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Räfven - Räfven 15 (LP)

kr. 229,95 - Varen er midlertidigt udsolgt.

The Swedish folk punk band Räfven is turning fifteen this year and it is grandly celebrated throughout the year. On October 19th, the jubilee album '15' is released, which in many ways summarizes the years they have had to date as a band.
”We’ve been growing up with eachother. This band consisted of newly fledged people when it started, so we’ve all changed. The cover art is beaded by Johan and his daughter Stella and that becomes a sort of proof that the band has been around for a long time, now that the art is mixed with parenthood” the band says.

They explain further:” When Jonas wrote 'Umpa' he wanted it to sound like all our fifteen years at the same time and he has succeeded. It's beautiful, naughty, energetic and spicy and that's how the last fifteen years have been and the whole record is like that. It shows in musical form what we’ve been doing for the last years. It's a lot of adventure and that's what this band is about. That's what we've done and what we are. An adventure."

Räfven are boundless and their music and expressions borrow and travel freely between times, cultures, traditions and continents. They are a movement that spreads the conviction of all people's equal value. The music is the tool, the dance floor is the sanctuary and love is the message.
In addition to the new album, the jubilee is featured with a large number of live performances, as well internationally as in Sweden. Recently home from their sixth tour in Japan, they are now ready to go out on the Swedish roads, see their full autumn tour plan here:
Varenummer RFV009
Stregkode 7320470236468
Udgivelsesdato 26-10-2018
Kategori Folkemusik
Plademærke Räfven Records
Medie Type Vinyl
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Räfven
Disk: 1
1 Kampen
2 Jetlag Sweden
3 La Mine Ploua Cu Bani
4 Just Exotic Enough
5 Karamell
6 Vals till döden
7 Låt det rulla
8 Umpa
9 Hisingen Highlife
10 Knottnatt
11 Oi!
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