Gershwin, George - Porgy & Bess (Highlights) - The Philadelphia Orchestra

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The Philadelphia Orchestra and conductor Marin Alsop present a live recording with highlights of Gershwin’s self-proclaimed American “Folk Opera” Porgy and Bess, together with a stellar cast and the Morgan State University Choir. Since its premiere in 1935, Porgy and Bess has been one of the most significant attempts to – following Antonin Dvorák’s famous instruction of 1893 – create American classical music inspired by Afro-American styles such as jazz, spirituals and the blues. It has also proven to be a powerful catalyst for bringing more diverse casts to the opera stage. The hard-knock life at a Charleston waterfront tenement is presented here by an outstanding cast including Lester Lynch (Porgy), Angel Blue (Bess, Clara and Serena), Chauncey Packer (Sportin’ Life) and Kevin Short (Crown, Jake). Marin Alsop is one of today’s most acclaimed conductors, and the first woman to serve as the head of a major orchestra in the United States, South America, Austria and Britain. The Philadelphia Orchestra is one of the world’s preeminent orchestras. Multi-award-winning soprano Angel Blue is one of the most promising voices of her generation, while Chauncey Packer is arguably one of the greatest and sought-after Sportin’ Life interpreters today. Lester Lynch and Kevin Short both enjoy a flourishing stage career, as well as a vast PENTATONE discography.
Varenummer PTC5186883
Stregkode 0827949088360
Udgivelsesdato 09-07-2021
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Pentatone
Medie Type Hybrid SACD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Alsop, Marin
Komponister Gershwin, George
Kunstnere The Philadelphia Orchestra
Disk: 1
Porgy and Bess
1 Act 1: Introduction
2 Act 1: Summertime
3 Act 1: A Woman Is a Sometime Thing
4 Act 1: Where Is Brudder Robbins? He’s a Gone, Gone
5 Act 1: Overflow
6 Act 1: My Man’s Gone Now
7 Act 2: I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’
8 Act 2: Lo’ Bess, Goin’ to Picnic?
9 Act 2: Bess, You Is My Woman Now
10 Act 2: Oh, I Can’t Sit Down
11 Act 2: Porgy, I Hates to Go
12 Act 2: It Ain’t Necessarily So
13 Act 2: Hear What I Tell You
14 Act 2: What You Want wid Bess?
15 Act 2: Now de Time, oh Gawd — I Loves You, Porgy
16 Act 3: Andantino dolente
17 Act 3: Clara, Clara — Jesus Is Walkin’ on de Water
18 Act 3: Cheer Up, Sistuh
19 Act 3: There’s a Boat dat’s Leavin’ Soon for New Y
20 Act 3: You Low Crawlin’ Hound!
21 Act 3: Thank Gawd I’s Home Again!
22 Act 3: Oh Lawd, I’m on My Way
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