Williams, Mark / The Choir of Jesus College Cambri - Evening Hour (The)

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The Choir of Jesus College Cambridge / Mark Williams

The Choir of Jesus College Cambridge's new release on Signum blends a selection of ancient and modern works from the 16th and 20th Centuries, combining a selection of spiritual works on the theme of evening. The choir's fifth release on Signum, previous discs by the Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge have drawn near universal praise from critics.
Varenummer SIGCD446
Stregkode 0635212044629
Udgivelsesdato 26-02-2016
Kategori Kor
Plademærke Signum
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Williams, Mark
Kunstnere Williams, Mark / The Choir of Jesus College Cambri
Disk: 1
1 God be in my head Radcliffe, Philip Williams, Mark Choir of Jesus College Cambridge
2 Save us O Lord Bairstow, Edward
3 In manus tuas Sheppard, John
4 Song at Evening Bennett, R R
5 Miserere mihi Domine Byrd, William
6 Creator of the stars of night Jackson, Gabriel
7 The Lord is my Shepherd Berkeley, Lennox
8 Christe qui lux es et dies White, Robert
9 Evening Hymn Gardiner, Balfour
10 Hail gladdening light Wood, Charles
11 Behold thou hast made my days Gibbons, Orlando
12 Evening Watch Holst, Gustav
13 The Lord's Prayer Tavener, John
14 Bring us O Lord God Harris, William
15 In Pace Blitheman, John
16 Evening Prayers Moore, Philip
17 Miserere nostri Tallis, Thomas
18 Blessed City Bairstow, Edward
19 Introduction - A Bustling City Street
20 1st Decoy Game
21 2nd Decoy Game
22 3rd Decoy Game
23 The Mandarin Enters …
24 The Girl Sinks Down …
25 The Tramps Leap Out …
26 Suddenly the Mandarin's Head Appears Between the P
27 The Terrified Tramps Discuss How They Are to Get R
28 The Body of the Mandarin Begins to Glow
29 The Mandarin Falls on the Floor
30 I. Moderato
31 II. Allegro molto
32 III. Allegro vivace
33 IV. Molto tranquillo
34 V. Commodo – Finale
35 I. Verbunkos (Recruiting Dance)
36 II. Piheno (Relaxation)
37 III. Sebes (Fast Dance)
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