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Stilgoe, Joe - New Songs For Old Songs (LP)

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180gram Audiophile LP

Firmly established as a performer and songwriter of considerable skill, Joe Stilgoe gives a masterclass in nostalgia with a contemporary twist.

New Songs For Old Souls is Joe's first studio album for Linn, following his signing to the label in 2014.

The album comprises twelve songs with ten terrific originals by Joe, including three thrilling big band numbers: 'Nobody Cares Like Me', 'Pocket Song' and a new version of 'Gold On Silver', previously heard on Songs On Film Live.

Joe's seamless ability to mix contemporary style with a fond nostalgia for the Golden Era of Gene Kelly and Louis Prima means his 'old soul' finds a perfect match in these 'new songs'.

Joe's trademark catchy hooks and clever lyrics (full of intricate rhymes and clever twists reminiscent of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter) create an instant familiarity.

Joe also duets with Liane Carroll on a wistful cover of Brian Wilson's 'I Just Wasn't Made For These Times', one of the album's two non-original songs.

The pressing is on 180 gram vinyl and is manufactured by the prestigious Pallas firm in Germany, which is highly regarded by vinyl lovers everywhere.

Joe will be installed at London's Old Vic Theatre from 30th April to 22nd August, where he will be performing in High Society, Kevin Spacey's last ever production at the venue. Directed by Olivier Award-winning Maria Friedman, Joe will be performing in a role, which has been specially created for him.

A hit with his audiences and critics alike, Joe Stilgoe enjoys an enormously successful live career with his winning combination of musical virtuosity, breathtaking theatricality and witty audience interaction.

He is a regular fixture at the world's best jazz venues and festivals and, in addition to his solo work, he is constantly in demand as a musical collaborator to the cream of the crop, including renowned conductor John Wilson, jazz legend Claire Martin and the comedian, Alexander Armstrong.

'Pitched somewhere between Jamie Cullum and Michael Bublé, Joe [writes] songs that sound like you've known them for years.' Daily Express

'A jazz pianist and songwriter of considerable talent.'
The Guardian

'Songs at the piano don't get much sharper than this.'
The Observer

Varenummer AKH584
Stregkode 0691062058414
Udgivelsesdato 25-09-2015
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Linn Records
Medie Type Vinyl
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Stilgoe, Joe
Disk: 1
1 Totally
2 Nobody Cares Like Me
3 Nothing's Changed
4 Roll
5 Rainbows In My Teacup
6 Pocket Song
7 I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
8 How To Fall In Love
9 Two-tones
10 You're Funny (But I'm Not In Love)
11 Too Late Now
12 Gold On Silver
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