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Montero, Yamile Cruz - Rapsodia Cubana

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The Cuban classical pianist Yamile Cruz Montero and the Greek jazz drummer Christos Asonitis are a couple in life and in music. Although they come from two different musical worlds, they have found a common language. Both of them arrange classical to contemporary Cuban piano music with great precision and feeling, such as compositions by Aldo López Gavilán, Andrés Alén, José Maria Vitier & Ernán López-Nussa for piano and percussion. They present the traditional and popular Cuban music styles and fuse them with influences from world music. Some of the works leave space for improvisation, which the two musicians use with creative enthusiasm. The international duo has already played live in Cuba, Germany, Great Britain and Greece. They are very proud to present their debut album as a creative duo: Rapsodia Cubana.“Magical, authentic, touching” (The New Listener)
Varenummer NXW761542
Stregkode 0636943715420
Udgivelsesdato 15-01-2021
Kategori World
Plademærke Naxos World
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Montero, Yamile Cruz
Asonitis, Christos
Disk: 1
1 Pan con timba
2 Reencuentro
3 Contradanza festiva
4 Danza de fin de siglo
5 Danza de los inocentes
6 Danzón legrand
7 Zontime 1 Puesto y convidado
8 El pájaro carpintero
9 Maria la O
10 Tico-tico no fubá
11 Tarde en la Habana
12 Epílogo
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kr. 139,95
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