Palatino - Back in town

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Michel Benita DOUBLE BASS
Glenn Ferris TROMBONE
Aldo Romano DRUMS

The return of one of the legendary jazz bands of the 90's

"The idea of capturing Palatino on stage, in its natural environment, came to us quite a long time ago. We couldn't think of a better occasion than this concert, in Grenoble MC2's beautiful auditorium. With our classic repertoire & four new compositions, chosen by each of us, the magic train was back on the rails and the pleasure of getting together again did the rest. Once mixed, it was clear straight away that "Back in Town" had to be a double album, as it was impossible to choose between the tracks: the soul of the band was there & the alchemy of the opposites, still at work. No doubt, Palatino is back."
(Aldo, Glenn, Michel & Paolo)
Varenummer NJ621511
Stregkode 3298496215115
Udgivelsesdato 25-01-2012
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Naïve
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 2
Kunstnere Palatino
Disk: 1
1 Dawn
2 Sud-Ouest Jump
3 Calabrian Nights
4 Waiting
5 Country Boy
6 Blue Bambu Blue
7 Lulu's back in town
Disk: 2
1 Urtext's Blues
2 Dixie
3 Tempo
4 Animal Love
5 Station to Station
6 Ready to go
7 On a misty night
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