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Image Earquake - The Loudest Classical Music of All Time
This disc brings together some of the loudest, most exciting music ever written – neither music, nor your hearing, will ever be the same! An explosive collection of great tunes, driving rhythms, and sonic thrills. The 140 piece Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra under Leif Segerstam includes, among others, a 22-person percussion section, four sets of rocks hit with hammers, two heavy metal chains, anvils, steel plates, sirens, and several dozen cannon shots.

The music has been arranged for continuous listening. With that in mind, three quiet “valleys” have been programmed to provide contrast with the very loud music that follows them. You may find that the contrast actually adds to the excitement.

The final track, Hekla (by Jón Leifs), is probably the loudest single piece of music ever written. It describes, in very graphic terms, the eruption of Hekla, Iceland’s largest active volcano.

kr. 79,95
Image Symphony No. 1 / Blumine
HANNU LINTU, conductor

This new release by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by their Chief Conductor Hannu Lintu includes a true orchestral classic: Mahler's 1st Symphony.

On this recording the symphony is combined with an original 2nd movement, Blumine, later abandoned by the composer after three performances of the symphony.

Mahler wrote his 1st Symphony during 1887 and 1888. However, he revised the work until 1896. Mahler gave the work the title 'Titan' based on a novel by Jean Paul, although Mahler denied the work of being programmatic. The symphony is one of the most often played works by Mahler.

The recent recordings of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra together with their Chief Conductor Hannu Lintu on Ondine have gathered excellent reviews in the international press.

kr. 139,95
Image Symphony No 4 (Romantic)
Orchestre de Paris
Christoph Eschenbach, conductor

kr. 139,95
Image Symphony No 6 / Piano Quintet (2 CD)

This recording of Mahler's Sixth Symphony may well be the Sixth of first choice, sonically and interpretatively.

It's just bloody thrilling. (...) No Mahlerian will want to miss it!

kr. 279,95
Image Heaven is Shy of Earth; The Comedy of Change
This recording includes the world premiere recording of an oratorio written by Julian Anderson (b. 1967), one of the most remarkable British composers of our era, conducted by the late Oliver Knussen and performed by Susan Bickley and the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. These recordings highlight the art of Julian Anderson and are a unique testimony of artistic collaboration and friendship between him and the conductor that lasted for 37 years.

Julian Anderson was commissioned to write a substantial work for solo mezzo-soprano, chorus and orchestra for the 2006 BBC Proms. This resulted in the creation of Heaven is Shy of Earth, an oratorio based on texts by poet Emily Dickinson. The work also features texts of Latin mass. Despite the predominance of Latin religious texts, this is not a sacred work. The insertions change the whole structure away from denominational Christianity and bring the liturgy out into the natural world as a sort of secular Eucharist – a celebration and sanctification of nature itself. This substantial work ends in a beautiful climax of harmonious ecstasy, a movement which the composer added into the work in 2010.

The Comedy of Change is a work for 12 instruments which pays tribute to Charles Darwin and celebrates the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book The Origin of Species. The composer intended the work to function as both a free-standing concert piece and the score of a ballet. Anderson was concerned with both the inevitable and the unpredictable aspects of change. Anderson writes: ‘I preferred not to be too literal or illustrative: I hope the musical harmonies, textures, rhythms and melodies will be sufficiently vivid to suggest to listeners their own images; or else be heard as the abstract music they essentially are.’ ‘The word “comedy” is to be understood in all its senses, including the old Elizabethan one of a series of misunderstandings with a happy outcome’, the composer adds.

kr. 139,95
Image Violin Concerto / Isle of Bliss (Lintukoto) / Ange
kr. 139,95
Image Violin Concertos Nos 3, 4 & 5
kr. 139,95
Image Sculpture / Campana in aria / Concerto for Orchest
This CD features three works by Magnus Lindberg from 1998-2005, recorded here for the first time. Sakari Oramo leads the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Esa Tapani performs the solo part of the horn concerto Campana in aria. Magnus Lindberg is one of Finland's leading international contemporary composers, together with Kaija Saariaho and Einojuhani Rautavaara. Commissions from the world's leading orchestras, such as The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic and his many recordings on Ondine and other major labels have helped to position him at the forefront of orchestral composition. Energy, colour and a thrilling density of material are the hallmarks of his recent style and the the works recorded here for the first time offer entrancing examples thereof. This disc follows on from the great success of the previous Clarinet Concerto recording, which was named best contemporary / première recording both at the Gramophone Awards and the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2006 (ODE 1038-2). It also featured conductor Sakari Oramo and the Finnish RSO who are recognized experts in the field of their compatriot's music.

kr. 139,95
Image Aurora Borealis - The Magic of Northern Lights
The Northern Lights have been a dazzling natural phenomenon for thousands of years and have contributed to the image of Finland as a fascinating country full of mystery. This special hybrid product provides an introduction into the magic of Northern Lights through 13 superb photographs, a guiding text and 12 tracks of Finnish classical music. Auroral expert Jouni Jussila has been researching Northern Lights for over a decade and has reaped international awards for his photographs. His richly illustrated text explains what causes auroras, how native people explained them, in which shapes and colours they appear, and where/when they can best be observed. The included CD compiles excellent performances of Finnish orchestral music which recreate the unique atmosphere experienced when observing these intriguing celestial displays.

This product is an ideal cultural visiting card and can serve as a gift for friends, for business partners or simply for oneself.

kr. 139,95
Image HELSINKI - A Musical Promenade
This musical CD + map invites you on a promenade along eleven of Helsinki's essential tourist attractions.* Created in close collaboration with the Helsinki City Tourist & Convention Bureau, this multi-functional product contains informative texts and superb illustrations for each spot. Numbers identify the location on an included poster-sized map. The CD features matching highlights of Finnish classical music in excellent performances by Ondine's first-rank artists.

A handy guide for the visitor who likes to discover Helsinki by walking and listening to Finnish classical music, this can also serve as an ideal souvenir gift or visiting card for family, friends or colleagues abroad.

*The stations include:
1. Railway Station Quarter - Ateneum Museum
2. Mannerheimintie - Parliament House
3. Finlandia Hall (A. Aalto) - The National Museum of Finland
4. Sibelius Monument
5. The Temppeliaukio Church
6. The Old Church and the adjacent cemetery
7. Kaivopuisto Park
8. Senate Square - The Cathedral - University
9. The Uspenski Cathedral
10. Market Square
11. Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress

kr. 79,95
Image Romer's Gap - Three Concertos
This exciting new release of contemporary music includes three new concertos by Finnish composer Olli Virtaperko (b. 1973). The concertos are combining multiple styles from Baroque to prog jazz as well as different performance practices. Romer’s Gap is a concerto for electrically amplified cello featuring as soloist Perttu Kivilaakso, best known as lead cellist in the multi-million selling rock band Apocalyptica. Ambrosian Delights is a concerto for the knifonium, a vacuum-tube-based analogue synthesiser created by Jonte Knif. Multikolor, written for Joonatan Rautiola, is a single-movement work for baritone sax and small chamber orchestra. All three works are recorded by the Jyväskylä Sinfonia under conductor Ville Matvejeff.

“The three concertos on this album were written within a relatively short space of time, between 2013 and 2016. They reflect basic themes in my music in different ways, including my relationship to tradition and the problems of combining multiple styles and performance practises”, composer Olli Virtaperko describes in his liner notes, and continues: “What links these three concertos is that the solo parts were customised according to the technical and expressive potential of the soloists who premiered and recorded them. I collaborated closely with the soloist in each case. - - The past four-year period has offered me a fascinating journey into new musical colours and the borderland between acoustic and amplified music – with all the possibilities and challenges that this entails.”

Olli Virtaperko has enjoyed a multi-faceted career. He studied composition, the Baroque cello and early music performance practice at the University of Edinburgh and at the Sibelius Academy, and on the other hand he was also a vocalist in one of Finland’s most popular rock groups, Ultra Bra. Virtaperko’s musical background feeds directly into his work as a composer, which includes heavy-duty solo concertos and orchestral works but also a number of works for Baroque and Renaissance period instruments and for his own early music group, Ensemble Ambrosius.

Youtube trailer:

kr. 90,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Four Serious Songs; Clarinet Sonata No. 1; Weites
This recording includes a fascinating program: Luciano Berio's iconic adaptation of Johannes Brahms' Clarinet Sonata No. 1 combined with Detlev Glanert's recent arrangement of Brahms' late vocal masterpiece, Four Serious Songs. Also included is Glanert's new orchestral work Weites Land written in the spirit of Brahms. This disc includes as its soloists award-winning clarinetist Kari Kriikku and German baritone Michael Nagy. This is the second release of Estonian conductor Olari Elts together with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. Detlev Glanert was, like Brahms, born in Hamburg. A pupil of Diether de la Motte and Hans Werner Henze, Glanert has long felt a deep connection with Brahms' music through "a specific North German tradition, in which I believe myself to be connected with Brahms, to do with a melancholy in his pieces, with a certain severity." Luciano Berio was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in 1986 to provide an orchestral version of the first of the two late sonatas Brahms composed in 1894, two years prior to the Serious Songs. Berio created a 25-minute concerto, although retaining the designation "Sonata". Berio's treatment of Brahms' was highly respectful and straightforward and the solo part is almost identical with the origina lsonata.

kr. 90,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Helsinki Recital


Recorded live at the Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, 1 & 8 October 2006. Directed for Video by Aarno Cronvall.

- This new release pays tribute to Finnish superstar Karita Mattila ("one of the most interesting, exciting sopranos in the world today" - Gramophone) on the occasion of her 50th birthday in September 2010.

- This Video DVD features a "spectacular souvenir of her live shows" (International Record Review): a recital performance which Karita Mattila gave to a compatriot audience at the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki, in October 2006.

- International critics praised the recorded sell-out concerts as showcasing, "Karita Mattila at her glorious peak... No wonder the Helsinki audience went berserk." (The Daily Telegraph).

- This is the much-awaited first-ever release of Helsinki Recital on DVD; it includes previously unreleased encore material.

- The original sound recording of Helsinki Recital, released as hybrid SACD in June 2007, became a major commercial success and garnered the highest accolades throughout the international press, including BBC Music Magazine 'Song Choice' and Gramophone 'Editor's Choice'.

- Includes a free bonus CD compilation featuring Karita Mattila and pianist Ilmo Ranta with German and Finnish standard repertoire Lied songs.

kr. 190,00
Image Poeme de l'amour et de la mer
Soprano Soile Isokoski is singing orchestral songs by three different French composers in her new recording. The recording includes two major works in the French song repertoire - Ernest Chausson's Poème de l'amour et de la mer and Hector Berlioz's Nuits d'été. The disc ends with three finely-crafted miniature songs by Henri Duparc, which are no less of artistic value.

kr. 90,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Sulle kauneimmat lauluni laulan - Serenades
kr. 139,95
Image Peter and the Wolf / Pekka ja Susi
kr. 99,95
Image Song of My Heart - Orchestral Songs
This first anthology of Rautavaara's orchestral songs will be welcomed by all fans of Finnish cult composer Rautavaara's music, especially by those who love his successful operas. The booklet contains liner notes written by the composer himself, as well as the lyrics both in the original language and in English translation.

A beautifully produced survey of Rautavaara's songs. (...) Ondine's sound, as ever, is first rate.

- Guy Rickards, The Gramophone, December 2006

This production combines half a century of musical poetry. (...) A wonderful, sometimes even dreamlike recording, which requires much calm from the listener, but gives back to him at least as much calm and beauty.

- Rasmus van Rijn, Klassik-Heute, 10 September 2006

kr. 90,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image True & False Unicorn
kr. 139,95
Image The House of the Sun (Auringon talo) - Opera in Tw
kr. 279,95
Image Serenades Nos. 1 & 2
This Ondine recording is the first instalment in a series of Brahms recording with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra and their chief conductor Jaime Martín. Together with the orchestra Martín offers delightful interpretations of these two early examples of Brahms’ orchestral writing.

Jaime Martín became the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Gävle Symphony Orchestra in 2013. During recent years orchestral engagements have led the rising conductor to collaborate with several prominent orchestras around the world. Martín is also Chief Conductor of the Orquestra de Cadaqués and known for his active career as solo flautist.

Johannes Brahms’ (1833–1897) two orchestral Serenades were written in the late 1850s and together with the 1st Piano Concerto offer the earliest surviving examples of his orchestral writing. Brahms revised the 1st Serenade several times, and intended “to transform the 1st Serenade into a symphony”. The 6 movement work, originally titled as Nachtmusik, is an impressive poetic creation by the young composer.

Serenade No. 2 has an unusual chamber-music setting: double woodwinds, two horns and a string ensemble that entirely omits the bright sound of violins and instead deploys the violas as the principal part. The second Serenade has somewhat remained in the shadow of the popularity of the 1st Serenade. However, Clara Schumann, who received the Adagio and Menuett-Trio as a birthday present, responded with enthusiasm to the new work. She described the Adagio as “something ecclesiastical”, “it could be an Eleison”, and admitted in her accompanying letter returning the score: “With the Adagio I part with the greatest difficulty, as it is very dear to me.”

kr. 139,95
Image Liebeslieder
Best known for his gigantic orchestral masterpieces Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) took equal pleasure in writing smaller miniatures. In fact, Brahms wrote a substantial number of pieces for vocal quartet and piano; this ensemble was for him a vehicle for expressing warmth and positive emotions, and as such this genre remains one of the most beloved in his output. This new recording by the prestigious Latvian Radio Choir under Sigvards Klava features a selection from his Opp. 52, 64, 65 and 92, including some of his famous Liebeslieder-Walzer. Brahms wrote his earliest waltzes for piano duet and published them as op. 39 in 1865. Some years later, in 1868–1869, he went on to write the Liebeslieder-Walzer for vocal quartet and piano four hands op. 52. These, in turn, prompted a ‘sequel’ in Neue Liebeslieder op. 65 five years later. These warm and vivacious songs are a happy marriage of Viennese waltzes and the love poetry of Georg Friedrich Daumer, and biographers point to a romantic impulse stemming from Brahms’s amorous enchantment with the daughter of his close friend Clara Schumann, Julia. Brahms’s vocal quartets with piano accompaniment represent an interesting chamber-music approach to vocal music. They give the impression of being created for the purpose of intimate music-making at home, among friends. The Liebeslieder-Walzer quickly became one of Brahms’s most popular works. Brahms’s op. 64, a set of three partsongs for quartet, was published in 1874. Op. 92 belongs essentially to Brahms’s late output. Its first partsong dates from 1877 and the other three from 1884. Despite the time gap, the partsongs in the set form a coherent and consistent whole. Three of the songs explore moods of evening and night, and the autumnal meditation of the second partsong fits in well. Award-winning Latvian Radio Choir is among the most prestigious chamber choirs in Europe. The choir’s previous releases on Ondine have been highly successful. The recording of Rachmaninov’s All-Night Vigil (ODE 1206-5) was chosen as the Record of the Month, Editor’s Choice and received a nomination in the Gramophone Awards in 2013. Similarly, their recent release of choral works by Valentin Silvestrov (ODE 1266-5) received Gramophone Editor’s Choice.

kr. 90,97 (kr. 139,95)
Image Symphony No. 6 (Pathetique) / Apotheosis
Also includes Rautavaara's Apotheosis.

kr. 139,95
Image Romeo and Juliet / Serenade for Strings / Brass Qu
A double love affair... Romeo & Juliet meet The Philadelphia Orchestra - The Philadelphia Orchestra's performances of Tchaikovsky are legendary. This release, under Christoph Eschenbach, features works where The Philadelphia Orchestra is definitive in its interpretation and sound: Romeo and Juliet, String Serenade, and Francesca da Rimini. Am added bonus will be, for many, the discovery of two brass quintets by Victor Ewald, a Tchaikovsky contemporary, which here highlights the world-renowned brass members of The Philadelphia Orchestra.

kr. 139,95
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