Semenzato, Giulia - Angelica diabolica - Various

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Giulia Semenzato, already renowned for her interpretations of the Baroque repertory and her Mozartian roles, presents here her first solo album. The program, entitled Angelica diabolica, is devoted to the female protagonists of Ludovico Ariosto, author of the epic poem Orlando furioso, whose emblematic figure is Angelica, a revolutionary heroine, ready to resort to any trick in order to regain her freedom. After the Baroque Rome of Luigi Rossi and his opera Il palazzo incantato (1642), we turn to the galant style of Naples with Nicola Porpora’s serenata Angelica (1720), then to Milan in 1702 with the warlike heroine of Bernardo Sabadini’s opera Angelica nel Catai, before a more melancholy take on the character by Agostino Steffani (1691). These rare numbers rub shoulders with more familiar arias by Georg Friedrich Handel, sung by the heroines of his operas Orlando, Ariodante, Amadigi di Gaula, not to mention the famous enchantress Alcina. Alongside the Kammerorchester Basel, Giulia Semenzato deploys all her virtuosity, vocal agility and feeling for words to slip into the shoes of these women, by turns angelic and diabolical.

Varenummer ALPHA830
Stregkode 3760014198304
Udgivelsesdato 13-05-2022
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Alpha
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Various
Kunstnere Semenzato, Giulia
Orkestre Kammerorchester Basel
Disk: 1
1 Il Palazzo incantato: "Si tocchi tamburo"
2 Il Palazzo incantato: "Sol per breve momento"
3 L'Angelica: "Mentre rendo a te la vita"
4 L'Angelica: "Costante e fedele"
5 Angelica nel Catai: "Mi vedrà più fiera in campo"
6 Orlando generoso: "Se t’eclissi o bella face"
7 Orlando, HWV 31: "Non potrà dirmi ingrata, nò, per
8 Ariodante: "Quella man che mi condanna"
9 Ariodante, HWV 33: "Volate, amori"
10 Alcina, HWV 34: "Mi restano le lagrime"
11 Amadigi di Gaula, HWV 11: "Desterò dall’empia Dite
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