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Klassisk musik fra OEHMS er fuld af klassiske perler, som du kender, men sjældent får lejlighed til at høre i både radio og tv.

Find både Den Glade Enke såvel som sange af Schönberg, Berg, Honegger og Debussy,
Beethovens symfonier til Schuberts Schwanengesang.
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Image Piano Concertos Nos. 17 & 27
Sophie Mayuko Vetter presents this new release of Mozart's final Piano Concerto, K. 595, regarded as his most mature work in this genre. Joined by the Piano Concerto No. 17, written by Mozart for his pupil, Barbara Ployer. Vetter gave a fantastic encore which can be heard with Rainer Kussmaul, performing in both the unfinished Concerto in D Major and the C Minor Fantasia.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Evocation
Kim Barbier, piano

The French pianist Kim Barbier has distinguished herself as a versatile aritist who is equally at home in piano concertos and in the chamber music repertoire.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Ballades (2CD)
Hélène Tysman, born in December 1982, won first prize at the International Chopin Competition in Darmstadt in 2006. She is a prize winner at other international competitions in England (Newport), Germany (Nauen), China (Hong-Kong) and USA (Minneapolis), and has received prizes of the Cziffra Foundation in Senlis (France) and of the Chopin Foundation in Hannover.

Today, Hélène Tysman is one of the most soughtafter Chopin interpreters, especially in her French homeland.

kr. 119,98 (kr. 239,95)
Image Time Reflection
The French-Armenian violinist Chouchane Siranossian is one of the most interesting talents of her generation. Very open to present-day developments and experienced in historically informed performance practice, she has made a name for herself as a “universal musician” in circles ranging from baroque music to New Music. It is not surprising, therefore, that Chouchane Siranossian has conceived a mixture of baroque and modern music for her first CD from OehmsClassics – and the aim has been achieved, as can be easily confirmed by listening to this CD.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Songs to Poems of Hesse & Goethe on CD
Just in time for this year's ARD Music Competition, OehmsClassics issues this debut CD by Sophia Brommer. The soprano won third prize in 2012 and swept the audience off it's feet. OehmsClassics was so convinced by her performance they decided to record the young singer in April 2013 as a co-production with the Bavarian Broadcasting Company.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Franz and Richard Strauss: Romantic Works for Horn
Xiaoming Han (horn), Peter Schmalfuss (piano), Katja Boost (mezzo-soprano), Dora Bratchkova (violin), Rainer Müller-van Recum (clarinet), Marc Engelhardt (bassoon), Martin Dobner (double bass)

Oehms is delighted to make an important contribution to the Richard Strauss Year 2014, together with the solo horn of the DEUTSCHE Radio-philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Souvenirs
Rudens Turku, violin
András Adorján, flute
Yumiko Urabe, piano
Franz Halasz, guitar
Lena Neudauer, violin
Malte Refardt, bassoon
Wen-Sinn Yang, cello
Adrian Oetiker, piano

Rudens Turku is the artistic director of the Starnberg Music Days and of the Music Days of the Olympic Region of Seefeld, which will take place in August for the seventh time.

It is therefore fitting to have a CD with many friends of Rudens Turku ready for release. The programme is challenging and the artists are of the highest calibre.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Wohlklingende Fingersprache (Die)
Andrea Benecke, piano

On her first CD for OehmsClassics, Andrea Benecke occupies herself with a composer who was justifiably called a universal genius during his own time: Johann Mattheson.
Mattheson composed no few than six operas, 33 oratorios, orchestral works and chamber music. For this recording, Andrea Benecke consciously chose a modern concert grand piano, for this instrument brings out the singing quality of Mattheson's style.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Goethe-Lieder
Katherina Magiera is certainly no longer an unknown artist, especially not on OehmsClassics. She can be heard on many live CD recordings as an ensemble member of the Frankfurt Opera and has now decided on a solo album accompanied by the guitar. A large bouquet of Goethe Lieder has been cre-ated in cooperation with the Goethehaus in Frank-furt, where Katharina Magiera will also be presenting concerts in the future.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Evgenij Gunst & Claude Debussy
Elena Denisova, violin
Susanne Lang, piano

The works recorded here reveal a refined and original style, especially when Susanne Lang delves into the spiritual world of Gunst with her sensitive musicality … Susanne Lang captures these moods and styles in exemplary fashion, making the most of dissonant ten-sions and of quasi-impressionistic timbres alike. This makes one want to hear more.” This was the verdict of Fono-Forum in the 07/2014 issue on Volume 1 of the piano works of Evgenij Gunst recorded by Susanne Lang. She has willingly responded to this “desire to hear more”, this time add-ing chamber music by Claude Debussy performed to-gether with Elena Denisova.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Lieder
Christina Landshamer, soprano
Gerold Huber, piano

The career of Christina Landshamer is presently running in just one direction: upwards. Having just re-turned from her debut at the Chicago Lyric Opera Chicago (Sophie in Rosenkavalier) and Carnegie Hall in New York, the artist is now presenting her first CD for OehmsClassics. In Co-production with BR Klassik, together with Gerold Huber at the piano, she has recorded a beautiful recital with well-known Schumann Lieder as well as lesser-known but highly interesting Lieder by Viktor Ullmann.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Brahms
★ ★ ★ ★
"...en yderst detaljeret og seriøs kontrolfreak. Klarhed er altafgørende for ham, her er balance, gennemsigtighed og tydelig formbeskrivelse."
Magasinet Klassisk Jens Cornelius november/december 2016

Gabriele Carcano consciously took his time with this debut CD: "I waited such a long time in order to play a programme with which I can express who I am." Beyond question, the Variations, Op. 9 on a Theme by Schumann had to be included. "I absolutely wanted to record them, because this work is so personal and so many reference points are contained within it" – especially the composer's proximity to Schumann and then his predilection for the variation genre.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Classics on Marimba

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Violin Concerto Op. 101
"This is a fascinating slant on an effective arrangement... In this instance what more helps the effect is that the tempos are kept up to speed..."
Gramophone february 2017

Elena Denisova is one of the outstanding personalities in the elite class of Russian violinists. Her exceedingly high degree of musical maturity, individual interpretation and superlative virtuosity are recognized by audiences and critics alike. This could be heard recently at the Festival Opening Celebration of this year's Salzburg Festival in the Kollergienkirche.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image The Violin Sonatas
To celebrate his 30th performing jubilee in April 2016, Ingolf Turban has recorded the violin sonatas of Johannes Brahms. This artist is proud to offer his listeners something special to stand out from the not inconsiderable competition in this field: Each sonata receives its own instrument in order to develop, in each case, the special tone for the particular voice with which Brahms, as the lover, speaks to his secret beloved - with different "voices", as it were, all from the same mouth.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image The Violin Sonatas
To celebrate his 30th performing jubilee in April 2016, Ingolf Turban has recorded the violin sonatas of Johannes Brahms. This artist is proud to offer his listeners something special to stand out from the not inconsiderable competition in this field: Each sonata receives its own instrument in order to develop, in each case, the special tone for the particular voice with which Brahms, as the lover, speaks to his secret beloved - with different "voices", as it were, all from the same mouth.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Horn Fusion
The China Horn Ensemble was first conceived in Beijing in 2015 by Yi Man, horn professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, with the aim of developing and popularizing horn music in China. This idea soon attracted much attention and support from outstanding Chinese horn players all over the world. Finally, the China Horn Ensemble was officially founded in the fall 2015 in Beijing and has since become one of the nation’s top chamber ensembles. The group has also enjoyed an international reputation since its founding.

kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Piano Works 1
kr. 59,98 (kr. 119,95)
Image Symphony No 6
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Piano Duo
Anna and Ines Walachowski have long been considered amongst the leading present-day piano duos. For the past two decades, the sisters have thrilled their audiences on international stages. They have received invitations to many renowned festivals, inclu-ding the Rheingau Music Festival, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the Mecklenburg Vorpommern Festival, the Dresden Music Festival, the MDR Music Summer, the Lower Saxon Music Days, the Mosel Festival, the Ludwigsburg Castle Festival as well as the Harbin Music Festival (China) and the Bangkok Music Fes-tival (Thailand). The present CD is the third issued by OehmsClassics (after a Mozart and a Brahms/Fauré recording) with works by Brahms and Schumann, including the rarely heard Pictures from the East.

kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Sonaten in Moll
Bernd Glemser is "the German piano magician of his generation" (Badische Zeitung) and for years has counted amongst the ranks of the most internationally renowned pianists. Already in youthful years he attracted attention when he won literally all of the prizes that could be won in the piano competition scene. Glemser has recorded an astounding 35 albums and has participated in countless radio and television productions.

kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Debut
In January 2015 Elisabeth Brauß won first prize at the competition “Ton und Erklärung” in Frankfurt and performed with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony in the finale. This prize is awarded annually by the Cultural Society of the German Economy in BDI; OehmsClassics also presents the prize winner CD each year. The 2015 prize winner obviously has a great career before her: she has already given guest performances at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the Hamburg Laeiszhalle, the Mariinksy Theatre in St. Petersburg, at the Beethovenfest in Bonn, at the Heidelberg Spring Festival and regularly at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival. In October 2016 she also won the KlavierOlymp in Bad Kissingen. If those aren’t reasons for hope, what are?

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Operettenzauber: Operetta Highlights
For the (open-air) festival season, Oehms- Classics has compiled a double CD with wonderful arias and scenes from the best known and beloved operettas. They include present- day top stars such as Martina Serafin and Nikolai Schukoff. All this at an unbeatable price!

kr. 49,98 (kr. 99,95)
Image Schwanengesang
After Die Winterreise (Winter Journey) and Die schöne Müllerin (The Fair Maid of the Mill), Roman Trekel has selected Schwanengesang (Swan Song) for his latest Lied- CD available from OehmsClassics. He interprets well-known titles from this cycle, such as Kriegers Ahnung (Warrior’s Foreboding), Liebesbotschaft (Love’s Message) and the famous Ständchen (Serenade) with intelligence as well as a mature, warm voice. His regular piano partner, Oliver Pohl, accompanies him with sensitivity, at times with vigour as well.

kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Symphony 5 & 6
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Die Lustige Witwe
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Symphony No.7
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Mozartfest Augsb 2008
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Le Corps des Cordes (2CD)
Charles-Antoine Duflot was born in 1986 in St. Quentin/France and has won numerous prizes since 1999, including first prizes at the U.F.A.M. Competition in Paris, the 2009 International J&A Beare Solo Bach Competition in London, the 2010 International Beethoven Competition in Hradec-nad-Moravici and the 2011 Possehl Music Prize in Lübeck. In May 2013 he won first prize at the violoncello competition „Ton und Erklärung - Werkvermittlung in Musik und Wort" (Tone and Explanation - Work Mediation in Music and Words) in Hanover. The present recording, made in cooperation with the Cultural Society of the German Economy in the Confederation of German Industry (BDI) and NDR Kultur, is the result of that prize.

kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Chamber Music
Maia Cabeza, violin
José Gallardo, piano
Liga Skride, harpsichord

Concertino Ensemble of the Leopold Mozart Centre of Augsburg University / Dirk Kaftan

Every three years, the atmosphere is full of the sound of violins in Augsburg. This is the time when up and coming violin stars from all over the world participate in the Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition, playing before a renowned jury and competing for the coveted Mozart Prize. The list of previous first-prize winners is a long one, and includes such outstanding names as Isabelle Faust, Benjamin Schmid, Lena Neudauer and most recently in 2013, Maia Cabeza. OehmsClassics is releasing a Mozart and Schnittke programme with the prize winner on the occasion of the opening of the competition and for the Presentation Concert of this CD on 2 May 2016 in Augsburg.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image French & English Suites
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image String Quartet
Delian Quartett
Gérard Caussé (viola)

After Crescendo reported in detail about the 'shooting stars, Delian Quartett' in 2008, the magazine Ensemble and a number of other specialist publications have also acknowledged the extraordinary development of the group resulting in several features and promotion.

kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Bach´n´Blues
kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
Image Vesperae
Works of Father Alberich Mazak from the Cult Harmonicus Opus 1, 1649

Giovanni Felice Sances, Wolfgang Ebner
Giovanni Battista Buonamente & Marco Antonio Ferro dolce risonanza / Florian Wieninger
The Cistercian monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz

Music Heiligenkreuz in the Vienna Woods became world famous a few years ago: The CD "Chant - Music for Paradise," sung to the Cistercian monks of Gregorian chants, became an international chart success.

This CD is now less of the esoteric aspect of contemplative sacred vocal music in the foreground, but rather the power bound liturgical vocal and instrumental works of the Baroque era. Quite important compositions created that is a brother of the monastery in the 17th Century, he published among others in the collection "Harmonicus worship. From the works of Father Alberich Mazak can also form a baroque musical liturgy at Heiligenkreuz read, which was supplemented for this CD by pieces of other composers of the 17th Century. Responsible for this is the ensemble dolce risonanza, whose founder and director Florian Wieninger Vespers for the Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Cross (exaltation Sanctae Crucis, 14 September), reconstructed. Therefore offers a variety of ways of approaching this CD: Celebrate with the ensemble dolce risonanza and the monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz discover a festive Vespers and at the same time been almost unknown works of Austrian composers who are kept in the library of Heiligenkreuz.

kr. 64,98 (kr. 129,95)
kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, Vol. 1
Rüdiger Lotter, violin

The Herald Tribune describes Lotter as 'a most highly cultivated representative of Early Music' and his five CDs to date have been enthusiastically greeted by international press.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Britannic Organ, Vol. 6, The (2CD)
Organ works of G.F. Handel, A. Hollins, G.E. Whiting, S. Rachmaninoff, W. Wolstenholme, P. Tchaikovsky, J.S. Bach and many others

Organists (Welte rolls): Alfred Hollins, William Wolstenholme, Harry Goss-Custard, Herbert Wolton, Reginald Goss-Custard

Five organists of the Victorian Age are at the centre of focus of Number 6 of the series of "The Britannic Organ" from the Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments in Seewen, Switzerland. In the entire history of the Welte roll manufactory, no other national group produced as many recordings as did British organists. Amongst them were cathedral and town-hall organists - educated and celebrated in Victorian England - who stood by their traditions without compromise. They were all still in top form when they made these recordings.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Indeterminacy
Susanne Kessel, piano
Joachim Krol, recitation

Susanne Kessel has dedicated this CD to the works of John Cage, the American composer, Zen Buddhist and passionate mushroom eater. Cage would be exactly 100 years old this year.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image A French Recital
Sebastian Klinger, cello
Milana Chernyavska, piano

The cellist Sebastian Klinger is considered one of the outstanding young soloists and chamber musicians of his generation. Praised by the international press, he is renowned for his warm tone and for his intensity of expression ? as well as for his flawless technique and highest level of musicality.
Sebastian Klinger performs internationally as a soloist with orchestras such as the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under conductors such as Mariss Jansons, Christoph Poppen, Michael Sanderling and Heinrich Schiff.

For his second recital on OehmsClassics he has completely dedicated himself to French literature and found an outstanding partner in Milana Chernyavska. The recording was made in June 2011 at the famous Reitstadel in Neumarkt in Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate), Germany.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Dichterliebe
Arnold Bezuyen, tenor
Jura Margulis, piano

The Dutch tenor Arnold Bezuyen has appeared internationally on the stages of the Teatro alla Scala, Bayreuth Festival, Covent Garden and the Vienna State Opera. He made his debut at the MET last season.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Symphony No. 1
Alexander Maria Wagner, piano
Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexei Kornienko, conductor

The most amazing piece that this teenager, who is reaching for the stars if not beyond, has composed - and at the age of fourteen - is his First Symphony for large orchestra entitled "Kraftwerk". It is almost an understatement to prophecy this young man a great future. That the pianist Alexander M. Wagner is in no way inferior to the composer is proven by this recording of piano works, recorded by the sixteen-year-old in February.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Piano Works
Susanne Kessel, piano
Soundscapes by Leon Milo

The French composer Olivier Messiaen was one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. He prepared the way for the serialism of the 1950s and opened up musical language to non-European influences extending far beyond Debussy. Messiaen even used birdsong in order to create a music of „fairy-like splendour" (Messiaen).

As an appreciation of this giant of musical Modernism, Susanne Kessel has combined piano compositions of Messiaen with Soundscapes of the American composer Leon Milo on this CD. As in a kind of audio book, Messiaen's piano works and real sounds from the world of Messiaen's life are combined in Leon Milo's Soundscapes to form impressive sound collages. They allow a rapprochement with the Messiaen phenomenon that is as sensual as it is true-tolife, without in any way detracting from his mystery.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Préludes / Images
Paris Tsenikoglou, piano

Greek pianist Paris Tsenikoglou won first prize at the Athens International Piano Competition in 2001 at the young age of 12 years old, having given his first public recital at the age of 11 performing Bach's Goldberg variations amongst other works.

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image The Ring - Orchestral Music
Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra
Sebastian Weigle

For all those for whom the heavy Wagnerian voices are too much, OehmsClassics presents a treat with the Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra and their General Music Director, Sebastian Weigle - selected orchestral music from the Ring of the Nibelung, tactfully cut together. Some singers can also be briefly heard during excerpts, so as not to endanger the authenticity of the live impression. A compact hour you won't want to miss!

kr. 69,98 (kr. 139,95)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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