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Musikgruppen RAA - Incredible Raa Band

Køb + kr. 139,95

Leveringstid: Forventes afsendt indenfor 3 hverdage.
Leveringstid op imod 10 hverdage.
Gunstone/UK: "I was very suspicious of a new treatment of the songs I know so well. I was won over in the first few bars - you have added so much and taken nothing away. I speak not a word of Swedish but it matters not as I, like millions of others, know the words already. Actually it still wouldn't matter - we are all used to listening to Italian opera and world music after all. The great thing about Swedish language is how wonderfully expressive it is. The overall effect of it on this album is mesmerising - I kept seeing mind pictures of hardy northern travellers in little boats or huddled around a fire on the misty shore."

Ansill/USA: "Great work!! I think RAA really did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the original ISB. And there are all sorts of really clever ideas....the one that stands out for me was on Witch's Hat...taking Robin's "La la la" and making it into a real tune that repeats at various points. Also, for me, not being a Swedish speaker, hearing these melodies in an unfamiliar tongue makes the "music" of the songs really stand out and I kept hearing things that I had never really noticed before. The whole thing is really captivating."

Basse/Sweden: "RAA has really done a fantastic cross section from The Incredibles repertoire! I take my hat off ... or cap! The album contains, I admit, a brilliant selection. Sure, I miss personally a few titles but on the other side; RAA've managed to enclose tunes from the Incredible String Bands all albums, that´s BIG! A cultural achievement, that is what it is! There must be a lot of work behind these Swedish interpretations, a job well done! Finally, the interpretation of "Sleepers Awake " is surprising and brilliant. Mike & Robin should be very happy! "

Miljömagasinet/Sweden: "In addition to traditional folk instruments such as acoustic guitar, violin and flute, the members of RAA play for example the for me unknown instruments Saz, Nilharpa, Domra, Darbouka, Domra, Tárogató, Chanter, Oud, Meghanharpa, Celtic lyre, Mbira and Sandegg. (---) Folk Music could well be on different levels, sometimes it can tear down the walls and ceiling in an Irish pub, but in this case it is probably best suited for an afternoon sitting on a historical museum cafe in the company of a cup of tea. A little stamping with the foot to the floor will be in the semi-instrumental L'Oud (Sardis) in which a certain swing in the style of Jethro Tull is present. (---) The song Sången utan slut makes me think of Frank Zappa, rather than on folk music, Zappa like that around 1970, and in Klipper av banden to get into a really scary sound, not so far from the wanderings of the songs on the soundtrack for The Wicker Man of 1973. In fact, several of the songs sound better than the originals like the just mentioned Klipper av banden / Cutting the strings, which in its original sounds quite annoying, frankly. But RAA plays it like folk music built on a night of helium without sleep. "

Musical Pointers/UK: "A delightful window onto a branch of world music which is normally outside the range of our our coverage. Discs reaching us unsolicited from Sweden are nearly always stimulating one way or another, and this compilation certainly shows us what we missed in the heyday of The Incredible String Band in the '60s & 70's. Aficionados of the original group with their LPs in their collections will surely warm to this Swedish version of many of their songs, with delightful soloists and a vast range of instrumental backing. The production is in Swedish but the whole booklet is available in English on line; sadly, not the actual texts of the songs themselves. Nonetheless, this disc as been an ear-opener and I have put it on my iPod "Favourites". "

UNT/Sweden: "Songs, meandering melodies and fabulous shimmering, slightly surreal moods have been well utilized, the arrangement is almost as sprawling as the originals, but without plagiarizing. And by the translations you can still distinguish the quite different artistical temperament that emmerge from Robin Williamson and Mike Heron. There are little gems, like Stellan Sagvik´s translations of Water song and Maker of Islands - strangely beautiful, and in between some rattling antics of lightweight nature, which fit well with the Incredible String Band's character."

Incredible String Band var - och är - ikoner för en hel generation under 60- och tidigt 70-tal. De var dessutom Beatles, Stones och Led Zeppelins inspirationskällor. De centrala upphovsmännen Mike Heron och Robin Williamson creerade världsmusik långt innan begreppet var påtänkt med en estetik som visade vägen att det var en spännande musikvärld att upptäcka och utveckla - och allra helst med instrument som ingen varken hört talas om eller kunde spela. Musik av upphovsmännen Heron/Williamson har funnits med i Musikgruppen RAA-repertoaren ända sedan starten. Nu är det dags att ta ett helhetsgrepp på de forna inspiratörerna ISB; en CD helt ägnad åt ISB-musik, och dessutom med svenska texter. RAA försöker inte på något sätt kopiera och göra originalen en gång till, fast på svenska, utan spelar vidare i samma tradition som ISB verkade; spela på det som finns i närheten och på ditt eget sätt, och gärna virtuost.

Varenummer GASONCD743
Stregkode 7330560107431
Udgivelsesdato 08-11-2010
Kategori Europa - Skandinavien
Plademærke Gason Records
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Musikgruppen RAA
Disk: 1
1 Kalla februaridagar
2 Så lycklig e´ja´
3 Den galne hattmakarns sång / Häxans hatt
4 Kusin kålmask
5 Träd
6 Kate Tok
7 En ljus palett
8 Son till Noas broder / Vattensång
9 Rider ut storm
10 L´oud (Sardis)
11 Vid sköna sollandets kust / Tills här blir där
12 Kanske nå´ngång
13 Kinavitt
14 Svart Per-Ola
15 Igelkottasång
16 Vakna, ni som sova
17 Min första kärlek
18 Sången utan slut
19 Klipper av banden
20 Hittar till öar
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kr. 139,95
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