Eno, Brian - Music for Airports (Live) - Bang on a Can All-Stars

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Brian Eno's infamous first "ambient" album; a term he coined himself 30 years ago.

Bang On A Can All-Stars frequently perform this piece live throughout the world.

"It was beautiful, and best enjoyed while lying flat on your back and staring straight up, through the palm trees and the sunroof to the deep night outside, with the neighboring, towering buildings overhead appearing to curve inward around you as breathy keyboards slowly gave way to mean¬dering clarinet."
(Village Voice, following a live performance of Music for Airports)

"While it's easy to lay back and get lost in BoaC's live performance of the piece's four sections, the group has made the listening experience more actively engaging, especially on Ziporyn's arrangement of "2/2," where there's an improvisational component and a gradual, dramatic build-up that's in understated contrast to Eno's less invasive original."
(John Kelman, All About Jazz)

Varenummer CA21045
Stregkode 0713746304522
Udgivelsesdato 01-01-2011
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Cantaloupe
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Eno, Brian
Kunstnere Bang on a Can All-Stars
Disk: 1
Music for Airports (Live)
1 Music for Airports (Live)
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