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Danemo, Peter - Hedvigsnäs / Composer in Residence

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Peter Danemo
Norrbotten Big Band
(Composer in Residence)

Peter Danemo’s music is exciting, innovative and well composed. Peter also has a fantastic sense for instrumentation and uses the entire orchestra in a superb way. “
Dan Johansson, trumpet, Norrbotten Big Band

“The highlight of the evening is the lovely Hedvigsnäs where childhood memories are recalled with joy and
beauty. Adam Forkelid’s piano and the hymnlike horns constitute a miracle of lyrical wariness.”
Norrbotten Kuriren (daily newspaper)

“In Woodland Christian Spering plays a cinematic bass solo over woodwind backgrounds that brings on a shudder of wellbeing. Antoine, a tribute to the inventor of the saxophone, is a funky workout. Danemo makes the big band explode in musical fireworks seldom heard. “ NSD (daily newspaper)

October 14th marks the album release date of Norrbotten Big Band/ Peter Danemo Hedvigsnäs (Composer in Residence).

The album consists of 10 original and new compositions by Danemo, explicitly composed for Norrbotten Big Band and its musicians. In November 2015 this music premiered at a concert at Luleå kulturens Hus and was recorded by Swedish Radio.

Peter Danemo describes the project:
“When I was 5 years old my family relocated from my birthplace Umeå to Hedvigsnäs, a small farm just outside the town of Tibro. There, my sister and I spent a few carefree years prior to starting school and submitting to a life of responsibilities and schedules. As I recall, the sun shone constantly, both during summer as well as reflecting across a gleaming blanket of snow in winter.
Our little world seemed endless and filled with unfamiliar places begging to be explored. Every single door was a potential portal to a new world and we filled every nook and cranny with our imagination. A tractor could, if needs be, become a spacecraft. Imagination led the way and we gladly followed wherever it took us.
During my year as Composer in Residence at Norrbotten Big Band, my thoughts were on several occasions beckoned by this period in my life, so long ago, inviting me to contemplate the role it plays today and what it symbolizes to me. I’ve had a similar feeling about Norrbotten Big Band; a place of endless possibilities limited only by my own imagination and ability to convey my ideas.

Throughout my year as Composer in Residence I had the chance, together with the band, to explore possibilities without stress, make necessary changes after rehearsals and receive valuable feedback from the musicians. The sum total of all this interaction affected the music in a profound way.
Varenummer PCD162
Stregkode 8223590016264
Udgivelsesdato 14-10-2016
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Prophone
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Danemo, Peter
Disk: 1
1 ANTOINE 5:39
2 PRELUDE 9:04
4 5-56 12:33
7 RUDHME 10:33
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