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Various - Paris Boulevard - Fin-de-siecle Piano Music - Müller, Dario

Køb + kr. 111,96 (kr. 139,95)

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This collection of piano works is a journey through the music that represents the years spanning the end of the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s. It is a varied itinerary, marked by that typically Parisian ésprit nouveau that captured the most diverse influences: popular music, jazz, exoticism, quotes from popular tradition, songs, circus exhibitions. At that time in fact the divide between cultured and light music came down as new forms of entertainment blossomed, different from those proposed by the great institutions. Cradles of this change were the artistic cabarets, the cafés-concerts, the music halls, the tabarins, but also bistrots, taverns, bookshops, and all the places where intellectuals and artists met. This release offers an historical playlist imbued with the mood of that time, alternating the energy and joie de vivre with more melancholic moods. For the centrality of his figure and the originality of his works, the fruit of a constant process of renewal, Erik Satie is present here with six works which represent several stages in his amazing creative parabola. Dario Müller has performed in concert for important institutions and has collaborated with Dynamic since 1984.
Varenummer CDS7877
Stregkode 8007144078775
Udgivelsesdato 20-11-2020
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Dynamic
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Various
Kunstnere Müller, Dario
Disk: 1
Deuxième Gymnopédie
1 Lent et triste
2 Pas vite
3 Scherzo
4 Moderato
5 Allegro vivo
6 Chanson du Moulin Rouge, from the homonymous film
7 Pas trop vite
8 Allegro giusto
9 Five o’clock fox-trot, from «l’enfant et les sorti
10 Sur un vaisseau
11 Sur une lanterne
12 Sur un casque
13 Assez vif
14 Allegro
15 Quadrille; Valse; Pas vite; Mazurka; Un peu vif; P
16 Valse lente, from «paris magie»
17 Le grisbi, from the film «touchez pas au grisbi»
18 Rag-time du paquebot, from «parade»
19 J’ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris
20 Andante cantabile
21 Animé
22 Tango-habanera, from «marie Galante»
23 Slow
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kr. 111,96 (kr. 139,95)
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