Scandinavian Landscapes - Enroth, Thomas

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Thomas Enroth (1982-) is a musician and composer from Ostrobothnia, Finland. He has composed everything from classical to folk. Thomas highly values the cooperation between the Nordic countries and has written the music to poems by Lasse Berghagen, Åsa Jinder, Mikael Wiehe and so on.

Thomas is releasing his new album called “Scandinavian Landscapes” on the 6th of May. The album is a tribute to Scandinavia and features his first string quartet that has received much attention in both Finland and Sweden. The album also features three other tracks that are inspired by Scandinavian nature and calmness. The piece goes on a Nordic tour in the autumn of 2022. This production is suitable for meditation but is also a tribute to mother Earth, God, Heaven and all things beautiful.

Thomas Enroth has devoted his life to music and has made a living as a composer and musician. This is where his strong emotions emerge, the truth in life is that anyone can reach new heights thanks to increased awareness about oneself, earth, God and all things beautiful.
“These ten tracks mirror all things beautiful, good and true that God gives us through nature. We are ruining the world with conservatism, madness and oppression. Cleanse the World and let freedom, love, respect for nature and each other be something that we can bring with us into our daily lives. I hope this album can give you the peace and joy that you need at this very moment”.
- Thomas Enroth

All music composed by THOMAS ENROTH


FAME’S Studio Orchestra
Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Enroths Orkester
Accordion: KJELL LOLAX

Varenummer CDCD222
Stregkode 7330658515865
Udgivelsesdato 06-05-2022
Kategori Pop / Klassisk
Plademærke Carpe Diem (Sweden)
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Enroth, Thomas
Disk: 1
1 String Quartet No 1 Part 1, An
2 String Quartet No 1 Part II, R
3 String Quartet No 1 Part III,
4 String Quartet No 1 Part IV, S
5 String Quartet No 1 Part V, No
6 String Quartet No 1 Part VI, S
7 String Quartet No 1 Part VII,
8 The Land of the Thousand Lakes
9 Let Me Walk In Beauty
10 Elsa’s Dance In the Spring Rain
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