Ambassadeurs (Les) - Rebirth

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Salif Keita - vocals
Cheik Tidiane Seck - keyboards
Idrissa Soumaoro - keyboards, vocals (track 2)
Modibo Kone - percussion
Mamadou Kone - calabash
Sékou Diabaté - bass
Aminata Dante - backing vocals
Arouna Samake - n'goni
Ousmane Kouyaté - guitar
Bah Kouyaté - backing vocals
Robin Hopcraft, Idris Rahman, Harry Brown - horn section
Saleem Raman - drums

Some bands score a few hits, some change the face of music and some end up defining a whole era. Les Ambassadeurs did all three. During their decade and half of existence, from 1970 to 1985, this West African supergroup wrote and rewrote the rule book for the Manding pop that was to achieve global success during the 'world music' boom of the 1980s and 1990s. They forged a new sound out of the dreams and tensions of post-Independence West Africa: socialism, pan-Africanism, black pride, authenticité, salsa, jazz, soul, rock'n'roll and the ancient art of the griots. They gave the Malian everyman and everywomen a chance to reconcile their instinctive pride in West Africa's illustrious past with their equally instinctive desire to be fully engaged in the modern world. "Above all", says Salif Keita, Les Ambassadeurs' most famous 'son', "they taught Malians to love their own music."

The reunion of Les Ambassadeurs in 2014 was a banner headline long dreamt of by Malians, West Africans and lovers of African music the world over. Les Ambassadeurs deliver proof that Malian musicians, given the right conditions and support, can create truly revolutionary music. That's exactly what happened back in those salad days in the 1970s when Les Ambassadeurs were the pride of Mali and West Africa, and that's what will happen again if the country can face its demons, heal its fractured soul and get back to the business of creating conditions in which music and culture can flourish. (Notes by Andy Morgan)
Varenummer WVU479113
Stregkode 3149026011823
Udgivelsesdato 25-09-2015
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke World Village
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Ambassadeurs (Les)
Disk: 1
1 Mali Denou
2 Tiecolomba Hé
3 Seydou
4 4V
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