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SE-Quartet - Home

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"...indbegrebet af nordisk tone / nordisk melankoli. Bandets musik er enkel, catchy, moderne og dog rundet af den svenske visetradition. Og musikerne? De er både teknisk og kunstnerisk habile,"
Ivan Rod

One of the most frequently streamed jazz-bands of Sweden, the SE- Quartet, now releases their fourth album named “Home”.
With their music the SE-Quartet touches the hearts of music lovers all over the world -both habitual and new jazz listeners. Their third album from 2017, “Going North”, has been played more than six million times via Spotify. Music critics as well as radio stations and listeners from different corners of the globe have responded with praise. So there is great anticipation of “Home”, our new, fourth album.

Here the SE-Quartet digs even deeper into the rhythmic layers of music in a search for different times and groups. A unique lyrical tone and balanced teamwork mark the compositions with its thorough use of themes and impromptu play, soft yet clear. The span of musical expressions is wide, refusing the leave the listener bewildered along the way.
The theme "Home" means that the group has created the basis for the compositions in their own places with everyday life as a source of inspiration. Working from home is recognized by many, not least during the pandemic that has affected us all, so also for the SE-Quartet. But each composition has been played and arranged by the group to a new joint version and after many years of playing and performing, the band has also become a second "home".

The SE-Quartet is inspired by many different genres as gospel, classical as well as pop music and hip hop. Folk music has inspired August Vibes, where a longtime friend, the guitar player Victor Olofsson gives a special performance. He has been a role model for the entire band.
SE-Quartet has performed more than 130 concerts in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. When the pandemic restrictions are lifted the SE-Quartet is ready to go and play in different countries to their globally growing number of fans.
Varenummer PCD255
Stregkode 0822359002746
Udgivelsesdato 19-03-2021
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Prophone
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere SE-Quartet
Disk: 1
1 Home
2 Give it Back
3 Early Spring
4 World Tune
5 Mary
6 A walk in the Forest
7 Going to Church
8 August Vibes
9 The Bear on the Brown Lawn
10 Third Movement
11 Four Seasons in a Changing Climate
12 Me & I
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