Britten, Benjamin - 3CD-BOX: Peter Grimes - Tilling, Camilla (soprano)

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'... perhaps the finest interpretation of this role [Griffey/Grimes] to date... Vivian Tierney ... the embodiment of ineffectual bourgeois liberalism ... Steven Page's Balstrode ...forcefully hectoring.'
(The Guardian, 26 June, 2000)

Peter Grimes, a fisherman: Anthony Dean Griffey, tenor
Ellen Orford, a widow, schoolmistress of the Borough: Vivian Tierney
Captain Balstrode, retired merchant skipper: Steven Page
Auntie, landlady of The Boar: Susan Gorton
First Niece, main attraction of The Boar: Camilla Tilling
Second Niece, main attraction of The Boar: Linda Tuvas
Bob Boles, a fisherman and Methodist: John Graham-Hall
Swallow, a lawyer: Stafford Dean
Mrs Sedley, a rentier widow of an East India Company's factor: Jard van Nes
The Rev Horace Adams, the rector: Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke
Ned Keene: Christopher Maltman
Hobson: Michael Druiett
Dr Crabbe: Michael Haughey

London Philharmonic Orchestra
The Glyndebourne Chorus
Mark Wigglesworth, conductor

Glyndebourne's association with the music of Benjamin Britten extends back to the early 1940s. Benjamin Britten and Glyndebourne's then Chairman John Christie were not obvious colleagues. They had very little in common. Both were from very different backgrounds, John Christie being a recipient of the Military Cross while Britten spent World War World II years in the US as a conscientious objector. Glyndebourne staged the premiere of The Rape of Lucretia in 1946 and in the following year, the premiere of Albert Herring. After this premiere, Britten commented of Christie as "a mischievous, mad old man". Britten wasn't invited back, and 34 years of the Glyndebourne Festival elapsed until another of his operas Midsummer Night's Dream was staged in 1981. Glyndebourne has gone onto acclaimed productions of The Turn of the Screw, Billy Budd, Owen Wingrave, Death in Venice, Albert Herring and this acclaimed Trevor Nunn production of Peter Grimes from 2000.Peter Grimes premiered in London in 1945 and was the first of Britten's operas to be a critical and popular success. This 2000 Glyndebourne production is no exception. The role of Peter Grimes is amongst the toughest company on disc, with a heritage laid down by Peter Pears and Jon Vickers. In this recording Anthony Dean Griffey has the lyricism of Peter Pears and the weight and size of voice of Jon Vickers and above all is totally convincing in entering the mental state of Grimes. Vivian Tierney is an authoritative Ellen Orford, compassionate yet lonely and vulnerable, and likewise utterly convincing.
Varenummer GFOCD00800
Stregkode 0878280000085
Udgivelsesdato 25-10-2010
Kategori Opera
Plademærke Glyndebourne
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 3
Komponister Britten, Benjamin
Kunstnere Tilling, Camilla (soprano)
Disk: 1
1 Peter Grimes
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