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Adams, John Luther - Canticles of the Holy Wind - The Crossing

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Lauded by the New York Times as a "...hypnotic and ethereally beautiful invocation of wind, sky and birdsong," John Luther Adams's Canticles of the Holy Wind, performed by the renowned chamber choir The Crossing, is quite possibly his most technically challenging choral work, and yet the music's mesmerizing aura of stillness encourages listening at its most elemental. The piece was composed for four choirs of eight singers each, and moves through spaces that are as fantastical ("Sky with Four Suns") as they are peaceful ("The Hour of the Doves"), always with a connection to the inner world within us, as well as the world around us. "John allows us to interrupt our otherwise endlessly forward-tumbling lives," notes Donald Nally, The Crossing's conductor, "and experience these sounds as if we were sitting in the woods for an hour. An hour of wind and of sky and of birds. We are drawn to this music, not just for the beauty of its shimmering harmonies and the overwhelming climactic moments, but also for way it inspires a ‘hearing’ of nature, in real time, as we sing it."
Varenummer CA21131
Stregkode 0713746313128
Udgivelsesdato 12-05-2017
Kategori Klassisk
Plademærke Cantaloupe
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Nally, Donald
Komponister Adams, John Luther
Kunstnere The Crossing
Disk: 1
1 Sky with Four Suns
2 The White Wind
3 Dream of the Hermit Thrush
4 Sky with Four Moons
5 The Singing Tree
6 The Blue Wind
7 The Hour of the Doves
8 Sky with Nameless Colors
9 Cadenza of the Mockingbird
10 The Yellow Wind
11 Dream of the Canyon Wren
12 Sky with Endless Stars
13 The Hour of the Owls
14 The Dark Wind
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