Vri - islais a genir

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‘islais a genir’ is the second album from Welsh Trio VRï; Jordan Price Williams (cello, voice), Aneirin Jones (violin, voice) and Patrick Rimes (viola, violin, voice); three young men from deepest, darkest chapel-going Wales who have mined the cultural upheaval of past centuries and drawn inspiration from the incredible story of a time when Wales’ traditional music and dance was suppressed by Methodist chapels, and, earlier, its language by the Act of Union. As audio archaeologists, VRï have unearthed long-lost nuggets that shed new light on a vibrant folk tradition that harnesses the raw energy of the fiddle with the finesse of the violin, the beauty of chamber music with the joy and hedonism of a pub session. Their songs, sung with powerful vocal harmonies, tell stories of the people who struggled 200 years ago, just as many struggle today. It’s a wonderful and unique soundscape that connects across the centuries to give us a sense of belonging, of community, and a magical feeling of weightlessness and uplifting freedom.
Varenummer BENDI10
Stregkode 5065002172204
Udgivelsesdato 28-10-2022
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke Bendigedig
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Vri
Disk: 1
1 Y Gaseg Felen
2 Aberhonddu
3 Y Gaseg Ddu
4 Yr Ehedydd
5 Glanhafren
6 Cainc Sain Tathan
7 March Glas
8 Glan Meddwdod Mwyn
9 Y Cap o Las Fawr (ft. Beth Celyn)
10 Y Foel Fynydda
11 Gwenno
12 Eiri
13 Canu'r Canrifoedd (ft. Beth Celyn)
14 Brithi i'r Buarth (ft. Beth Celyn)
15 Briallu Mair
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