectively) are also, as Sandrine Piau concludes, ‘the seasons of life’.

kr. 149,95
Image Viatore; Distant Light; Voices
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Strygerne fra München radioorkestret og deres kroatiske chefdirigent Ivan Repusic, får musikken, i et arrangement for 11 solostrygere, til at klinge uendeligt smukt Esben Tange, Magasinet Klassisk februar 2021

"Recommended as a string-only immersion of Vasks's world, a competitive account of his most famous or just something to keep you goint until the light actually returns" Andrew Mellor, februar 2021

The beauty that the Latvian composer Peteris Vasks evokes in his works would not be possible without the experience of violence and cruelty in this world. He grew up in a country deprived of liberty, and because of his faith and his artistic convictions he was exposed to reprisals from Russian cultural doctrine. His father, a Baptist pastor, was regarded as an “enemy of the people”, and his homeland was under Soviet control. As a result, Vasks developed a vision of freedom and subtle protest in his music. In the so-called “singing revolution”, the countries of the Baltic region with their traditional love of choral music initiated their independence from Soviet rule. Vasks' expressive, direct and often deliberately simple music quickly became the mouthpiece of the long-suppressed Latvian people, giving the nation a proud voice that can be heard worldwide. Today, alongside Arvo Pärt and Erkki Sven-Tüür, Peteris Vasks is one of the most famous composers from the Baltic states of the former Soviet Union. The works on this release are for chamber-music string ensembles: his first symphony "Balsis - Voices" (1991), the haunting violin concerto "Tala gaisma - Distant Light" (1996/97), and the piece "Viatore” (the traveler; 2001), dedicated to Arvo Pärt, here in a version for eleven solo strings by the conductor, church musician and arranger Stefan Vanselow. The Münchner Rundfunkorchester plays under its chief conductor Ivan Repušic, and the concerto soloist is Stanko Madic, first concertmaster of the MRO.

kr. 99,95
Image Per la notte di Natale - Italian Christmas Concert
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
" lysende italiensk julealbum, du kan nyde, når træet er tændt, og der er konfekt i skålene. Lars Ulrik Mortensen dirigerer sit barokorkester, så du fra start til slut føler dig løftet og kælet blidt for,"
Politiken december 2020

★ ★ ★ ★
"Ensemblet er lille og intimt, instrumenterne og musikerne er som vanligt hos Concerto Copenhagen styret af baroktradition, men spruttende af respekt for værkernes livskraft og livsglæde. Dyb ro. Utålmodig forventning. Styrtebade af udløsninger."
GregersDH, november 2020

"Thus he succeeds in creating a very contemplative CD full of beautiful music, which Concerto Copenhagen plays on a high musical level."
Pizzicato, november 2020.

"La oss til slutt ikke glemme våre danske venner i barokkorkesteret ConcertoCopenhagen, et av de fineste på planeten."
NRK, november 2020.

"Wunderbarer Streichersound, exzellente Solisten, sehr gute Aufnahmequalität."
Bernhard Schrammek, december 2020.

"„Per La Notte Di Natale“ (Naxos) ist eine Sammlung italienischer Barockkon-zerte, wunderbar luftig eingespielt von Concerto Copenhagen. Eine gute Dreiviertelstunde Entspannung pur."
Ko¨lnische Rundschau, december 2020.

"Jeg er som altid imponeret af Cocos evne til at formidle den gamle musik med en nerve, der på den ene side svinger helt i takt med et moderne menneskes følelsesregister samtidig med, at der er dykket langt ned i verdener længere væk til bevarelse af disses forestillinger om skønhed, poesi og drama."
Camilla Marle Dahlgreen, Information, december 2020.

"A beautifully performed and recorded disc, perfect for this time ofyear!"
Classical Explorer, december 2020.

"Concerto Copenhagen is a very fine ensemble which approaches this repertoire from a rather intimate angle. With eight violins, two violas and two cellos, it is not that small, but it is able to produce a refined sound and often movements are performed with great subtlety."
MusicWeb International

It’s beautifully played by Lars Ulrik Mortensen’s Concerto Copenhagen, with telling contributions from lower strings… These are small-scale performances but the intimacy always works in the music’s favour.
The Arts Desk

The years since the Pinnock recording have brought improvements even over The English Concert of 1987, and Concerto Copenhagen are among those who have benefited from the greater familiarity of using them Brian Wilson, MusicWeb International

(...) he succeeds in creating a very contemplative CD full of beautiful music, which Concerto Copenhagen plays on a high musical level
Remy Franck, Pizzicato

The interpretation is extraordinary, with a dazzling timbral beauty…

Naxos Danmark kan glædeligt præsentere albummet Per la Notte di Natale – et resultat af Concerto Copenhagen og Lars Ulrik Mortensens julekoncerter optaget i 2019.

Ved indgangen til 1700-årene voksede en særlig instrumental tradition for julekoncerter frem i Italien. Det udviklede sig til en veritabel mode, altid med blidt syngende melodier og oftest med en sats beregnet på at fremkalde landlige stemninger med dyr og hyrder omkring stalden hvor Jesus blev født og lagt i en krybbe.

Concerto Copenhagen fører publikum igennem barokkens mest berømte julekoncerter af Arcangelo Corelli, Giuseppe Torelli, Francesco Manfredini, Antonio Vivaldi og Pietro Locatelli.

Danmarks barokorkester Concerto Copenhagen spillede deres første koncerter i 1991 og har siden udviklet sig til Skandinaviens førende ensemble inden for tidlig musik og et af de mest spændende og innovative barokorkestre i verden.

Siden 1999 har samarbejdet mellem Concerto Copenhagen og Lars Ulrik Mortensen ført til en spændende kunstnerisk og musikalsk rejse der kombinerer et repertoire bestående af velkendt europæisk musik med mindre kendte værker af skandinavisk oprindelse.

Lars Ulrik Mortensen har i de sidste 25 år været aktiv som dirigent, og i 2003 besluttede han at arbejde udelukkende med periodeinstrument-ensembler. I 2007 modtog han Danmarks mest prestigefyldte musikpris, Léonie Sonnings Musikpris.


kr. 80,00
Image History of The Russian Piano Trio, Vol. 1
★ ★ ★ ★
Her får vi virkelig smukt duetspil i den langsomme sats, hvor violinen og celloen indgår i en forrygende fælles dialog, med pianisten høfligt tilbageholdt i baggrunden Jeppe Rönnow, Magasinet Klassisk februar 2021

"The Brahms Trio have taken us on a journey that is both an education and a pleasure. It is impossible not to admire their commitment" Gramophone

The piano trio holds an important place in the history of Russian chamber music and to follow the development of the genre is to accompany the fascinating history of Russian music in the 19th century. Its beginnings can be found with Alexander Alyabiev, a student of John Field, whose unfinished but elegant and vivacious Piano Trio in E flat major is paired with the yearning Romanticism of the Piano Trio in A minor. Mikhail Glinka’s Trio pathétique bears the inscription ‘I have only known love through the sorrow it causes!’, while Anton Rubinstein’s elaborately acrobatic piano writing in his Piano Trio in G minor reminds us of his own virtuosity, and reveals his magnificent skills as a melodist.

kr. 80,00
Image Fortunio (DVD)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Instruktør og dirigent formidler en anden dimension, hvor kærlighed og følelser får en eksistentiel betydning. Overrumplende og vidunderligt på én gang," skriver Steen Chr. Steensen i Magasinet Klassisk, april 2021.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ -

"This 2019 Opéra Comique production delights both visually and musically." The WholeNote

"Cyrille Dubois is wonderful in the title role. His tenor, with its slight flutter and exquisite head notes, makes for an appealing performance as the lovelorn youngster. He is well matched by Anne-Catherine Gillet's attractive Jacqueline, smoothely sung, well acted".
Gramophone, december 2020.

For gentle, escapist charm – and many of us require large doses of that right now – Fortunio would seem to be the perfect remedy Gramophone

An absolute jewel of opéra-comique, Messager’s masterpiece becomes a reference version, in a flawless staging by Denis Podalydès… Diapason

Touching Fortunio Opéra (France)

André Messager’s Fortunio premiered in 1907 at the Opéra Comique, where it received acclaim that was to last decades. One of the last composers to devote his entire career to opera and operetta, Messager exemplified in his music a feeling for dramatic pacing and the spirit of the Belle Époque, qualities that permeate Fortunio, a comédie lyrique in which the dialogue in the libretto is given a continuous musical setting. Taking Alfred de Musset’s play Le Chandelier as his source, Messager explores upper-class society at the turn of the 19th century with subtlety of characterization and a thoroughly French orchestral transparency. This production directed by Denis Podalydes features Cyrille Dubois in the title role, alongside soprano Anne-Catherine Gillet, and baritone Franck Leguerinel, among others.

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Image Symphony No. 7
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Det er som at se en film med ørerne, og det bedste er, at man helt selv må bestemme, hvad den handler om Politiken

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"(...) the sounds are beguiling to the last, and the essential triumph of engineering in this most testing of symphonies is peerless." David Nice, BBC Music Magazine

In an effort to arrange the first performance of his Seventh Symphony, Gustav Mahler declared it to be his best work, ‘preponderantly cheerful in character’. His younger colleague Schoenberg expressed his admiration for the work, and Webern considered it his favorite Mahler symphony. Nevertheless, it remains the least performed and least written-about symphony of the entire cycle, and has come to be regarded as enigmatic and less successful than its siblings. One reason for this has been the huge – even for Mahler – contrasts that it encompasses: from a first movement which seems to continue the atmosphere of the previous symphony, the ‘Tragic’ Sixth, to a finale that has been accused of excessive triumphalism, and which Mahler himself once described as ‘broad daylight’. Between these two poles, he supplies no less than two movements entitled Nachtmusik (‘night music’) framing a scherzo to which the composer added the character marking schattenhaft (‘shadowy’). Mahler famously said that ‘a symphony must be like the world. It must embrace everything.’ The Seventh is as true to this dictum as any other of the symphonies, offering a wealth of emotions, moods and colours. The composer makes full and imaginative use of the orchestra’s extended wind and percussion sections – including cowbells, whips and glockenspiel – as well as a mandolin and a guitar, adding a troubadour-like aspect to the nightly serenade of the fourth movement. All of this is brought to life by the players of the Minnesota Orchestra under Osmo Vänskä, as they continue a cycle praised for the performances as well as the recorded sound.

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Image Symphony No. 5; Concerto for Orchestra; Supplica

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"It's also brilliantly orchestrated and zestfully performed." Steph Power, BBC Music Magazine.

Few contemporary artists have been as significant as Pulitzer Prize and GRAMMY Award winner Christopher Rouse, whose imaginative approach made him one of the most frequently performed composers during his lifetime. The Concerto for Orchestra is a ‘hyper-concerto’ that gives each player a chance to shine, while the mournful intimacy and passion of Supplica unfolds somewhat like the slow movement of a Bruckner or Mahler symphony. Rouse’s Fifth Symphony fondly recalls Beethoven’s mighty Fifth but blurs the lines between tradition and modernity, transporting the listener from turbulence to serenity. It was described as “brilliant, exciting and at times hauntingly beautiful” in The Dallas Morning News. Champions of new American music, the Nashville Symphony and its music director Giancarlo Guerrero had premiered numerous works and received 13 GRAMMY Awards including two for Best Orchestral Performance. Among their award-winning recordings include works by Michael Daugherty (Metropolis Symphony on 8.559635; Tales of Hemingway on 8.559798), Stephen Paulus (Three Places of Enlightenment on 8.559740), and Jennifer Higdon (All Things Majestic and Viola Concerto on 8.559823).

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