Tabakov, Emil - Piano Concerto / Concerto for Two Flutes - Gallois, Patrick (flute)

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• Although Tabakov proves himself a more than worthy composer, it is as a conductor that he is better known. Noted as an exceptional conductor in Europe, Emil Tabakov’s strengths as a conductor have evoked descriptions such as “disciplined, without being drilled, and subtle without being mannered” and praised for their “enormous scope for expression.”

• Emil Tabakov wrote his Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra in 2000, at the request of the renowned French flautist Patrick Gallois, who played its première (with Albena Petrova) in 2003 under the composer’s direction.

• The creation of the Piano Concerto was prompted by the Rotary Club of Adana in Turkey, to celebrate the anniversary of the Turkish Army. Out of this paradoxical idea was born an exquisite work that attracted numerous eminent pianists.

• The present recording of the Piano Concerto features Jean-Philppe Collard as soloist, previously praised by Classics Today as a “beautiful performer.”

Varenummer 8570073
Stregkode 0747313007370
Udgivelsesdato 22-01-2007
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Naxos
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Tabakov, Emil
Komponister Tabakov, Emil
Kunstnere Gallois, Patrick (flute)
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