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Image Greek Guitar Music
Influenced by Andrés Segovia, guitar music in Greece saw its heyday in the 1950s. Soloist Eva Fampas is the daughter of Dimitris Fampas, a leading figure who was taught by Segovia and helped create a globally admired school of playing which has nourished generations of musicians. This programme is representative of the new generation of Greek guitarist-composers, with national sounds and rhythms easily recognised in works such as Kyriakos Tzortzinakis's vividly descriptive Four Greek Images, and the recent Taygetus, dedicated to Eva Fampas by its composer Nikos Athanassakis.

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Image Goyescas (for Three Guitars)
Guitarensemblet Trio Campanella fik meget gode anmeldelser for deres plade, hvor de spillede Albéniz "Iberia" (8.557064). Classical Guitar Magazine skrev blandt andet "et stort spansk tilbud, leveret med overbevisning". Her fortolker de musik af en anden af ??de store spanske mestre - Enrique Granados.

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Image Symphony No. 3 / Triptych / Three Greek Dances
Manolis Kalomiris is today considered the father of modern Greek composition. His brilliantly orchestrated Triptych was written following the death of one of his heroes, the great statesman Eleftherios Venizelos, and is an elegy to the ex-prime minister and a celebration of the liberation of Crete, the island of his birth.

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Image Rhapsodies Nos. 1 & 2 / Symphonic Poems
Russian State Symphonic Cappella
Byron Fidetzis, conductor

Manolis Kalomiris is honoured as the father of Greek national music. The inspired orchestration of Kalomiris's Piano Rhapsody No. 1 by Gabriel Pierné moved Byron Fidetzis to orchestrate the second of these, sub-titled Song of the Night. The versatile soprano Julia Souglakou, whose wide-ranging repertoire includes operas by Greek composers, interprets Lyrics, a setting of poems by Angelos Sikelianos, and the renowned Greek actress Eva Kotamanidou recounts a small miracle In St Luke's Monastery. The symphonic poems Minas the Rebel and Death of the Valiant Woman present in purely orchestral garb contrasting tales of vengeance, valour and visionary transformation.

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Image The Metamorphoses Of Dionysus
"The Metamorphoses of Dionysus", Mikis Theodorakis’s first opera,
from 1985 — it was followed in 1990 by "Medea", in 1993 by "Elektra", in 1996 by "Antigone", and in 2001 by "Lysistrata" — is based on a free variation and an individual reading of Greek history. It is at once a parable of the excesses and suggestive effects of power, but also of the relationship between art and politics.

It centers around the suicide of the civil servant and poet Kostas Karyotakis, whose poems Theodorakis set for the opera. The libretto, by Theodorakis himself, incorporates various texts by Karyotakis and two fragments from the poem "The Good People" by Kostas Varnalis (1884–1974).

The opera begins and ends with the suicide of the poet Kostas Karyotakis, whose poems are presented as arias in the opera, running through the entire work. They are framed with texts by Theodorakis, producing a collage of verses of poetry and his own texts, of melodic and grotesque passages, that becomes the opera’s essential structuring feature: the contrast between the arias, the set “tragic” poems by Karyotakis, and the musical farces, the music to Theodorakis’s “sarcastic” texts.

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Image Rhapsodies for Cello & Guitar
When considering the reception and public perception of the music of Mikis Theodorakis, a strange contrast becomes evident:

Those interested in music know many of the Greek composer’s songs, sometimes without even knowing that a certain melody was written by him, since a considerable number of his songs have been disseminated in many different variations and arrangements. Singers from many countries have often made Theodorakis’s songs their own using new texts, some of which bear no relationship to the content of the original but contributed to their fame nonetheless.

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Image Four-Hand Piano Music
Albéniz’s distinctive musical vocabulary, with its sensual harmonies, rich melodic lines and characteristic rhythmic figures, has ensured lasting popularity, not least in his music for the piano. This album of four-hand piano music reveals the composer’s love of Spain’s regional music traditions, whether in the glittering sweep of the SuiteespañolaNo.1or in the Rapsodia Española where a hypnotic dreamscape meets dramatic outbursts. Two movements from Iberia– one of which is a rarely encountered arrangement by the great Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha – reveal a daring modernity that aligns Albéniz with Debussy and Ravel.

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Image Piano Music, Vol. 2
Albéniz was a leading figure in the creation of a national style of composition in Spain. This second volume of his piano music combines the early, romantic Recuerdos de viaje, with works composed during the composer’s Parisian period, which ran up to his death in 1909. Whereas in his early works Albéniz borrows tunes from native Spanish folk-lore, almost all of his melodies in the Parisian works are original. Here the writing is bolder and more experimental, marked by tonal ambiguity and new sonorities as in, for example, the dissonant and intricately polyphonic La Vega or the technically difficult and harmonically complex Navarra. Volume 1 of Guillermo González’s recording of the complete Albéniz piano music is available on Naxos 8.554311-12.

Guillermo Gonzalez, piano
Isaac Albeniz

Recuerdos de viaje

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Image Piano Music Vol 3
The third volume of Albéniz's piano music presents three contrasting sets of dances, each brimming with the delicacy, joie de vivre and voluptuous beauty that characterise so much of his music. Albéniz is touched by the spirit of Chopin in his delightful Pequeños valses, while the Mazurkas de salón, like those of his predecessor, and the Danzas españolas both transcend mere folkloricism. Volumes 1 (8.554311-12) and 2 (8.570553), also featuring Guillermo González, one of the leading authorities on the composer, have been critically acclaimed.

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Image Piano Music, Vol. 4
Just as Albéniz did in his concert programmes, this recording alternates pieces in Spanish style with some of the entertaining salon miniatures written for Spain's aristocracy during the last two decades of the 19th century. The Suite ancienne reflects Albéniz's delight in creating personal versions of 18th-century dances, while echoes of Chopin and Grieg lurk behind the themes of the Sonata No. 5. The Rêverie is a work of great expressive intensity, the Serenata árabe is more recognisably Albéniz, and the Tres improvisaciones are a transcription of the only recording ever made by the composer.

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Image Piano Music Vol. 6
Santiago L. Sacristán

Volume 6 of this complete edition focusses in the main on Albéniz's richly varied, early salon style. It includes the dazzling Chopin influenced Vals Champagne, the Estudio de concierto which rivals Liszt for virtuosity, and the famous Tango from España: Seis hojas de Álbum, a set which conjures up Spain in its rhythms, harmonies and sense of drama. Written a year before the composer's death, Yvonne en visite! includes a humorous scene during a pupil's reluctant performance, while the Marcha militar is Albéniz's earliest work, composed at the age of eight.

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Image Piano Music, Vol. 5
In the latest volume of this critically admired series, a number of rarely heard pieces from Albéniz's first compositional phase can be savoured. They were composed between 1881 and 1892 and reveal the variety and flair of which he was capable, even in the smallest of musical forms, such as the delicious mazurkas. The Siete estudios (Seven Studies) are no mere exercises-rather they fuse the colour of Iberian music with the rigour of Central European traditions. Les Saisons is an evocative portrait of the seasons and can be seen as a forerunner of the impressionistic writing that would soon appear in French music.

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Image Piano Music, Vol 7
The seventh volume in this acclaimed series is devoted to two works of Albéniz's early maturity. The 12 Piezas características is a cycle of exquisite miniatures encompassing a wide variety of styles, including the assimilation of Andalusian folk music into his own personal idiom, reminiscences of earlier greats such as Scarlatti and Chopin, and elements of nineteenth century salon music. The work led Felipe Pedrell, the father of Spanish musical nationalism, to call Albéniz not only a superbly equipped pianist but a great composer as well. The romantic and virtuosic Piano Sonata No. 3 opens with a richly contrapuntal Allegretto, followed by a slow movement of the utmost delicacy in the manner of a romanza and concludes with a technically complex Allegro assai.

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Image Piano Music, Vol. 8
The eighth volume in this acclaimed series of Isaac Albéniz’s complete solo piano works features a wide range of pieces from his early period. These charming works show a development from 19th century salon style towards the assimilation of Spanish folk music, including rare jewels such as the relatively unknown Minuet in G minor, and the Mallorca barcarole with its use of novel rhythmic material. The programme concludes with the virtuoso Spanish Rhapsody in its less well-known solo piano version.

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Image Complete Songs
Complete collection of Albéniz’s rarely recorded works for voice and piano performed by renowned mezzo-soprano Magdalena Llamas. Pianist Guillermo González is an authoritative Albéniz interpreter, having previously recorded a critically acclaimed complete edition of his piano music for Naxos.

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Image Missa Sine Nomine / Salve Regina
Juan de Anchieta är en av de mest betydande kompositörerna inom spansk sakral musik från 1500-talet. Anchieta hade titeln "maestro di capilla" vid det spanska hovet. Drygt trettio verk finns bevarade av denna kompositör.

...Körklangen är varm och djup...

(Svenska Dagbladet)
Loreto Fernández Imaz, orgel.

Capilla Peñaflorida; Ministriles de Marsias / Josep Cabré.

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Image Eight Basque Songs / In Memoriam / Spanish Fantasy
Jesús Arámbarri - Den mest betydande baskiske kompositören
under 1900-talet.
Itxaro Mentxaka, sopran; Sonia Rubinsky, piano.

Bilbao Symphony Orchestra / Juan Jose Mena.

Jesús Arámbarri - Åtta baskiska sånger

Preludio Gabon-zar sorginak (Häxor på nyårsafton)

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Image String Quartets
Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga (1806-1826) var känd som "den spanske Mozart". Arriaga var en mycket begåvad kompositör och en lysande violinist, dessvärre dog han endast 19 år gammal. Arriagas musikaliska stil är någonstans mellan Mozart och Beethoven/Schubert.

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Image Concertante
Jaume Torrent, guitar
Orchestre Perpignan Mediterranee
Daniel Tosi, conductor

Born in Spain and raised in Chile, Xavier Benguerel plays an important part in his native country's musical life, his compositions influenced by the work of Bartók, Stravinsky and the Second Viennese School. The concerto form has long fascinated the composer, whose innovative and ever-changing approach draws the listener into the individual sound-worlds of each work. Recorded live during the Aujourd'hui Musique Festival in Perpignan and featuring a number of musicians closely associated with Benguerel's work, this album is an excellent introduction to his atmospheric and fascinating music.

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Image Piano Music Vol 1
Pianomusik av den katalanske tonsättaren Manuel Blancafort,
som bl a var elev till Federico Mompou.

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Image Piano Music Vol 2
Manuel Blancafort växte upp i Katalonien där hans familj ägde en fabrik där man tillverkade pianorullar. Det var av sina familjemedlemmar som han fick sin första musikaliska skolning. Blancafort skrev gärna i spansk stil och beundrade tonsättare såsom Albéniz, Granados och de Falla. Trots detta finns det ändå alltid ett stråk av katalansk folktradition i Blancafort tonspråk.

Miquel Villalba, piano.

Manuel Blancafort - Pianomusik

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Image Piano Music Vol. 3
Pianomusik av den katalanske tonsättaren Manuel Blancafort (1897-1987), som bl a var elev till Federico Mompou.

Miquel Villalba, piano.
Manuel Blancafort

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Image Flamenco Odyssey - A Mediterranean Guitar Cycle
Athens-born Christos Tzifakis has performed internationally as a solo classical guitarist and composed widely for solo guitar, flamenco-jazz groups and for the theatre. Flamenco Odyssey is one of his major works in which he allows the listener to experience flamenco from the vantage point of a traveler immersed in the timbres and flavors of both Eastern and Western cultures. The rhythms of the bulería, soleá and fandango offer intoxication as do improvisations on ancient Cretan songs. There are also darker, more melancholic impulses, while the festive nature of this wide-ranging and exhilarating work draws on blues-rock influences.

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Image Piano Music Vol. 4
The Catalan composer Manuel Blancafort believed strongly in the importance of nationalism in music and was keen to follow in the footsteps of Albéniz, Granados and Falla, but always with a Catalan bias. Most of the works on this recording belong to a prolific period of creative activity towards the end of the 1920s. Depicting a transatlantic journey to the USA, with impressions of both the ocean and life on board ship, the American Souvenir suite also includes a vivid yet tender homage to Charlie Chaplin. Inspired by the classicism of Bach and Scarlatti, the Sonatina antiga surprises with its bold harmonic writing. The impressionistic Ermita i panorama conjures up, through the development of a folk tune, the silence of twilight within the Catalan hermitage of Puiggraciós and the view of the landscape from the summit of the hill.

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