SYRIA: The Aleppo Suites - Haffar, Hassan

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The "suite" consists of various poems in free form that are set to music and sung. The basic musical structure is defined by the melodic mode, which gives it its identity. Each "suite" has its own flavour. Interpretation varies according to the different schools and singers, who evoke three separate aspects of existence in love poems, bacchic songs and poems about nature. These may be used alternately, but they all express a single emotion: yearning for the beloved. Hassan Haffar is the soloist in the eleven "Aleppo Suites" presented here, performing with great freedom of expression. His musical and vocal skills blend introspection and sensuality and these three albums confirm him to be a master of the genre. The "suite" in this form is now only to be found in Aleppo.
Varenummer 321082
Stregkode 0794881921928
Udgivelsesdato 01-06-2009
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke Institut du Monde Arabe
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 3
Kunstnere Haffar, Hassan
Disk: 1
1 The Aleppo Suites
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