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Image In Dulci Jubilo - Music for the Christmas season b
Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier

"Orglet spiller så sandelig hos Theatre of Voices på cd’en med Buxtehude og kolleger fra slutningen af 1600-tallet. Både et sprødt kammerorgel med to stemmer og Garnisons Kirkes store orgel trak-teret af en af vore bedste organister, Allan Ras-mussen. Hans suveræne udlægning af stykker af Buxtehude, Scheidemann og Reincken funge-rer som stemningsfulde forspil til de evangeli-ske scener, som fyldes ud af sangerne og et hold musikere fra Concerto Copenhagen..."
Information december 2017

★ ★ ★ ★
"As classy as Christmas albums come”
The Guardian

På vinterens dunkle nattehimmel træder en klar stjerne frem og tænder adventens forventning om Jesu fødsel – midt i den mørkeste tid bevæger året sig i retning af lysets genkomst. Med stemningsfulde værker af barokmesteren Dietrich Buxtehude og kredsen af komponister omkring ham i 1600-tallets Nordtyskland dirigerer Paul Hillier sit Grammy-prisvindende ensemble Theatre of Voices gennem en forfriskende udvidelse af det traditionelle julerepertoire.

kr. 139,95
Image A Christmas Wish
Arrangements of traditional Christmas songs from Sweden and France, as well as compositions by Benjamin Britten, Max Reger and others. A perfect accompaniement to the Yuletide season!

Gothenburg Youth Choir consists of boys and girls, ages 16-25, under the direction of Anne Johansson.

kr. 139,95
Image Folkjul II – a Swedish Folk Christmas
Well into the previous century Sweden was largely a peasant society with folk music an integral part of daily life. There were work songs, narrative ballads and, obviously, music for dancing. Over the centuries a not always easy coexistence between religion and folk culture developed, with hymns being adapted to a folkmusic aesthetic while popular traditions were given a Christian veneer. An example of the latter is the rich store of ‘Staffan ballads’, springing from a pre-Christian horse cult but given a new slant as its focus shifted to St. Stephen – the first Christian martyr. Gunnar Idenstam and S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir have performed their Folkjul concerts more or less every year since 2002. The concept stem from a rich interplay between ‘folk culture’ and ‘high culture’ and in Idenstam’s arrangements a newly composed halling or polska entwines itself round the old Christmas melodies. The first Folkjul album was released in 2007 – this time the choir and Idenstam are joined by violinist Sandra Marteleur and Ulrika Bodén, one of Sweden’s most well-established folk singers.

kr. 149,95
Image Star of Heaven
The Eton Choirbook is famous – and important – because it uniquely preserves some of the most spectacular music composed in Britain before the age of Purcell and Handel. Had this book not survived, literally dozens of superb pieces would have been irretrievably lost. Whilst the book itself is of huge historic significance, its legacy is immeasurable, informing and influencing scores of composers and performers for more than 500 years. This unique recording emphasises that legacy with the premiere of four new commissions by contemporary composers all inspired by the works from the Eton Choirbook alongside which they sit.

kr. 149,95
Image The Mystery of Christmas
“The story of Christ’s birth has prompted generations of composers to expressions of joy and mystical reflection. Our selection of carols for this album unveils a whole treasure chest of offerings, some familiar, some less so, all giving voice to various elements of the nativity story. With the generous support of the Pureland Foundation we focus both on the miraculous Incarnation and the central role of the Virgin Mary. O Magnum Mysterium.” - Suzi Digby OBE (Artistic Director & Founder)

kr. 149,95
Image Notre-Dame de Paris: Mass for Christmas Day
The rebirth of the Gallican chant. During the 17th and 18th centuries, in the very heyday of the ‘Baroque’, the Church of France attempted to revive the old Gallican chant which had been absorbed into the great so-called ‘Gregorian’ repertoire. This revival led to the creation of many extraordinarily beautiful melodies, some of them written by composers as renowned as André Campra - and the classical plainsong was born.

kr. 99,95
Image The Mystery of Christmas - Greek Kalanda
There is a tradition among the Greek peoples of the singing of carols ( 'Kalanda') on Christmas Eve. This album is a set of carols newly composed by Greek-Cypriot composer Cilia Petridou. As musical works they also qualify as art-song in fine performances by three excellent sopranos. For those who love Christmas music but want something new, this album will fit the bill. The three sopranos each take a number of solo carols and form a trio for the last two; Lesley-Jane and Alison have both worked with the composer for some time and also made several highly-praised recordings for Divine Art and Metier. Cilia Petridou was an accomplished pianist until her career was ended by major surgery since when she has concentrated on composition. Moving with her family to the UK after the Turlish invasion of north Cyprus which destroyed their home town of Famagusta, her music is often informed by that political tragedy, but her Kalanda are bright and full of joy.

kr. 139,95
Image 100 Years of Nine Lessons & Carols
The official 100th anniversary celebration of "A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols", with brand new recordings alongside carols from the BBC archive not heard since the original broadcasts.

kr. 139,95
Image Music for Christmas (11 CD)
Brilliant Classics have updated their popular Christmas-time collection of music by J.S. Bach for a new decade, adding a timeless recording of the Christmas Oratorio from Dresden, with such star-calibre soloists as Arleen Augér, Peter Schreier and Theo Adam. The cantatas are selected for their Christmas theme from the monumental cycle of Bach’s complete sacred cantatas recorded for Brilliant Classics by the Holland Boys’ Choir and Netherlands Bach Collegium under Pieter Jan Leusink. This updated set also features a new programme of organ music chosen for the Christmas season from the masterful survey of Bach’s complete organ music on Brilliant Classics, performed by Baroque performance practice expert Stefano Molardi.

kr. 329,95
Image La Messe de Noël (DVD)
Michael Praetorius was the most prolific German composer of his generation, making use of a beauty of sound and an abundance of instruments worthy of his contemporary Monteverdi. Here we have a festive Christmas Mass as might have been heard in a great Lutheran church in the North of Germany in around 1620.The congregation sang Lutheran Chorals which were part of the other music and which required the presence of the best performers in the city as a support to the children’s and adult’s choir creating an extraordinary musical communion. Spatialising this Christmas Morning Mass in the exceptional architecture of the Royal Chapel of Versailles, Paul McCreesh alternates these monumental pieces and the soloist’s airs in a rich instrumental decoration, giving the work the popular and festive dimension of a brilliant fresco.

kr. 285,00
Image Cantique de Noël: French music for Christmas
Geoffrey Webber and his choir have developed a reputation for exploring the unusual, and this album is no exception. A number of traditional French melodies have been adapted over the years to become familiar Christmas fare in English-speaking lands; on this recording, though, they are heard in their original French arrangements, and accompanied by the French-style organ in the chapel of Exeter College, Oxford, with its pungent reeds and powerful string stops. The resulting Romantic fervour is an aspect of Christmas that is sometimes lost amid the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Christmas trees and domestic bliss, and it gives fresh context and meaning to beloved music from Berlioz and his successors.

kr. 149,95
Image Verbum caro factum est – A Christmas Greeting
Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki have sung of the wonders of Christmas a number of times, in Bach’s cantatas and Christmas Oratorio as well as in Handel’s Messiah. Here, instead, we hear the choir a cappella in a selection of classic Christmas carols. Masato Suzuki, son of the ensemble’s founder and director, has selected some of the best-loved songs of Christmas, such as Adeste fideles and Silent Night, as well as less familiar hymns, arranging them especially for these singers. A consummate organist, he also performs a number of Louis-Claude Daquin’s noëls variés – keyboard variations on Christmas songs which became a highly popular genre in 18th-century France.

kr. 149,95
Image A Renaissance Christmas
The Sixteen explores a stunning selection of festive works from the Renaissance capturing the joy and sincerity of this most wonderful of seasons. From the delightful simplicity of plainsong chants Resonemus laudibus and Veni, veni Emmanuel to the shining purity of Lassus’ polyphonic Videntes stellam Magi and Byrd’s jubilant This day Christ was born, this album provides a perfect alternative to traditional carols for those looking for something a little different at Christmas.

kr. 139,95
Image The House without a Christmas Tree
Precocious Addie Mills is smart and energetic, just like the mother she never knew. Addie has no idea why her father resents the holidays so intensely, refusing even to allow a Christmas tree in the house. But when she brings home a tree she won in a school contest, it paves the way for a miracle of sorts—her father’s broken soul is transformed.The House without a Christmas Tree, a new opera by Ricky Ian Gordon and Royce Vavrek that premiered at Houston Grand Opera in 2017, is based on the book by Gail Rock and the beloved 1972 television movie of the same name.

kr. 169,50
Image Christmas Cheer - Songs Of The Holidays (Double V
kr. 111,97 (kr. 159,95)
Image Sacred Choral Works
On their premiere recording, the Old Royal Naval College Trinity Laban Chapel Choir, directed by celebrated choral conductor Ralph Allwood, perform the works of British Choral Award winner Roderick Williams. Based in Greenwich, East London the choir is comprised of both students from the conservatoire (including several choral scholars) as well as outstanding volunteer singers. It is unique amongst cathedral, church and collegiate choirs in the UK in that it has ready access to the wide range of musical resources at the Conservatoire, collaborating frequently in a wide variety of genres as well as performing for services at the beautiful 18th Century Chapel of St Peter & St Paul. As well as being renowned as a singer Roderick Williams is also well-respected as a composer, and his works have been premiered at the Wigmore and Barbican Halls, the Purcell Room and live on national radio.

kr. 139,95
Image December's Rose; Music for Advent & Christmas from
Repertoire from the popular Lesson and Carols at University of St . Thomas, with readings and music for both Advent and Christmas, is presented here in the rich acoustics of the Chapel of St. Basil. David Ashley White's anthem, "Hodie Christus Natus Est" receives its recording premier on this album.

kr. 139,95
Image A Jolly Christmas (Half Moon / Coloured Vinyl) (LP
Stemmen behøver næppe nogen introduktion. Frank sætter flødeskum på toppen af enhver julesang og tracklisten er kun cremé de la créme: Jingle Bells, The First Noél, I'll be home for Christmas, Adeste Fieles samt Silent Night.
Julen kan herefter sænke sig.

kr. 159,95
Image A Christmas Gift for You (Half Moon / Coloured Vin
kr. 111,97 (kr. 159,95)
Image The Christmas Spirit (Half Moon / Coloured Vinyl)
The Spirit of Christmas indeholder en håndfuld af Johny Cash’s egne numre som eksempelvis The Gifts They Gave og titelnummeret indspillet i 1963 side om side med juleklassikere som Blue Christmas, Silent Night og The Little Drummer Boy.

kr. 111,97 (kr. 159,95)
Image The Christmas Song (Half Moon / Coloured Vinyl) (L
kr. 111,97 (kr. 159,95)
Image Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas (Half Moon /
kr. 111,97 (kr. 159,95)
Image Timeless Classic Albums - A CHRISTMAS TALE
5CD-boks med julehits sunget af Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra og Phil Spector.

Findes også som Vinyludgivelser.

kr. 110,00
Image Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas (LP)
kr. 159,95
Image Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas - Picture Dis
Til at supplere the King of Rock & Roll har vi naturligvis the Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald og hendes julealbum, Ella wishes you a swinging Christmas fra 1960. Albummet indeholder alle de bedst svingende julehits: Jingle Bells, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, White Christmas og mange flere.

kr. 159,95
Image Elvis' Christmas Album (LP)
En sand juleklassiker fra the King of Rock & Roll. Albummet er med sine mere end 20
millioner solgte eksemplarer på verdensplan det bedst sælgende julealbum nogensinde.
Elvis’ Christmas Album er indspillet i 1957, og tracklisten spænder fra Silent Night, over I’ll be home for Christmas til Santa bring my baby back to me.

kr. 159,95
Image A Christmas Gift For You - Picture Disc (LP)
kr. 159,95
Image Christmas Spiritual - Picture Disc (LP)
kr. 111,97 (kr. 159,95)
Image Medicine For A Nightmare (LP)
kr. 159,95
Image The Night of Saint Nicholas: A Medieval Liturgy fo
Winter feasts like the Latin Saturnalia and the Germanic Yule, airborne gift-giving figures like the Norse Odinn Jolnir, the Slavic Ded Moroz, the Dutch Sinterklaas: from time immemorial December skies have been rather busy. Pagan patterns were readapted to Christianity – and a canonised bishop from fourth-century Asia Minor, Nikolaos, whose feast occurred near the winter solstice, merged with another bearded benefactor. Wotan’s hood and Nicholas’s mitre were mixed up, and by the nineteenth century Santa Claus was ready to don new red and white robes and to deliver toys on both sides of the Atlantic. The pieces on this recording (mainly from a thirteenth-century English manuscript) belong to the liturgy for the eve of the Feast of St Nicholas: they allude to his picturesque feats, such as the rescue of three needy maidens or the taming of a storm. Readings and additional songs come from the repertory associated with this widely popular saint, celebrated throughout the Middle Ages from Italy to Iceland. Originally released in 1998, this joint performance by La Reverdie and Cantori Gregoriani received enthusiastic reviews in several music magazines: ‘For those who want to enjoy some of the best liturgical singing this is highly recommended’ (Early Music, 1999).

kr. 74,98 (kr. 149,95)
Image Imagine Christmas
Your eyelids narrow to slits and you tuck head to chin, bracing against icy gusts as you make for a battery of persuasive, brightly-lit store windows. It’s a full week before Christmas–look at you, all on top of the situation, with a carefully considered list of gifts to buy buried in your parka. No eleventh-hour frenzy this year. Tiny platoons of chattering children curl the corners of your frosty lips skyward as the soothing aromas of mulling spices and candied confections drift past. An infinity of sparkling lights showering the trees stirs something inside you. Something lovely, and pure, and radiant. An inviting cloud of warm air envelops you as you thrust the first door open. Your ears prick up as you begin to Imagine Christmas… Note the three striking elements on this record, from the minute you press play. The first is the quality of the performances. These are top-level musicians bringing their same superlative artistry to Christmas favorites that they do to a Schubert quartet or Taverner score. The second is the sterling quality of the recording. If there is a sonic equivalent to sipping a hot toddy while curled up before a roaring fire, it is Sono Luminus’s peerless mixes and captures. Third–and in every way as essential as the previous two–this is a kaleidoscopic collection of styles and interpretations of beloved songs and carols that keeps me eager for the next number. If you’re like me, four tracks in to just about any single artist’s Christmas album, I am ready to move on. With such a fetching variety of artists and approaches, I find myself going top-to-tail on this one. Simplicity is an underrated avenue when it comes to holiday releases, so the entries by Irina Muresanu & Matei Varga, Bruce Levingston, Kathryn Bates, and Skylark Vocal Ensemble are a breath of proverbial fresh air. Muresanu’s seductive playing is a glimpse into the golden age of violin technique–lush vibrato and delicious sentimentality, which infuses “White Christmas” with every bit of nostalgia one could hope for. One can imagine twirling 19th century gowns in Levingston’s solo piano rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “Christmas,” with frictionless phrasing that plays like freshly sharpened skates on virgin ice. Heading over to cellist Kathryn Bates’s reimagining of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” we are tucked into a bed of extravagant resonance, spinning arpeggios, and all the anticipation and delightful impatience of a child for whom morning cannot arrive soon enough. And of course, Skylark. I’ve still got their devastatingly gorgeous album Crossing Over in regular rotation, and with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” this chamber choir presents an intoxicating wistfulness that will find the listener awaking to find herself gazing out an ice-encrusted window when the final notes fade. Speaking of nostalgia, is there any more transportive Christmas number than Vince Guaraldi’s “Christmas Time Is Here?” Pianist Caleb Nei here manages to sensitively preserve the graceful melancholy of the original while animating and refreshing the pace of this cherished tune. Given Sono Luminus’s catholic–no, not that Catholic, the other one–appetite for divergent stylistic flavors, we should probably have seen the astonishment that is Cuarteto Latinoamericano’s “Joy to the World” coming from a distance. Chirping grooves concocted by twitching bow hair behind the bridge send us off in an altogether more festive direction. Or take the scurrying interior lines and expansive tessitura of pianist Stewart Goodyear’s “Good King Wenceslas Variations,” a piece that conjures up sonic impressions of dauntless backup vocalists carving out the harmonies. Coursing us back into the especially rich Christmas territory of the folk traditions are lute luminary Ron McFarlane and the bewitching celtic collective of Ensemble Galilei. The former’s “Walking in the Air” is a go-to, non-pharmaceutical, elixir perfect for when things get a bit hairy with the in-laws this December, and the latter’s “Frosty the Snowman” is like devouring an entire Buche de Noel, with none of the regret or need to go up a pant size. The departure that is Cory Hills’s spoken-word “Twas the Night Before Christmas” brings a welcome charm to the track list, his spirited delivery illuminating and exploding the text with a concise cluster of percussion. With the multiplicity of sounds offered on this record, any listener is bound to point to a favorite. For this listener, that arrives with the final selection, ACME’s “Silent Night Drone.” Perhaps the furthest distance from what we might think of as “Christmas music,” this meditation on one of the season’s most stirring melodies is simply ravishing. Imagine a Christmas in which every carol is this inspired.

kr. 139,95
Image Riemuitkaamme! (A Finnish Christmas)
Riemuitkaamme! is an imaginative and unconventional selection of choral music associated with Christmas as it is celebrated in Finland. Several of the pieces are by Finnish composers – Sibelius, Rautavaara and Madetoja, to name a few – while others have become part of the Christmas traditions of the country despite their international background. Among these Berlioz’ The Shepherds’ Farewell and Tchaikovsky’s Christ, when a Child… are quite late additions compared to the medieval hymns Puer natus in Bethlehem, Ecce novum gaudium and Angelus emittitur. All three of these were included in the collection Piae cantiones from 1582, the oldest Finnish music publication. Here, they are performed in settings by various composers from different countries and eras – forming a kind of soundtrack of Christmases past and present, distant and close. Contemporary music forms an important part of the activities of the Helsinki Chamber Choir and Nils Schweckendiek, and true to form, the team includes a world premiere recording in their celebrations: Aattoilta, by the Canadian-born composer Matthew Whittall.

kr. 149,95
Image Christmas Card Carols
For over fifty years, Britain’s foremost recorder player, John Turner, has composed a carol and sent the score as his Christmas Card. Until now just a personal gift to his friends, John was persuaded to record a selection, which has led to this beautiful album. Presented by the chamber choir Intimate Voices (which also performs as Voces Intimae) and featuring sopranos Sasha Johnson Manning, Eleanor Gregory and Philippa Hyde in solo and duet pieces, with obbligato harp and oboe in some, this is a lovely mixed programme of Nativity carols, composed very much in traditional style, in new settings of ancient texts. John Turner is a fine composer but is chiefly known as a recorder player and champion of contemporary composers, with dozens of recordings to his credit, many from Divine Art and Métier.

kr. 139,95
Image Hört! Die Engelsboten singen
Christmas with the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks! Under the direction of Florian Helgath, the chorus sings German holiday classics along with selections from France, Italy and Great Britain.
Music between the carols is provided by oboist François Leleux, who enriches the CD with restful instrumental intermezzi and virtuosic touches. A close alignment with Christmas and the music of the season makes for a truly wonderful Christmas holiday. • One of the best vocal ensembles performs famous Christmas carols • A selection of beloved German songs as well as international holiday music. • Atmospheric instrumental interludes performed by oboist François Leleux • The ultimate musical Christmas gift!

kr. 129,95
Image A Christmas Festival
This new recording captures the magic of the season as the RSNO and its Junior Chorus deliver a perfect selection of classic festive favourites in A Christmas Festival. These charming performances show why their joyous, fun-packed Christmas concerts, conducted by the inimitable Christopher Bell, are always a highlight of the Scottish seasonal calendar. The well-chosen programme finds traditional favourites, such as Jingle Bells, In A Cottage In A Wood and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, sitting harmoniously alongside contemporary tunes from Michael Head and Howard Blake (The Snowman, The Bear). An unexpected but brilliant instrumental mash-up up of The Little Dummer Boy with Ravel’s Bolero gives centre-stage to the award-winning RSNO. Two fantastic medleys provide a one stop shop of Christmas tunes both old and new which you’ll be hard pressed not to join in with! At turns rousing, sentimental, cheering and familiar this is the perfect present this Christmas.

kr. 74,98 (kr. 149,95)
Image O sanctissima, O du frohliche – Christmas Songs, V
The more you lose yourself in the wonderful world of the Christmas carols, the deeper you want to dive into them. It was like this with the MDR Radio Choir, and we can be happy that the much-loved GENUIN CD of this top ensemble and its leader, Philipp Ahm

kr. 139,95
Image Joyeux Noël: French Christmas Music (3 CD)
In the popular imagination, French Christmas music may now be almost wholly defined by Minuit, chrétiens and favourites such as Petit Papa Noël covered by Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday, but the festive season was marked in the Baroque era with great merriment, principally through the genre of Noëls: sacred collections of secular songs, celebrating often vernacular aspects of the Nativity such as the Shepherds, especially by giving the occasion to compose in the always popular pastoral vein, in simple keys such as F major and in the lilting siciliano rhythm.

Many such Noëls may be enjoyed on this special collection of both choral and instrumental music, concentrating on the High Baroque era. Corrette, Dandrieu and Balbastre all wrote exuberant Noels for organ; Michel Corrette developed the idea further with narrative-led instrumental symphonies, which are collected complete on CD2 and performed by a historically informed ensemble. The collection begins with the Toronto-based Aradia Ensemble. They built their 1999 recording of Marc-Antoine Charpentier around his best-known work, the Messe de Minuit (Midnight Mass). The director Kevin Mallon gave it a specially Canadian flavour by interpolating a version of the French carol with a text in the tribal language of the Huron Indians. ‘Colourful performances,’ was the original verdict of Gramophone, on which ‘the soloists and chorus sing with consistent clarity.’ Operatically inclined singers will note the presence in the ensemble of Jane Archibald, who has since become known worldwide as a coloratura soprano of distinction, especially in the role of Zerbinetta in Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos. The final disc of Joyeux Noël is an organ recital, moving through the ages from Dandrieu to the grandest examples of late-Romantic organ masses and Christmas pieces by Franck and Dubois. It’s a uniquely compilation, fully annotated, sure to bring a touch of distinction to a festive stocking.

kr. 55,00 (kr. 110,00)
Image Christmas Presence
Recorded Live from their spiritual home of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, The King’s Singers present an album of festive Christmas music, blending ancient and modern works with traditional favourites and new arrangements. The disc also features A Thanksgiving by former King’s Singer Bob Chilcott, which is performed here alongside the National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain.

kr. 139,95
Image Rejoice: Christmas with the Dallas Symphony Brass
• Rejoice: Christmas with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Brass, Percussion and the Lay Family Concert Organ is a selection of live performances of the DSO's annual holiday concert that show the artistry and playing of the members of this great orchestra in its venue.
• The music represents traditional carols and Christmas favorites in wonderful musical settings - from brass quintet to full symphonic brass and percussion - ranging from classical to jazz styles.

kr. 139,95
Image Someday At Christmas (LP)
Nu er den her! Årets Juleplade med sangerne Sameul Ljungblahd og Ole Børud.

Melodierne er nøje udvalgt.
Der er naturligvis klassikerne: "Silent night" og "Away in a manger" men også personlige favoritter Harry Connick jr's "I pray on Christmas" og Richard Pages "I always cry at Christmas".

kr. 104,97 (kr. 149,95)
Image That Christmas Feeling
Presenting a sure fire, perennial classic, the debut Christmas album by Reta Watkins, “That Christmas Feeling”, features big band orchestration and fresh, hypnotic arrangements of holiday standards and original songs. “That Christmas Feeling”, is undoubtedly a cheerful nod to the popular seasonal favorites, including "Sleigh Ride", "White Christmas," "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and the albums first single, the newly arranged "Mary Did You Know." No detail has been overlooked, with this flawlessly executed project. Nashville’s creme de la creme are present in a record which exudes an explosion of the timeless orchestral sounds of the season, providing Christmas ear candy you’ll want to hear year after year!

kr. 139,95
Image So Fair and Bright
THE SWEDISH CHAMBER CHOIR is one of the jewels in the crown of Sweden’s unmatched choral tradition. Here the choir follows specialist recordings of music by Benjamin Britten, Francis Poulenc and Johannes Brahms with an exquisite celebration of the northern European Christmas.

The choir describes its album So Fair and Bright as ‘a Christmas smörgåsbord where everyone can find at least some of their favourite dishes, while being tempted to try some intriguing novelties as well.’ Britten and Poulenc reference the ensemble’s past projects; Grieg and Nielsen glance over borders and waters to Norway and Denmark. But while there are evocative Yuletide masterpieces included by the likes of Rutter, Pärt, Gabrieli and Sweelinck, the album’s heart lies in Sweden – where traditional folk songs meet seasonal gems by Hugo Alfvén, Gustav Nordqvist and other.

The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s brass quintet join the Choir under its founder and director Simon Phipps for the recording, which is as much a demonstration of choral technique and prowess as it is a seasonal celebration. Phipps reveals his experience as an opera conductor in his attention to text and detail, while the choir’s full-bodied but delicate singing – and notably bright, smooth soprano tone – combines atmosphere with excellence. A must-have Christmas album, wherever you’re celebrating.

kr. 139,95
Image A Bright Star Shineth
kr. 139,95
Image Christmas Oratorio
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ i Politiken:
SKAL DER ET ordentligt skud kvalitets-underholdning til juledagene under træet, er skotske Dunedin Consorts fantastiske udgave af Bachs ’Juleoratorium’ det bedste bud.

Optagelsen formår at balancere fornemt mellem den perfekte lyd og en følelse af nærvær, der får historien til at leve.

The Dunedin Consort has established a reputation as one of the finest period performance choirs around, under the direction of prize-winning historical performance specialist John Butt OBE.

The multi-award-winning Dunedin Consort has won praise for the natural style of its soloists and renown for the virtuosity of its singers. In addition to a GRAMMY nomination, Dunedin Consort has won two Gramophone Awards: the 2007 ‘Baroque Vocal’ Award for Handel’s Messiah and the 2014 ‘Choral’ Award for Mozart’s Requiem.

Further accolades include: Esther was voted one of the ‘Top 10 Classical Albums of 2012’ by The Times, Gramophone included Dunedin Consort in its ‘Twenty Greatest Choirs’ list and three of its recordings have been named a ‘Building A Library: First Choice’ by BBC Radio 3’s ‘Record Review’.

kr. 119,98 (kr. 239,95)
Image Christmas with St John's
Christmas presents a golden opportunity to present brand new music to wide audiences, and the role played by St John’s College Choir in this area has been significant, as demonstrated by new recording of contemporary choral works. Featuring two works commissioned by the choir – Judith Bingham’s The Clouded Heaven and Michael Finnissy’s John the Baptist. The programme begins with Bob Chilcott’s The Shepherd’s Carol commissioned by Stephen Cleobury (a former St John’s organ scholar) for King’s College Choir, and ends with Creator of the Stars of Night, composed by another former St John’s organ scholar, John Scott. The Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge is one of the finest choirs of men and boys in the world, known and loved by millions from its recordings, broadcasts and concert tours. A cornerstone of the great English choral tradition since the 1670s, the Choir is recognised for its distinctive, rich and expressive sound and is today directed by Andrew Nethsingha.

kr. 139,95
Image St. John Passion - St. Matthew Passion - Mass in B
At the beginning of the 500th anniversary of the reformation by Martin Luther, BR-KLASSIK will release the Complete Edition with the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks under Peter Dijkstra as 9 CD set, or 6 DVD box.

kr. 530,00
Jussi Björling, Leif Strands Damkör, Göteborgs Domkyrkas Gosskör, Worcester Cathedral Choir m fl.

O helga natt (Jussi Björling) • Stilla natt • När juldagsmorgon glimmar • Nu tändas tusen juleljus Gläns över sjö och strand • Jul, jul, strålande jul • Det är en ros utsprungen • Ett barn är fött på denna dag • O Come all ye faithful • Härlig är jorden • O du fröhliche • Förunderligt och märkligt • O little town of Bethlehem • Away in a manger • Joy to the world • Giv mig ej glans • Lyss till änglasångens ord • Marias vaggsång • Mitt hjerte alltid vanker • Mary had a baby

kr. 79,95
Image Noël Baroque
"Since the dawn of Christianity, Christmas has been celebrated with festive singing. In the Baroque era, numerous composers such as Charpentier, Delalande, Balbastre, Dandrieu and Daquin created masterpieces out of these simple tunes. When Sofi Jeannin told me of her wish to get her "Maitrise" choir to sing Christmas music, I was delighted. For a long time I had been gathering French sources of the 17th and 18th centuries with the intention of working on Baroque carol arrangements wtih Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien. I wanted to create something quite different from what had been done before, by treating this repertoire with proper respect: being faithful to the old sources, yet re-working the musical material to make our own personal version. The different languages, regional dialects and accents illustrate the extraordinary diversity and cultural richness of France - as well as of "New France" - at that historical period. - Francois Lazarevitch

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Image Jul Igen
Vokalgruppen Romberg är, som namnet antyder, en etablerad sånggrupp där alla medlemmar kommer från samma familj. Gruppen har etablerat sig som en av de mest omtyckta vokalgrupperna i SvenskFinland och har uppträtt i såväl stora konsertsalar som kyrkor och har sjungit allt från andlig musik till folk och popmusik.

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Image Song of the Nativity
On this release, the Sixteen contrasts the dramatic intensity of music by some of today's most admired composers with such traditional and modern carols as Boris Ord's Adam Lay Ybounden and Henry Walford Davis' version of O Little Town of Bethlehem. Much-loved classics appear on this album along with many others that, with time, will become classics. Every work on this album captures the joy and sincerity of the most wonderful of seasons. The album provides a perfect peaceful and uplifting antidote to the hectic pre-Christmas rush.

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