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Bach, J S - Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord - Faust, Isabelle

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Leveringstid: Forventes afsendt indenfor 3 hverdage
Levering ca.: 7 hverdage.
"Isabelle Faust and Kristian Bezuidenhout's experience in performing these works together pays dividends once in front of the mics on this wonderful set"

"Isabelle Faust has never cultivated the whale-boned red-carpet glamour that many female soloists feel obliged to pursue. On stage and off, the German violinist's manner is relaxed, her style understated. She sports a gamine, Jeanne d'Arc crop and, save for the tell-tale violinist's love-bite just below her jaw, you might guess her to be an architect or an academic. In a way, she is both, for an appreciation of musical structure and an interest in historical research are integral to her work.

The stillness of focus and purity of sound that has distinguished her playing can be heard in a repertoire stretching from Beethoven and Schubert through to Hartmann and Ligeti, on modern and period strings. Where other violinists dazzle, Faust is a thinker. On the subject of her own individual sound, she is hesitant: "Of course, I'm trying to be me in whatever repertoire I'm playing, and I do think that my work is different from that of other violinists – but actually I'm never really trying to keep to this idea of an individual sound. It's always my goal to get a different interpretation and also a different kind of voice particular to the voice of the composer." Anna Picard - The Guardian
Varenummer HMM90225657
Stregkode 3149020225622
Udgivelsesdato 12-01-2018
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Harmonia Mundi
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 2
Komponister Bach, J S
Kunstnere Faust, Isabelle
Bezuidenhout, Kristian
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