Clannad - Christ Church Cathedral

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Throughout a forty-year career Clannad has been responsible for timeless music such as 'Theme From Harry's Game', 'In A Lifetime', 'I Will Find You' and the soundtrack to the 'Robin of Sherwood' TV series. Their music entwines the traditional and the modern, the past and the future, with stunningly beautiful results. Comprised of siblings Moya, Ciaran and Pol Brennan, along with their twin uncles Noel and Padraig Duggan, the band's record sales exceed fifteen million since the release of their eponymous debut in 1973. Towards the end of the seventies they recruited their younger sister on piano and harmony vocals. She worked on two albums and several tours with them before going on to establish her own highly successful solo career as Enya. During those early years the band developed their trademark sound, immediately identifiable by anyone who has ever heard it, which has earned them legions of fans in the incredibly successful years since.

The new live album and DVD were recorded at Dublin's historic Christ Church Cathedral on 29th January 2011. Being in such an intimate setting the band chose to lean heavily on their early traditional material as the acoustic nature of these tracks would suit the surroundings well. Pol, who had left Clannad in 1990 to pursue solo interests, rejoined the band marking the first time the original five members had performed together for more than twenty years.

Says Moya Brennan, "When we were asked to perform in Christ Church Cathedral we really wanted to put together a unique show that would complement the spectacular surroundings. It was the first time in many years that we had played in such an intimate setting and in choosing the programme it made us go right back to the earliest days of our forty years as a band, we even start the show with the first song Clannad ever played together."

"The show is almost like a history of the band," adds Ciaran, "starting with just the five of us on stage, as it was in the beginning, and gradually being joined by some wonderful musicians and very special guests. The backdrop of the cathedral's architecture provided the perfect setting for us and everything just felt very special on the night."

2013 promises to be another landmark year for the band as they embark on a new European tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Confirmed tour dates can be viewed here, while further dates are to be announced. A new studio album is scheduled to be recorded later in the year.

It is indeed fascinating to consider that what today is so widely regarded as Celtic music was first called "Clannad music". There is perhaps no greater testament to the impact of this groundbreaking group than that.
Varenummer EUCD2441
Stregkode 5019396244122
Udgivelsesdato 23-01-2013
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke ARC Music
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Kunstnere Clannad
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1 Christ Church Cathedral
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