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Laudario Di Cortona No. 91 - Radicchia, Franco

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Discovered around 140 years ago in the library archives of the small Tuscan town of Cortona, the Laudario di Cortona is a 13th-century manuscript containing 66 laude, or lauds: a type of vernacular song written for praise and worship. Unusually, around 46 of the lauds had been set to music, making this manuscript the oldest known collection of music written in the Italian vernacular. All the periods of the Christian calendar are represented, with lauds relating to the Nativity, Epiphany, Easter and Pentecost, showing the manuscripts continued importance throughout the year. The document originated in the Brotherhood of Santa Maria delle Laude, a group of monks devoted to Marian worship. Indeed, themes surrounding the Virgin Mary are present in many of the lauds; Ave Maria, gratïa plena (Hail Mary, full of grace), for example, or O Maria, domelia se fontana (O Mary, you are the fount of sacred learning).Performing these medieval works is the vocal ensemble Armoniosoincanto. Experienced interpreters of early music, their research has led them to offer an authentic performance of the Laudario, although they admit to some artistic license with the use of mainly female voices, which evocatively call to mind the spirit of Mary, the mother of God. They are supported by Anonima Frottolisti, a prominent vocal group on the early music scene, as well as several musicians playing on copies of authentic instruments; these include a hurdy-gurdy, a lute, a vielle (an early bowed instrument like a violin) and even a portative organ, a type of medieval organ with bellows that was designed to be carried. This is one of the few releases documenting the complete musical works of the Laudario di Cortona. Recorded in the church of the Monastero delle Suore Clarisse in Perugia, close to the manuscripts origins in nearby Arezzo, this rich and musically affective document offers a fascinating insight into the remarkable culture of medieval Italy.
Varenummer 94872
Stregkode 5028421948720
Udgivelsesdato 25-02-2015
Kategori Vokalensemble
Plademærke Brilliant Classics
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 4
Dirigenter Radicchia, Franco
Kunstnere Armoniosoincanto / Anonima Frottolisti
Disk: 1
1 Laudario di Cortona No. 91
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