Various - Jolas, Jolivet, Schmitt & Tomasi: French Trumpet Concertos - Hardenberger, Håkan

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"Hos Henri Tomasi, André Jolivet og Florent Schmitt er musikken vidunderlig frigjort [...]."
- Magasinet KLASSISK

During the second half of the 19th century, a French school of trumpet playing was established, with French musicians and composers at the forefront of the instrument’s musical and technical development. As a result, it was entrusted with a more prominent role within the orchestra and soon also as a solo instrument. On the present disc, Håkan Hardenberger – who like so many other leading trumpet players studied in Paris – presents some of the fruits of this development: five important French works composed between 1944 and 1977. With the support of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Fabien Gabel – who incidentally began his career as a trumpet player – he opens the disc with Henri Tomasi’s Trumpet Concerto. Often performed and recorded, it here appears on album for the first time with its original, longer ending, reconstructed from a newly discovered manuscript. Another rarity is the version for trumpet and orchestra of Florent Schmitt’s Suite, a work which is more commonly heard with piano accompaniment. Rather more frequent in concert are André Jolivet’s Concerto and the Concertino in which Hardenberger is joined by his regular chamber music partner Roland Pöntinen as co-soloist. The most recent work on the disc is Onze Lieder by Betsy Jolas, a work which has a special resonance for both soloist and conductor as it was written for their trumpet teacher Pierre Thibaud.
Varenummer BIS2523
Stregkode 7318599925233
Udgivelsesdato 03-06-2022
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke BIS
Medie Type Hybrid SACD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Gabel, Fabien
Komponister Various
Kunstnere Hardenberger, Håkan
Pöntinen, Roland
Orkestre Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Disk: 1
IIe Concerto pour trompette
1 I. Allegro et Cadence
2 II. Nocturne
3 III. Finale
4 Allegro
5 Fig. 19
6 Fig. 24
7 I. Gaiement
8 II. Lent sens excès
9 III. Vif
10 Beginning
11 Bar 37
12 Bar 79
13 Bar 88
14 Bar 157
15 Bar 196
16 I. Mesto - Concitato
17 II. Grave - Più mosso
18 III. Giocoso
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