Bernstein, Leonard - Candide (2CD) - Otter, Anne Sofie von

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Marin Alsop leads the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in a new recording of Bernstein’s riotous satirical operetta 'Candide'. Made almost three decades after the composer's own iconic recording with the Orchestra, Alsop's new version was captured during celebratory concerts marking Bernstein's centenary year, and features an outstanding array of soloists, including Leonardo Capalbo (Candide), Jane Archibald (Cunégonde), Anne Sofie von Otter (The Old Lady) and Sir Thomas Allen (Dr Pangloss, Narrator). With lyrical contributions from acerbic writers Richard Wilbur and Dorothy Parker and a young Stephen Sondheim, 'Candide' marries raucous humour with the extraordinary genius of Leonard Bernstein.
Varenummer LSO0834
Stregkode 0822231183426
Udgivelsesdato 08-10-2021
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke LSO Live
Medie Type Hybrid SACD
Antal enheder 2
Dirigenter Alsop, Marin
Komponister Bernstein, Leonard
Kunstnere Otter, Anne Sofie von
Capalbo, Leonardo
Archibald, Jane
Allen, Thomas
Orkestre London Symphony Orchestra
Disk: 1
1 Overture
2 Act One. Westphalian Fanfare - "Good evening, ladi
3 Act One. Life Is Happiness Indeed - Parade
4 Act One. The Best of All Possible Worlds
5 Act One. "Class is dismissed" - Happy Instrumental
6 Act One. Oh, Happy We
7 Act One. "What is he doing to my sister?" - Candid
8 Act One. It Must Be So (Candide's Meditation)
9 Act One. "The helping hand" - Battle Music - Westp
10 Act One. "Candide, liberated by the battle"
11 Act One. Dear Boy
12 Act One. "Candide and Dr Pangloss board a crowded
13 Act One. Auto-da-fé (What a day)
14 Act One. Candide's Lament
15 Act One. The Paris Waltz
16 Act One. Glitter and Be Gay
17 Act One. "Suddenly, Candide rushes in" - You Were
18 Act One. "Quick, Madame, The Jew!" - Entrance of t
19 Act One. Barcarolle
20 Act One. I Am Easily Assimilated (Old Lady's Tango
21 Act One. "The roués, though captivated!"
22 Act One. Quartet Finale
Disk: 2
1 Act Two. Universal Good
2 Act Two. "Welcome back"
3 Act Two. My Love (Governor's Serenade)
4 Act Two. "Senor, I must take advice"
5 Act Two. We Are Women (Polka)
6 Act Two. "Meanwhile, Candide stumbles on through t
7 Act Two. Introduction to Eldorado - Sheep Song
8 Act Two. Ballad of Eldorado
9 Act Two. "Having arrived in Suriname"
10 Act Two. Bon Voyage
11 Act Two. "Of course, the ship sinks"
12 Act Two. What's The Use
13 Act Two. "Cunegonde!" - You Were Dead, You Know (R
14 Act Two. "Sir, unhand that Odalisque" - Barcarolle
15 Act Two. Universal Good (Life is Neither) - "Come,
16 Act Two. Make Our Garden Grow (Finale)
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