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Teemu Viinikainen Trio - Hit It!

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Teemu Viinikainen Trio's second album Hit It! will be released on the jazz label Prophone. The trio's members include the superb guitarist and leader of the group Teemu Viinikainen, bass player Ville Herrala and drummer Mika Kallio. This entertaining album is a follow-up to the group's debut album Nyt! (Now!), released on the Prophone label in 2011. The official album release concert will take place on the Flame Jazz Cruise on February 1-2, 2014.

The trio's second album began to take shape during a tour in early 2013. All except two of the pieces on the album have been composed by Viinikainen himself. "I had written new material for the trio. At our performances I was able to try out these new pieces in front of a live audience," says Viinikainen about the process that led to the new album. By October 2013, there was a lot of material, some of which ended up on the new album when the trio began the recording process at Varistoteles Studio, owned by Markku Veijonsuo. "In addition to the compositions we had ready, we had improvisation sessions where we came up with many more good ideas for the album," Viinikainen adds.

This second album has a more energetic quality to it than the group's debut album. "I see the new album as another step forward for the trio," Viinikainen contemplates. The title track of the album, "Hit It!," is an up-tempo blues piece, composed by Viinikainen. The fun spirit of the piece is also illustrated by its working title "Häh, täh, hä?" ("What? Huh?"). The fourth track on the album "Kiitti J" ("Thanks, J") is a piece inspired by the legendary pianist Keith Jarrett, which, along with a few other compositions, took on a completely different form during the recording process. Joe Zawinul's classic piece "Directions" and Duke Ellington's "Things Ain't What They Used to Be" can also be heard on the album.

The critically acclaimed guitarist Teemu Viinikainen has performed with numerous international jazz musicians, such as Joe Lovano, Vince Mendoza, Randy Brecker and Tim Hagans. The well-known jazz critic and author Stuart Nicholson places Viinikainen among "the top 20 jazz guitarists in the world." "Although the guitarist Teemu Viinikainen's spirit, virtuosity and powerful interpretive skills are undeniable, more than anything the listener is struck by his strong presence and sensitivity," describes a long-standing colleague, saxophonist Jukka Perko.
Varenummer PCD146
Stregkode 0822359001466
Udgivelsesdato 15-01-2014
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Prophone
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Teemu Viinikainen Trio
Disk: 1
1 Hit It!
2 Things Ain't What They Used To Be
3 5 am
4 Kiitti J
5 Intro
6 VP
7 Directions
8 Prology
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kr. 79,95
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