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Fritz Wunderlich

Stjernetenoren par excellence

Et helt særligt tilbud på den seneste udgivelse med den enestående Mozart-tenor, strålende fremfører af de største tenorhits, fascinerende sanger af operetter og smagfuld fortolker af salonmusik, for blot at nævne nogle få af de genrer, der udgjorde Fritz Wunderlichs repertoire.

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Image Geistliche Musik (7CD)
Stories about Wunderlich's meteoric rise to success, his incredibly heavy workload or his seemingly effortless acquisition of new repertoire have been told again and again – sometimes painting an idealized and sometimes a distorted picture of the artist. The nine installments of the SWR retrospective that have been released by SWR CLASSIC to this day feature Fritz Wunderlich as a singer of songs, (an unequalled) Mozart tenor, a brilliant interpreter of the greatest tenor hits, a fascinating singer of operettas and as a tasteful interpreter of light music, to name but a few of the genres that made up his repertoire. Though Fritz Wunderlich remains until today a widely appreciated and admired singer, there are some facets to his artistic side that are still relatively unknown. The tenth and last installment presents Fritz Wunderlich as an interpreter of the big works of sacred music, an aspect that has to be considered as an essential part of his artistic profile.

kr. 279,95
Image Music of the 20th Century (3 CD)
This is the 8th installment in the SWR CLASSIC series dedicated to Fritz Wunderlich. It contains never before released recordings as well as rarely performed repertoire worth discovering, brilliantly sung by one of the most talented tenors of all times.

kr. 205,00
Image Lieder (3 CD)
This is the 7th installment of the series dedicated to the SWR recordings of Fritz Wunderlich. It contains a unique compilation of songs by the great German lied composers: Schubert, Schumann, Wolf, etc. The compilation provides a unique overview of Wunderlich’s lied performances – from the start of his career until his tragic and untimely death.

kr. 205,00
Image Fritz Wunderlich sings Mozarts Contemporaries
This album is the sixth installment of the series dedicated to the SWR recordings of Fritz Wunderlich. It contains arias composed by less known contemporaries of Mozart, including two arias by Alessandro Scarlatii and Händel, as bonus.

kr. 99,95
Image Music before Bach
A new installment of the SWR’s comprehensive series with recordings of the one-time tenor Fritz Wunderlich. This album contains a unique collection of Early Music repertoire before J. S. Bach. The recordings date back to the 40ies and the 50es and have been digitally remastered to ensure an exquisit audio experience.

kr. 139,95
Image Classical Arias
This is the first release on CD of Fritz Wunderlich singing arias from Schubert's operas. It contains also an unique compilation of arias from the First Viennese School. In the booklet one will find previously unpublished photos.

kr. 139,95
Image Operetta Arias
One of Fritz Wunderlich’s (1930–1966) most fascinating qualities was his incredible range of musical skills. He was probably Germany’s greatest tenor who could perform virtually anything in the repertoire for high male voice – from Schlager music to arias from J. S. Bach's Passions; from Mozart to music of the 20th century; from the greatest tenor hits of all times to unknown gems. His musicality and his seriousness as an artist turned everything he sang into something extraordinary.

The same can be said for his performances of operettas, lighter versions of grander opera. Operetta certainly enjoyed a heyday, and even today it still has its fans. Operettas have a high standard as far as the quality of entertainment is concerned, enjoying a higher standard than some opera seria of the Baroque period that were generally composed in a formulaic manner.

Operetta had its “Golden Age” in the second half of the 19th century, in Paris, where the Franco-German composer Jacques Offenbach (1819–1880) established “modern” operetta and took it to extremes in quite an intellectually stimulating and witty manner. Johann Strauss II (1825–1899) naturally became the king of operetta in Vienna.

This double-CD features recordings produced in the studio Kaiserslautern prior to November 1965. Although in the early days of his career Wunderlich's vocal skills had not yet been fully developed, his unique qualities are heard here at their best – the distinctive voice with the silver core and the golden gleam.

kr. 179,95
Image Romantic Arias
This is the latest installment in the 10-volume SWR Wunderlich series, which covers all aspects of his repertoire, from popular songs to operettas, older music to 20th-century works. This release is a unique collection of both famous and unknown Romantic arias, performed by Fritz Wunderlich. The accompanying booklet provides rare photos of Fritz Wunderlich and an imprint of a letter (in German). Includes the sound engineer’s account of the complete remastering process of the original Wunderlich tapes.

kr. 79,95
Image Fritz Wunderlich - Hits from the 50s
A unique collection of popular German songs, performed by Fritz Wunderlich in the 1950s and 1960s. The accompaynig booklet provides interesting details provided by Wunderlich's daughter, Barbara Wunderlich as well as an account of the sound engineers of the complete remastering process. This is the latest installment in the 10-volume SWR Wunderlich series, covering all aspects of his repertoire.

kr. 149,95
Image Festive Arias
Fritz Wunderlich's early recording of Bach's Christmas Oratorio, from a performance in the Stuttgart Markuskirche in 1955, presents the singer of the century at the beginning of his career. The other performances in this collection took place between 1955 and 1959 - they are studio recordings, all of them rarities from Wunderlich's repertoire, which exist only in this early series of Stuttgart radio productions.

kr. 139,95
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