Reich, Steve - Tehillim / The Desert Music - Alarm Will Sound

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Alarm Will Sound, Ossia / Alan Pierson

Cantaloupe Music's ninth release brings a brand new energy to two masterworks by Steve Reich: the composer's spiritual classic Tehillim and the world premiere recording of the newly revised chamber version of Reich's landmark work for chorus and orchestra, The Desert Music.

A recent customer posting at posits: "Tehillim is an incredible, uplifting, mesmerising piece of music. Unfortunately, there hasn't yet been a halfway decent recording made of it." The wait may well be over and surprisingly, this new recording-"an absolute knockout" in Steve Reich's own words-comes not from one of the world's established ensembles, but from a young up-and-coming conductor leading the student ensemble at the Eastman School of Music: Alan Pierson, with Ossia. For The Desert Music, Ossia is joined by Pierson's own AlarmWillSound, a professional group of superbly talented and energetic Eastman graduates. The ease with which these young musicians understand and play Reich's intricate rhythms is astounding. The Desert Music was first premiered and recorded in 1984 as an orchestral work, but Reich soon re-arranged it for chamber ensemble and keyboards. In spite of the fact that the orchestral version was never performed again and the chamber version became more popular, no one stepped forward to record the new version-until now. After consulting with Reich, Pierson suggested a new arrangement with added brass and without keyboards. Reich agreed to the change and asked Pierson to prepare the new score for publication. In the past few years, Pierson, who has a degree in Physics from MIT, has made a deep impression as a conductor in the new music world. He recently recorded Reich's Music for Large Ensemble for Nonesuch, and in March 2002 led a highly acclaimed all-Gyorgy Ligeti concert at the famed Miller Theatre in New York.

Varenummer CA21009
Stregkode 0713746272128
Udgivelsesdato 01-01-2011
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Cantaloupe
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Dirigenter Pierson, Alan
Komponister Reich, Steve
Kunstnere Alarm Will Sound
Disk: 1
1 Tehillim
The Desert Music
2 The Desert Music
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