Bruckner, Anton - Symphony No. 4 (2CD) - Rattle, Simon

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"The air shimmers and glows, and somewhere in the mists, a solitary horn gives a lonely call. The stuff of fairytales? The truth is, it's impossible to write about Bruckner's majestic Fourth Symphony without letting the imagination soar; he never wrote anything more colourful, or more poetic. In Germany, they call it the 'Romantic' symphony, and it's easy to hear why.
Sir Simon Rattle loves Bruckner's Fourth, and on this new recording from LSO Live, he conducts the work in all its splendour: music that never gets any less stirring, and has never sounded so fresh. He is aware, too, that Bruckner's inspiration burned so brightly that he ended up with more ideas than he could actually use. ""There is much wonderful music which remains almost entirely unplayed"" he says. On this album he steps inside Bruckner's workshop, bringing to light some of the music that didn't make the final cut.
This edition of the symphony and its discarded Scherzo and Finale by Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs was published in 2021. The world premiere performance with Sir Simon Rattle and the LSO is a must-listen for lovers of Bruckner's music, and gives us a glimpse into the composer's untold musical thoughts."
Varenummer LSO0875
Stregkode 0822231187523
Udgivelsesdato 16-09-2022
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke LSO Live
Medie Type Hybrid SACD
Antal enheder 2
Dirigenter Rattle, Simon
Komponister Bruckner, Anton
Orkestre London Symphony Orchestra
Disk: 1
Symphony No. 4, "Romantic" (Version 1878-81; Cohrs
1 I. Bewegt; nicht zu schnell (1881)
2 II. Andante quasi Allegretto (1881)
3 III. Scherzo. Bewegt - Trio. Nicht zu schnell. Kei
4 IV. Finale. Bewegt; doch nicht zu schnell (1881; a
Disk: 2
Symphony No. 4, "Romantic" (Cohrs A04B)
1 Scherzo. Sehr schnell - Trio. Im gleichen Tempo -
2 Finale ('Volksfest'). Allegro moderato (1878; Cohr
3 Andante quasi Allegretto (1878; extended initial v
4 Finale. Bewegt; doch nicht zu schnell (1881; unabr
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