Teychene, Virginie - Double Rainbow

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Virginie Teychené, vocals
Gérard Maurin, double bass, arrangements
Stéphane Bernard, piano
Thierry Larosa, drums
Benjamin Lecourt, drums
Olivier Bogé, alto & tenor saxophone
Patrick Torreglosa, tenor saxophone

Dark and yet luminous, nostalgic and joyful, Virginie Teychené's voice generates a feeling of elation. In a climate of exultation, the young singer and the musicians avoid the temptations of a grotesque imitation or on the other hand of artificial originality.

So this is a Jazz record belonging to an untimely art form rarely given media coverage to. Here, vocal expression is deliberately cleared of all fioriture so that it can reach the essential and reveal the subtleties of the music. That is what seduces the most.

With a disarming sobriety, tutelary Jazz figures are brought to mind (composers such as Billy Stayhorn, Charles Mingus and Antonio Carlos Jobin but also improvisators: Chet Baker, Eddie Jefferson, James Moody...) and as an indirect consequence, the sketch of a self-portrait stands out, the one of a Jazz singer.
Varenummer JV570009
Stregkode 3149027001120
Udgivelsesdato 21-11-2012
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Jazz Village
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 2
Kunstnere Teychene, Virginie
Disk: 1
1 You Make Me Feel So Good
2 Everything Happens To Me
3 Too Marvelous For Words
4 You Stepped Out Of A Dream
5 Double Rainbow
6 Portrait
7 The Good Life
8 Take The "A" Train
9 Daydream
10 I Was Doing All Right
11 A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
12 I Just Got Back In Town
13 God Bless The Child
Disk: 2
1 Body And Soul
2 Moonlight Serenade
3 Up Jumped Spring
4 You're Drivin' Me Crazy
5 Early Hours
6 Voce e eu
7 Luiza / Fotografia
8 Worry 'bout Me
9 Beautiful Friendship
10 Lester Leaps In (I Got The Blues)
11 Prelude To A Kiss
12 Just A Song
13 The Nearness Of You
14 C'est le printemps (It Might As Well Be Spring)
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