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Image Hokusai
Aki Takase, the Berlin-based pianist, is one of the great personalities of modern jazz. Moments of freedom, form and humour characterize this stylistically versatile avant-gardist, the stubborn virtuoso who toys with jazz traditions.

kr. 149,95
Image More Than I Can See
Wood River is an engaging Brooklyn -based band lead by Charlotte Greve. A vehicle for her compositional output that goes far beyond genre classifications. Expect back beats, through composed melodies, enigmatic lyrics and grooves, bathed in swirling synths, alto saxophone, electric bass and guitars - Music that is as uncategorizable as the musicians are versatile. A captivating blend of jazz, ambient and rock music with a rarely heard compositional rigor.

kr. 139,95
Image Kasumi
Jazz as the art of dialogue: two of the great musicians of today's jazz from different continents and generations make music sparkle. In Aki Takase's publications, she shows a wide musical spectrum ranging from the quintet Anti-House to the orchestral recordings of "Contemporary Chaos Practices" from 2018. "Ingrid is one of my favorite saxophonists," says Aki Takase. "She is a talented player with a lot of technique, very creative, smart and above all I love her dedicated approach to making music". And Ingrid Laubrock says about Aki Takase: "It feels great to play with Aki. She's so unique and the feeling of serious playfulness and communication I'm looking for musically is there immediately". The album Kasumi presents wonderful dialogues, which radiate joy, wit and warmth or hold the breath in silent intensity, so as not to break the spell.

kr. 149,95
Image I det lilla händer det mesta
Amanda Ginsburg er en voksende stjerne i svensk musik med en svensk Grammy i kategorien Bedste jazzalbum 2018. Hun synger som en engel med den spændende kombination af uskyld og visdom, som ordet antyder.

kr. 139,95
Image Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt - Music for Chamber Orc
The album Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt follows Ingrid Laubrock's landmark orchestral album Contemporary Chaos Practices from 2018. Ingrid Laubrock presents on this double album five compositions in double version.

kr. 239,95
Image Inner Planets
At Footprint Records, we are very proud to present Naoko Sakata’s first solo album, Inner Planets. Over the last years, she has appeared in many different improv constellations on the Swedish jazz scene, but during her ten years in Sweden, Ms. Sakata has also evolved into an amazing solo improviser on the piano. These recordings were made with Ms. Sakata and a Fazioli Grand Piano at Studio Epidemin, in February 2019. On Inner Planets, you will hear six selected and un-edited takes from this recording session. Per Sjösten made this DXD recording and Naoko played straight from her heart – no compositions. We love it and we hope you will too. Naoko Sakata can also be heard on the albums Dreaming tree (Naoko Sakata Trio, FR 084) and Thomas Markusson Open (FR 107) from Footprint Records.

kr. 139,95
Image Strings Attached
Karin Hammar - trombone /compositions
Niklas Fernqvist - bas
Andreas Hourdakis - guitar
Fredrik Rundqvist - trommer
Olivier Ker Ourio - harmonika

The Fab Stringz:
Hanna Helgegren (violin)
Karin Liljenberg (violin)
Jill Johansson (bratsch)
Anna Wallgren (cello)

Efter udgivelsen af 2 CD'er med Karin Hammar Fab 4 i 2016 og 2018, udvider kvartetten her Fab 4-lydbilledet med en strygekvartet og mundharmonika.

kr. 139,95
Image Everything in between
Anne Mette Iversen & Norrbotten Big Band

”It has been my great pleasure to work as Composer in Residence for The Norrbotten Big Band this year. During four visits to Luleå I have brought in new music and we have rehearsed, experimented, tried out and tested ideas, gotten to know each other. For me it has been a fantastic experience, a process that has enriched me in various ways as a composer and musician."

kr. 179,95
Image The Choir Invisible
The Choir Invisible, presents a highly anticipated debut album on Intakt Records. With Charlotte Greve, Vinnie Sperrazza and Chris Tordini, this trio, oscillating between improvisation and composition, brings together three significant voices from Brooklyn's creative music scene.

kr. 149,95
Image Le meilleur lit
Born from the meeting of the cellist Lola Malique and the poet Abdellatif Laâbi (Goncourt Prize 2009 in Poetry), Le Meilleur Lit is an invitation to sharing and dreaming. Around them, voices, cultures and creations mingle, vibrate and dialogue. Throughout the album, poetry flakes and unveils itself, oscillating between intimacy and universality.

kr. 139,95
Image Auge
"I really love the piano trio,” says Aki Takase, with a passion that mirrors her playing. “But not the old idea, where the pianist is king, and the bassist and the drummer are just sidemen. We are equal.”

Journalist Peter Margasak writes about the recording: “The music on the debut album from the collective trio AUGE is wide-open, operating from an unobstructed vista where everything seems possible ... Free improvisation rarely sounds so cogent, rippling with an adroit command of rhythm and harmony that erases the line between design and spontaneity.”

kr. 149,95
Image New Legend
Eva Kruse´s preceeding albums In Water and On the Mo have both received loads of praise and recognition. In 2015 and 2017 she was honored with Jazz-Echo awards (the German equivalent of a Grammy) for best national bassplayer.

kr. 139,95
Image Jag har funderat på en sak
Det har været et begivenhedsrigt år for Amanda Ginsburg. Plademærket Ladybird fik hurtigt øjnene op for henne og hendes første single ”Havsmelodi" kom i foråret 2017.
Efter at været blevet nomineret til Årets Nykomling af P2 Jazzkatten kom hun i efteråret 2017 ud med endnu en single: ”Flykten från vardagen” med Nils Landgren som gæstemusiker.

kr. 139,95
Image Circles
kr. 139,95
Image We're on our way
It only takes but one step on African soil to know you are on sacred ground. The vastness of the land reminds me of the endlessness of our universe. The arching trees reaching for the sky, of our will to explore it. The roaring wildlife, that it is from nature we are truly sprung.

- Isabella Lundgren

kr. 139,95
Image Time Gone Out
For almost 20 years, Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman have been continuously redefining the dialogue between Western and American music, improvisation and composition, tradition and modernity. The most diverse playing attitudes and atmospherics network in the alert reactions of the two players – dance, world-weariness, liberating noise, shrill jumping cascades, the confession of simple beauty.

kr. 149,95
Image A Woman’s Voice
A Woman’s Voice is all about life from a woman’s perspective and experience, in this case my own. It is about taking the step from a girl to a woman, looking back in time and then to the future, finding my place in the world and daring to go my own way.

-Vivian Buczek

kr. 139,95
Image D’Agala
In both her playing and her composition she shows neoclassical influences mixed with European improvised music and the experimental nonconformismof the New York downtown scene. The nine pieces on D'AGALA are dedicated to people who admired and influenced Courvoisier.

kr. 149,95
Image Miller’s Tale
kr. 149,95
Image Birdies for Lulu
kr. 149,95
Image Live at Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne
kr. 149,95
Image Hôtel du Nord
kr. 149,95
Image To Fly to Steal
kr. 149,95
Image Alien Huddle
kr. 149,95
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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