Boccherini, Luigi - 37CD-BOX: Boccherini Edition

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New Berlin Chamber Orchestra
Michael Erxleben
Accademia i Filarmonici di Verona
Enrico Bronzi
Lajos Léncses
Parisii Quartet
Eros Roselli
La Magnifica Comunità
Ilario Gregoletto
Ensemble Claviere
Petersen Quartet
Franco Angeleri
Enrico Gatti
Galimathias Musicum
Luigi Puxeddu
Federico Bracalente
Claudio Lapolla
Francesco Lattuada
Francesco Ferrarini
Barbara Vignudelli
Orchestra da Camera 'Benedetto Marcello'
Flavio Emilio Scogna

One of the most distinguished figures of the Classical period, the Italian composer Luigi Boccherini (1743--1805) was revered by 18th-century listeners and musicians for the charm, elegance and lyrical beauty of his music. Although his legacy has been undervalued in modern times, this new 37 CD box set, the most comprehensive on the market, invites listeners to rediscover the distinctive musical voice and graceful style that won Boccherini acclaim during his own lifetime.

The composer's famed chamber works are explored in particular detail: a broad survey of the string quintets highlights the
warmth and sophistication that listeners have found so appealing in Boccherini's music, and the oboe, piano and guitar quintets (including the evocative 'Fandango' Guitar Quintet) showcase his imaginative handling of instrumental and tonal colour. Boccherini's prodigious talent as a cellist is apparent in the virtuosic cello sonatas and concertos, which call for an array of dazzling instrumental techniques, while the Stabat Mater is one of just a handful of vocal works that he wrote during his career. Also included are two discs of mature symphonies, less ground-breaking than those of his contemporaries Mozart and Haydn but equally compelling for their expressive melodies subtle innovations.

Over these 37 discs, Boccherini's works are given outstanding readings by specialists in 18th-century repertoire, with a number of performances on period instruments. The collection is a testament to the enduring charm of the Italian composer's music, and listeners will cherish the opportunity to rediscover and explore it in greater depth.

Varenummer 94386
Stregkode 5028421943862
Udgivelsesdato 05-09-2012
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Brilliant Classics
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 37
Komponister Boccherini, Luigi
Disk: 1
1 Cello Concertos
Disk: 2
1 Cello Concertos
Disk: 3
1 Cello Concertos
Disk: 4
1 Cello Sonatas
Disk: 5
1 Cello Sonatas
Disk: 6
1 Cello Sonatas
Disk: 7
1 Cello Sonatas
Disk: 8
1 Cello Sonatas
Disk: 9
1 Guitar Quintets
Disk: 10
1 Guitar Quintets
Disk: 11
1 Oboe Quintets
Disk: 12
1 Piano Quintets
Disk: 13
1 Piano Quintets
Disk: 14
1 Piano Quintets
Disk: 15
1 Piano Quintets
Disk: 16
1 Violin Sonatas
Disk: 17
1 Sonatas for Piano, Violin and Cello
Disk: 18
1 Stabat Mater
Disk: 19
1 String Quartets
Disk: 20
1 String Quintets
Disk: 21
1 String Quintets
Disk: 22
1 String Quintets
Disk: 23
1 String Quintets
Disk: 24
1 String Quintets
Disk: 25
1 String Quintets
Disk: 26
1 String Quintets
Disk: 27
1 String Quintets
Disk: 28
1 String Quintets
Disk: 29
1 String Quintets
Disk: 30
1 String Quintets
Disk: 31
1 String Quintets
Disk: 32
1 String Quintets
Disk: 33
1 String Quintets
Disk: 34
1 String Sextets
Disk: 35
1 Symphonies
Disk: 36
1 Symphonies
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