Sivelöv, Niklas - Orchestral Music

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Niklas Sivelov (born in northern Sweden in 1968) is one of the leading representatives of the once-familiar tradition of pianist-composer that first achieved prominence with Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin and continued through Rachmaninov and Bartók. But Sivelov also has a sizable, and growing, body of orchestral music to his name. These three recent works reveal a style that balances delicacy of feeling and freewheeling energy, with something of Stravinsky’s sense of rhythmic mischief, the vernal vigor of Tippett, just occasionally the harmonic density of Ligeti, and the unusual awareness of light and dark that characterizes the music of Sibelius and other Nordic composers.
Varenummer TOCC0571
Stregkode 5060113445711
Udgivelsesdato 06-11-2020
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Toccata
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Gustafsson, Joachim
Komponister Sivelöv, Niklas
Orkestre Malmö Opera Orchestra
Disk: 1
1 Symphony No. 3, "Primavera": I. Allegro molto e gi
2 Symphony No. 3, "Primavera": II. Adagio
3 Symphony No. 3, "Primavera": III. Allegro molto
4 5 Pieces for String Orchestra: No. 1 Overtura: Viv
5 5 Pieces for String Orchestra: No. 2. Valse triste
6 5 Pieces for String Orchestra: No. 3. Allegro molt
7 5 Pieces for String Orchestra: No. 4. Lamento: Ada
8 5 Pieces for String Orchestra: No. 5. Finale: Alle
9 Sinfonietta per archi (Symphony No. 4): I. Passaca
10 Sinfonietta per archi (Symphony No. 4): II. Choral
11 Sinfonietta per archi (Symphony No. 4): III. Scher
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