BRAZIL: Toda vez que eu dou... - Siba

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Born in the cosmopolitan city of Recife, but from a family until this day linked to its rural origins, Siba began a long history of learning and collaboration with the traditions of the Mata Norte of Pernambuco state, exercising through the years the fundamentals of the art of rythmic poetry, becoming on the main masters of the new generation of ciranda and maracatu nowadays.

At the same time, as a member of Mestre Ambrosio's group, he developed an innovative and personal musical language, where the dialogue between traditional and cosmopolitan, past and present, street and stage are an unmistakable brand. In 2002 after seven years living in the city of São Paulo, Siba decided to return to Pernambuco state to reunite the Fuloresta band, formed by traditional musicians from Nazaré da Mata, a small town of 30000 inhabitants located 60km from Recife. In 2003, in a mobile studio in the rural zone in Nazaré, Siba e a Fuloresta recorded their first CD. The band played in different venues in Brazil and also did three tours in Europe from 2004 to 2006, in countries like France, Holland, Germany and Belgium, developing a unique adaptation of the music from long duration street parties to the condensed stage format.

"We never experience our past or tradition as a cage. On the contrary, our tradition offers us a vast vocabulary, and we do our best to use all of it every day and especially all night long. It is impossible to reproduce the way we involve the whole community in poetry and collective dancing during the whole night, although the hour or 90 minutes that a festival can offer us will provide a very good opportunity to catch a glimpse of our actual musical impact." as Siba explains.

In live performances, the Fuloresta - anywhere in the world, evokes its roots and offers the spectator a hedonist evening that people from the Zona-da-Mata know how to do : crazy and unexpected, full of beautiful images and free improvisation from the depths of the soul.

Varenummer OP140
Stregkode 3760106071409
Udgivelsesdato 14-07-2008
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke O+ music
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Siba
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