Debussy, Claude - Debussy & Hahn: Choral Works - Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks

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" (...) med Hahns ti
’Études latines’ tager Karg og koret os med tilbage til en problemfri, romantisk-idealiseret udgave af antikken"
Thomas Michelsen - Politiken

Weightless, floating sounds, far removed from any earthbound striving for a home key and eluding any measurable emphases; a dazzlingly bright play of colors in instrumentation and impressionist tones, combined with that affectionate, softly melodic character of the French language – that is what constitutes the special charm of the French art-song. Audibly very different from the German Lied of the Romantic and Late Romantic periods, its extremes are filled with tensions and delightful contrasts. In the concert repertoire on the German side of the Rhine, however, French solo and choral songs have remained something exotic. This selection of the finest examples from the oeuvre of both brilliant composers, written at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, offers music full of grace and impressionistic esprit that remains unique in the history of composition and art. The cantata La Damoiselle élue was the first major success of the young Claude Debussy; appreciated for its beauty and tenderness, it is heard here for the first time in Howard Arman's version with two pianos, based equally on the orchestral score and Debussy’s own, independent piano version. It is joined by several of Debussy's solo and choral songs. "L'ombre des arbres dans la rivière embrumée", the poem by the symbolist lyricist Paul Verlaine, also hinges equally between Debussy and Hahn: it was masterfully set to music by both within a brief time period. The solo songs are performed by renowned soprano Christiane Karg, accompanied by Gerold Huber on the piano. In his song and choral cycle Études latines, Reynaldo Hahn resurrected antiquity. Recreating such music not only gave the composer inspiration but also great freedom. The piano accompaniment is restrained as far as possible. These serious and tender songs reflect on the life journeys taken by a person.
Varenummer 900529
Stregkode 4035719005295
Udgivelsesdato 07-01-2022
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke BR Klassik
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Arman, Howard
Komponister Debussy, Claude
Hahn, Reynaldo
Kunstnere Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Karg, Christiane
Huber, Gerold
Disk: 1
Etudes latines
1 Debussy: Salut printemps
2 Debussy: La damoiselle elue - Prelude
3 Debussy: La damoiselle elue - Part I
4 Debussy: La damoiselle elue - Part Ii
5 Debussy: La damoiselle elue - Part Iii
6 Debussy: Les angélus. Cloches chrétiennes pour les
7 Debussy: L ombre des arbres dans la riviere embrum
8 Hahn: Paysage triste. L ombre des arbres dans la r
9 Hahn: Etudes latines - Lydie
10 Hahn: Etudes latines - Neere
11 Hahn: Etudes latines - Salinum
12 Hahn: Etudes latines - Thaliarque
13 Hahn: Etudes latines - Lyde
14 Hahn: Etudes latines - Vile potabis
15 Hahn: Etudes latines - Tyndaris
16 Hahn: Etudes latines - Pholoe
17 Hahn: Etudes latines - Phidyle
18 Hahn: Etudes latines - Phyllis
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