Medtner, Nikolai - Rachmaninoff, Medtner & Tchaikovsky: Piano Works - Medvedev, Nikolay

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Interviewed by Musical America in 1921, Rachmaninoff was asked: “would you agree that the heart should be the composer’s guide through the labyrinths of accepted forms?” “Yes”, he replied, “the heart above all. Of course, the head must aid in the building of great musical structures, but by itself the head is impotent. If a composer is devoid of heart or hasn’t his heart in the right place, it is impossible for him to conceal his deficiency. This explains why Russian music is so superlatively great; it speaks so directly to the heart. That is what gives it its vital beauty, its universality of appeal, and thus all great art is universal and national in character– it were better to say local instead of national – at one and the same moment.” It is perhaps for this reason that young pianist Nikolay Medvedev has chosen a program of Russian piano masterpieces for his debut album.
Varenummer QTZ2143
Stregkode 0880040214328
Udgivelsesdato 15-10-2021
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Quartz
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Medtner, Nikolai
Rachmaninoff, Sergei
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr
Kunstnere Medvedev, Nikolay
Disk: 1
Six Moments Musicaux Op.16
1 Andantino in B flat minor
2 Allegretto in E flat minor
3 Andante cantabile in B minor
4 Presto in E minor
5 Adagio sostenuto in D flat major
6 Maestoso in C major
7 Piano Sonata in G minor Op.22
8 Moderato e risoluto in G major
9 Andante non troppo quasi Moderato in E minor
10 Scherzo. Allegro giocoso in G major
11 Finale. Allegro vivace in G major
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