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Strauss, Richard - Eine Alpensinfonie; Dance of the Seven Veils - Jurowski, Vladimir

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Levering ca.: 7 hverdage.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ for performance
"Jurowski's Alpine Symphony is ideally paced and beautifully balanced, (...). There are so many good recordings of it, but this is up there among the best. And I know no more bewitching or exiting performance of Salmone's Dance, either."
BBC Music Magazine

This release marks the 29th on the LPO label conducted by Vladimir Jurowski, and is the first Jurowski-conducted Richard Strauss release to date. Vladimir Jurowski has a strong affinity with Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman Without a Shadow), and chose to conduct a selection of orchestral highlights from the opera rather than the composer's own published Fantasie. He went on to conduct the complete opera at the Metropolitan Opera in 2013. The performances of the three works on this release were also critically well received, with the soloists within the Orchestra noted for their 'poise' and 'exquisite handling' of Die Frau ohne Schatten and Jurowski's 'perfect blending of rich textures' in Eine Alpensinfonie.
Varenummer LPO0106
Stregkode 5060096760184
Udgivelsesdato 08-06-2018
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke LPO
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 2
Dirigenter Jurowski, Vladimir
Komponister Strauss, Richard
Orkestre London Philharmonic Orchestra
Disk: 1
1 Nacht (Night)
2 Sonnenaufgang (Sunrise)
3 Der Anstieg (The Ascent)
4 Eintritt in den Wald (Entry into the Wood)
5 Wanderung neben dem Bache (Wandering by the Stream
6 Am Wasserfall (At the Waterfall)
7 Erscheinung (Apparition)
8 Auf blumigen Wiesen (On Flowering Meadows)
9 Auf der Alm (On the Alpine Pasture)
10 Durch Dickicht und Gestrüppp auf Irrwegen (Strayin
11 Auf dem Gletscher (On the Glacier)
12 Gefahrvolle Augenblicke (Dangerous Moments)
13 Auf dem Gipfel (On the Summit)
14 Vision (View)
15 Nebel steigen auf (Mists Rise)
16 Die Sonne verdüstert sich allmählich (The Sun Grad
17 Elegie (Elegy)
18 Stille vor dem Sturm (Calm Before the Storm)
19 Gewitter und Sturm, Abstieg (Thunder and Storm, De
20 Sonnenuntergang (Sunset)
21 Ausklang (Final Sounds)
22 Nacht (Night)
Disk: 2
1 Dance of the Seven Veils (from Salome)
2 Introduction, Earth Flight (Act 1 scene 1)
3 Finale Act 1
4 Falcon Scene (Act 2 scene 2)
5 Interlude (Act 2 scenes 3 to 4)
6 Scene in Front of the Temple (Act 3 scenes 2 to 3)
7 Scene in Front of the Emperor's Statue (Act 3 scen
8 The Couples Rejoice (Act 3 scenes 3 to 4)
9 Finale Act 3
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