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Levy, Yasmin (vocals) - Sentir (Limited Edition)

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Leveringstid: Forventes afsendt indenfor 3 hverdage
Levering ca.: 7 hverdage.
LIMITED EDITION: Features 5 previously unreleased tracks and a short documentary on "the making of Sentir" (CD-ROM, Mac & PC) and sheet music PDF

In Yasmin Levy's music there is an undeniable tension between the purity of Ladino (the Judeo-Spanish music of Spain) and the fiery heart of flamenco. As she explained to David Honigmann of the FINANCIAL TIMES, "There's a very traditional way of singing Ladino. I learnt it listening to women singing and it's beautiful, but I missed the passion. Flamenco is nothing but passion." She first successfully explored the fusion of these two in her second album La Juderia, but then with her third album, Mano Suave (World Village), returned to deeply and powerfully rediscover her Ladino roots. For her brand new (and fourth) album Sentir (World Village), she has finally found a vision that integrates these various musical directions effortlessly. With Sentir, Levy's music truly becomes 'of the world.' Produced by the acclaimed Javier Limón (who has worked previously with the likes of Portuguese fado star Mariza), the album's program draws songs not only from Ladino ("Mi Korason, "Londje de Mi") and flamenco (Javier Limón's "Nos Llego El Final") traditions, but also contemporary songwriters including Leonard Cohen (in a remarkable and fresh version of "Hallelujah"). An important factor in Levy's life and musical direction has been the legacy of her father Yitzhak Levy, who died when Yasmin was only one year old. "Una Pastora" allows Levy, by the miracle of modern technology, to duet with her father. As she says, "This is one of the most beautiful songs my father ever recorded. His singing is something holy for me and I was afraid to touch it... until I realized that it was my own fears I needed to overcome."

Varenummer AD20523
Stregkode 7290013088444
Udgivelsesdato 12-10-2011
Kategori Øvrigt - Klezmer, Israel
Plademærke Adama Music
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 2
Kunstnere Levy, Yasmin (vocals)
Disk: 1
1 Sentir (Limited Edition)
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