Kathrine, Windfeld - Bohuslän Big Band - Determination

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Composing for Bohuslän Big Band has been a great challenge and pleasure.
Having the individual musicians and the overall band sound in mind, I tried to shape the music in a way that highlights the specific qualities of each band member.
Instead of limiting the writing to a specific theme, I just let my ideas flow and went to the piano to write whenever an idea arose.
The outcome is seven pretty different pieces, tied together by the band’s sound and the limited period of time it all was created within, reflecting my take on contemporary big band music anno 2020.
Developing the tunes over time with inputs from the musicians has been very inspiring. I want to express a deep gratitude for great times in the rehearsal room, on stage and in the studio.
High ambitions and wonderful enthusiasm made the optimal
conditions for making music together with this outstanding orchestra.

– Kathrine Windfeld
Varenummer PCD261
Stregkode 0822359002807
Udgivelsesdato 08-10-2021
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Prophone
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Kathrine, Windfeld
Windfeld, Kathrine
Kunstnere Bohuslän Big Band
Disk: 1
1 Crescendo
2 Safe And Sorrow
3 Weaver
4 Determination
5 We Will Depart
6 Block
7 Bloom
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kr. 139,95
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