Schiller, Friedrich - Maria Stuart (DVD) - Windischbauer, Julia

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Mary, Queen of Scots, is taken prisoner and sentenced to death by her cousin Elizabeth, the Queen of England. But Mary remains a figure of light even inside her prison cell. She is able to count on her loyal followers. The result is an intrigue woven into the male-dominated fabric of politics and religion in which the protagonists are caught between love and the desire for power: a blame game couched in impressively clear language. “One of the best is Anne Lenk’s stylish and focused staging of Mary Stuart at Deutsches Theater Berlin. The cast is uniformly superb.” (New York Times) “Every one of the eight members of the ensemble that is involved in Anne Lenk’s detailed and timeless production rises to the challenge of the text. A powerful piece of conversational theatre.” (rbb inforadio)
Varenummer THE08078
Stregkode 4260415080783
Udgivelsesdato 23-09-2022
Kategori Teater
Plademærke Belvedere
Medie Type DVD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Schiller, Friedrich
Kunstnere Windischbauer, Julia
Machens, Franziska
Trebs, Enno
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