Haydn, Joseph - Piano Trios - Trio Opus 8

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Piano trios are marginal to Haydn's oeuvre compared with his piano sonatas, string quartets and symphonies. Perhaps that is why Haydn's trios are almost criminally underrepresented in concert guides and unfortunately in concerts as well. They have been perpetuated more in domestic music-making, but there the piano parts are often too difficult for amateurs. That makes it all the more pleasing to be able to hear the music performed professionally at last.

Trio Opus 8

For twenty years now the musicians have remained the same and the ensemble has performed in all important musical centres in Germany and abroad. It continues to bring home important prizes, from Berlin, from Bordeaux, from Trieste. Opus 8 has also undertaken very successful tours in the USA, Africa and South America.

Trio Opus 8:

Michael Hauber, piano

Eckhard Fischer, violin

Mario de Secondi, cello

Joseph Haydn

Piano Trios

Trio No. 43 in C, Hob. XV:27

Trio No. 44 in E, Hob. XV:28

Trio No. 45 in E flat, Hob. XV:29

Trio in C, Hob. XV:13
Varenummer PH06016
Stregkode 0881488601626
Udgivelsesdato 12-03-2007
Kategori Klassisk musik
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Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Haydn, Joseph
Kunstnere Trio Opus 8
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